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Мукан ЕГИЗБАЕВ: «Программа  «Денсаулык»–динамика развития в  ЮКО»


Mukan EGIZBAYEV: Densauly Program – Development Dynamics in the South Kazakhstan Region



Ядерные технологии на службе медицины: в Обнинске открылся Центр высокоточной радиологии


Свою уникальную разработку представила в Москве Клиника лазерной микрохирургии глаза Александра Тихова


Новейшие методы диагностики и лечения Областной клинической больницы УЗ ЮКО


Сакен  КАТБАЕВ:  Достижения  онкологической  службы  Южно-Казахстанской  области  за  последние  годы


The Brand-New Methods in diagnosis  and treatment in the Regional Clinical Hospitals of South-Kazakhstan Region


Saken KATBAEV: Achievements of oncological service of the South Kazakhstan Region in recent years


Our mission is quality perinatal care


Yergali ORMANOV: A dental clinic that gives you a smile


Gauhar UKHAYEVA: Children's health is our concern


Rahmat MUKHIRALIYEV: Do not be afraid to go to the professionals

The patient's health is primarily


Manager in healthcare is a profession with perspectives


Almash DERIPASALDINOVA: We  care  about  your  health


Aidar SCHNETOV: We do everything for the health of the population


Sandugash RUSTEMOVA: Safeguarding Public Health


Turkestan  Medical  College




Asel ABDIKULOVA: I want to give joy to people


Mukan Egizbayev: Densauly Program – Development Dynamics in the South Kazakhstan Region


Наша  миссия  –  качественная  перинатальная  помощь


Ергали ОРМАНОВ: Клиника, которая дарит улыбку


Гаухар УКБАЕВА: Здоровье детей – наша забота


Рахмат МУСИРАЛИЕВ: Не бойтесь идти к профессионалам


Здоровье пациента прежде всего


Менеджер в сфере здравоохранения – профессия с перспективами



Мы заботимся о здоровье


Айдар ШНЕТОВ: Мы делаем все для здоровья населения


Сандугаш РУСТЕМОВА: На страже здоровья


Туркестанский медицинский колледж



Асель  АБДИКУЛОВА: Я хочу дарить радость людям



Manager in healthcare is a profession with perspectives



Shardara Central Regional Hospital was founded in 1970. Having ambulatory polyclinic organizations in the district, it provides both qualified in-patient and primary medical and sanitary, consultative and diagnostic assistance to the attached population of the district.







The hospital is headed by an experienced and promising person Zhanar Myktybekovna OSPANOVA, Ph.D., an excellent public health worker, a physician-organizer of the First Qualification Category. She always aspires to introduce innovative technologies. Zhanar

Zhanar Myktybekovna was born in the South Kazakhstan Region, Makhtaaral District. After graduation from school, she entered the International Kazakh-Turkish Medical University and decided that the main goal in her life was to organize high-quality medical care to the population. Having graduated from the university and having completed an internship, she began her career as a teacher at the Department of General Medicine of the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, where, along with teaching, she was engaged in scientific work. She is the co-author of many scientific works. From 2006 to 2009, she completed a full Master's Degree in Health Management and obtained an academic Master's Degree and Title of Master of Management. In 2009, with the motto “from theory to practice”, she changed her teaching activity to practical one and began her work as a doctor-therapist in the polyclinic, after a while she was appointed Deputy Chief Doctor for medical and preventive work in Shardara Central District Hospital. In 2010, after presentation of the Candidate's Work, the Committee of Education and Science awarded her a scientific degree Candidate of Medical Sciences. From December 2013 to October 2017, Zhanar Myktybekovna headed the Shardara District Polyclinic.







Colleagues finds her as a skillful leader who possesses communication skills and is capable to organize employees efficiently and provide timely & qualified guaranteed assistance to the attached population and ensure introduction of new organizational methods and improvement of existing ones aimed at expanding the efficiency and quality of medical services. Zhanar Myktybekovna actively works together with her team to promote a healthy lifestyle, family planning among the population of the district. Opening of a unique School of Health in the district is an evidence of these efforts.

Furthermore, in order to provide affordable, surgical care to the population with regard to small surgeries that do not require round-the-clock monitoring and ensure an alternative to inpatient treatment in kind of inpatient care, a brand new department of outpatient surgery was organized at the Polyclinic.

Zhanar Myktybekovna is a versatile person of broad-mindedness who has a sense of patriotism; she takes an active part in social, political and festive events, as well as in social projects.

In 2017, Zhanar Myktybekovna was appointed Chief Physician of Shardara Central District Hospital. She is also full of strength and energy when exercising her duties on a new post entrusted to her. She creates a stable and positive moral and psychological environment in the team with such an attitude to the business, which she exemplifies to others, showing her own responsibility, which is rightfully respected by her colleagues and patients. The hospital staff admits that her management style is not a traditional rigidly authoritarian one but aimed at developing a team, cooperation with delegating authority to its subordinates. This style is even called “Management of the XXI Century”, “The brand new corporate culture.”







The manager in the field of healthcare is a profession with perspectives. Today, many tasks are relied upon the professional medical managers: “How to carry out effective reforms in healthcare institutions? How to organize and channel the funding? How to ensure optimal treatment for hospital patients in the shortest possible time and with the most reasonable expenditure of funds?”

However, Zhanar Ospanova the Physician-in-chief, having the knowledge of management in the field of health, feels confident in the economic entities of medical institutions. As an excellent diplomat, she invents and develops new business ideas creatively. She finds reliable partners, optimize tasks and organize people's work; she initiated new projects, which she intends to implement with the support of the head of the district and the head of the Health Department of the South- Kazakhstan Region. One example of it is obtaining approval for construction an extension of the new polyclinic building for 150 visits per shift, thereby reducing the queue of visitors, improving the quality and accessibility of medical care to the public. She keeps silent about her future ideas and endeavors...

For active part and support to implement Nurly Zhol State Program and Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy, Zhanar Myktybekovna was awarded with the diploma Altys of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the electoral company of Elbasy and the medal Kazakhstan Constitution 20 Zhyl and Altys from A. Myrzahmetova the first secretary of the Party Chairman Nur Otan as well as breastplate Excellent Health from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Zh. Tүimebaev the Region Head awarded her with the medal “Oblysa sіңііrgen ebegi үshіn”.




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