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Сельское хозяйство в Казахстане: перспективные направления


Agriculture in Kazakhstan:

perspective areas


Всё в этой жизни надо делать в меру



Everything in this life should be done in moderation




«Для интенсивного развития пчеловодства в Казахстане необходимо применять инновации»



“Innovations for the development of beekeeping in Kazakhstan!”


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Kyzylorda trains the best karate-do athletes



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Почему в Казахстане не внедряются инновации



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Agriculture in Kazakhstan: perspective areas



What is happening in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan today? What are its promising areas and what will be beneficial for the peasants? This was the topic of our interview with Sergey Alexandrovich Tereshchenko, the first prime minister of independent Kazakhstan, the Chairman of the International Fund "Integration", the Hero of Labor, and the chairperson of the supervisory board of the largest poultry complex Ordabasy Kus.






- Some Kazakhstani Mass Media write that subsidizing in agriculture will stop. Since 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture has abolished the hectare subsidy; the program of subsidizing in livestock breeding has been changed. What areas will still be supported by the State?


- In Europe and the US, large subsidies for agriculture (fertilizers, seedlings, hectare subsidies) are allocated, for example, the estimation is around EUR 400 per hectare in the European Union. Our grants are small and allocated per hectare, as time has shown, they are inefficient, and since this February they are reconsidered, but not canceled. There are two reasons behind – low purchasing power and high prices for feed.

In general, the subsidies for accession to the WTO should stop, so we are now working on reducing costs and producing our own feed in order to reduce the prime costs.

The second area is production of expensive processed products. We produce what is in demand, while in the expensive segment, for example, in two years we managed to increase the production of sausage products.

B. Sagintayev the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan recently announced that the State would subsidize exports. Our products are well represented in the Russian Market, with our highly marginal products we plan to access the UAE, China and Uzbekistan Markets. The third area, strangely enough, is manure processing, as well as poultry manure. The Ministry of Agriculture is ready to support those who are ready to produce fertilizer from cattle manure or poultry manure. Now we have already begun to fulfill this job, and in future, we will develop fertilizers for farmers and peasant farms. This is really appreciated and is of a great demand.

All these three areas are supported by the state.




- Based on the example of Ordabasy Kus LLP, the largest Kazakh farm business, it is clear that every agricultural entrepreneur has prospects for development. What would you advise them?


- We can produce 100 thousand tons of turkey meat. Kazakhstanis know and love our products, and we are not afraid that such production volumes will be idle. Currently, we want to take somewhat different approach – not to get into loans, this is a very serious burden on the business (about 3 billion repayable loans of the principal debt we paid within 6 years). The shareholders receive virtually nothing. Nevertheless, we trained an excellent staff, 400 specialists from the local population, and the consultants are the Israelis. Another way is to produce our own feeds, due to which we can earn good money. We came with this idea to the Minister, Mayor, and we plan to create cooperatives, unite landowners and produce forage, build poultry houses. Generally speaking, we have all the opportunities and assets for this: an incubator for which we will create our parent herd, a modern feed mill, a granary with a railroad heads with preliminary cleaning and drying for 30,000 tons of grain, as well as a slaughterhouse and a deep processing workshop for turkey meat.

Thanks to the production of feeds, we will be able to get 40-60% of profit. We run this model, and I think we will succeed, and within 5-7 years, we will be able to produce up to 100 thousand tons of meat per year. The main thing is that we have specialists and prospects.

Coming back to your question, I will put it this way – go ahead towards these goals and you will not fail!






- What do you think the peasants should be growing?


- Lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, oilseeds are very much in demand. For myself I see three positions.

First, we created the National Union of Beekeepers, developed the "Bal-2050" Program, and calculated that Kazakhstan can produce 1 million tons of honey. Of course, they did not believe me and twisted a finger at a temple, because the world produces 1 million 200 thousand tons of honey, but here one small country dared to claim 1 million! However, this is not a fantasy, it is a reality!

Now the whole world is against the sugar. Why? Scientists have long claimed that sugar leads to cancer, diabetes, obesity and so on. One person in Kazakhstan consumes 41 kg of sugar per year, which is 3 times more than in Europe, and honey – only 50 grams! So why don't we replace the harmful sugar with useful honey? What is dearer for a sensible person: money or health?

Bees exist more than 70 million years on the Earth, and even at those times, people were cured with beekeeping products, because at that time there were no medications. The main thing is not to treat the illness, but to prevent possible  diseases. Moreover, in this regard, apitherapy can play a great positive role. Honey, beebread, pollen, propolis are all very good medicines. Last year I was affected by a strong bronchitis and thanks to the bee products, the disease completely cured in 10 days. You will eat honey; you will not spend money on medicines and doctors.

Therefore, it is necessary to be engaged in beekeeping. Next to us, there are huge sales markets, so why should we miss this prospect? The "Bal-2050" program can bring the country $ 10 billion at current prices and create 200 thousand jobs. Furthermore, if you produce related products, this is already 500 thousand jobs. This is a profitable business for the country, and we are doing it. We present the "Bal-2050" program to the parliament, government, and I am confident that we will be supported.

The state will render a significant assistance to beekeepers and support measures have already been developed, loans with small interest rates are being granted. The second perspective area is nuts. Kazakhstan can produce walnuts, pistachios and hazelnuts. Nuts will bring $ 30 billion to the state treasury.

Third – berries (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries) – all this is in demand as well. This is another $ 20 billion to our budget. All these three programs are promising and profitable.




 - And what happens in the market of apples? To what extend the apples planting area increased and is the fruit market well established?


- Alas, today apples are not profitable for us, there is no selling opportunities for them – there is a very large producer – China, an embargo against Russia has benefited for it, while our market is small. At the same time, the costs are very high – $ 40,000 per hectare. No one will work at a loss and it is quite clear. Nevertheless, the area of gardens increased twice, but I do not ignore marketing issues.






- In your opinion, how should agriculture develop today?


- This is a serious question and I cannot tell you that concisely. I will note briefly. We need to develop grain production, oilseeds, walnut, berry business, beekeeping and dairy cattle on a higher intensive basis with the use of high-end technologies. Now sheep breeding is in a great demand (there were 36 million heads in Kazakhstan before, now it is half as much). Of course poultry farming too. All these areas are promising and profitable. Today, there are many opportunities, the main thing is not to be afraid, but to take the initiative and work hard.



Irina ALEX,

Evgenya SKALEY



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