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Мукан ЕГИЗБАЕВ: «Программа  «Денсаулык»–динамика развития в  ЮКО»


Mukan EGIZBAYEV: Densauly Program – Development Dynamics in the South Kazakhstan Region



Ядерные технологии на службе медицины: в Обнинске открылся Центр высокоточной радиологии


Свою уникальную разработку представила в Москве Клиника лазерной микрохирургии глаза Александра Тихова


Новейшие методы диагностики и лечения Областной клинической больницы УЗ ЮКО


Сакен  КАТБАЕВ:  Достижения  онкологической  службы  Южно-Казахстанской  области  за  последние  годы


The Brand-New Methods in diagnosis  and treatment in the Regional Clinical Hospitals of South-Kazakhstan Region


Saken KATBAEV: Achievements of oncological service of the South Kazakhstan Region in recent years


Our mission is quality perinatal care


Yergali ORMANOV: A dental clinic that gives you a smile


Gauhar UKHAYEVA: Children's health is our concern


Rahmat MUKHIRALIYEV: Do not be afraid to go to the professionals

The patient's health is primarily


Manager in healthcare is a profession with perspectives


Almash DERIPASALDINOVA: We  care  about  your  health


Aidar SCHNETOV: We do everything for the health of the population


Sandugash RUSTEMOVA: Safeguarding Public Health


Turkestan  Medical  College




Asel ABDIKULOVA: I want to give joy to people


Mukan Egizbayev: Densauly Program – Development Dynamics in the South Kazakhstan Region


Наша  миссия  –  качественная  перинатальная  помощь


Ергали ОРМАНОВ: Клиника, которая дарит улыбку


Гаухар УКБАЕВА: Здоровье детей – наша забота


Рахмат МУСИРАЛИЕВ: Не бойтесь идти к профессионалам


Здоровье пациента прежде всего


Менеджер в сфере здравоохранения – профессия с перспективами



Мы заботимся о здоровье


Айдар ШНЕТОВ: Мы делаем все для здоровья населения


Сандугаш РУСТЕМОВА: На страже здоровья


Туркестанский медицинский колледж



Асель  АБДИКУЛОВА: Я хочу дарить радость людям




We  care  about  your  health



Shymkent City Central Polyclinic provides residents with timely, affordable and quality primary medical and sanitary specialized care on an outpatient and home basis, dispensary observation, comprehensive preventive measures and activities aimed at promoting hygiene standards and promoting  healthy lifestyles.







Since 2012, an experienced doctor and health organizer Almash Kandirbekovna DERIPSALDINOVA has run the polyclinic. She devoted almost 35 years to medical practice; before she was appointed to the current position in different years she used to work as a pediatrician in city children's hospitals of Zhezkazgan and Karaganda, she worked as a dermatologist of Karaganda regional dermatovenerologic dispensary; she worked in the regional dermatovenerologic dispensary of Shymkent, where she passed the path of professional growth from a dermatologist to a deputy chief physician for a medical unit. Having headed the Shymkent City Central Polyclinic, Almash Kandirbekovna focused on strengthening the team, improving the quality of medical care and conducting laboratory research through introduction of modern medical and diagnostic methods, updating the material and technical facilities, adherence of each employee of the institution to high standards of professionalism, ethical principles and personal responsibility. For her conscientious work, Almysh Deripsaldinova Kandirbekovna was awarded the title “Honorary worker of the healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, she was awarded with the Order “Glory of Kazakhstan”, the medal “Qurmet-AB”, the breastplate “Densaulyut sautaui iesine қosқan үlesi үshin”, as well as certificates of honor and certificate of merit by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.







Our editorial staff asked Almash Kendirbekovna to tell us a little about the clinic and about what she finds professionally valuable for a medical worker.

The polyclinic serves 67,926 people of the attached population, out of them the adult population and 47,487students; 5,092 adolescents, 15074 children under 14 years.

Currently, the planned capacity of the central city polyclinic is 740 visits per shift. The institution has a day hospital for 30 beds, department for preventive examination and laboratory-functional diagnostics, obstetric-gynecological, student-teenage department, two therapeutic and pediatric departments, gerontologist's rooms, Health School, School of Mother and Child, a multidisciplinary team (Therapeutic exercise room, massage, rehabilitologist). 391 employees work in the team of Shymkent City Central Polyclinic, many of whom are awarded with state and industry orders, medals, honorary certificates and are winners & prizewinners of various professional competitions. We have talented, truly dedicated doctors and medical personnel; we also have a good material and technical facilities.

ВWe believe that the following things are valuable in the doctor’s profession and occupation:

- Satisfaction of patients' needs, constant improvement of the medical care quality;

- Employment of staff and work satisfaction;

- Attentive care, manifestation of compassion and understanding;

- medical service should be accessible; any examination and a set of procedures should be conducted as quickly and practically as possible in the absence of queues;

- all employees of the polyclinic should strive for the highest results, high quality of services through the dedicated efforts of each team member.

- Professional and personal growth of each employee contributes to the achievement of basic indicators of patients' health;

- Favorable socio-psychological environment in the team based on corporate culture and ethics is especially needed for work.







Modern medicine is developing rapidly. Today, innovations in medicine contribute to recover health of more and more patients.

Introduction of new medical equipment based on our polyclinic will make the medical care to our population even more effective.




Адрес редакции:


Республика Казахстан, 050026, г. Алматы,

ул. Кожамкулова, 16В


Тел.:      +7 (727)233 50 42


Моб.:     +7 702 765 20 00

                  +7 777 276 64 32


e-mail:  novaera01@bk.ru




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