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Мукан ЕГИЗБАЕВ: «Программа  «Денсаулык»–динамика развития в  ЮКО»


Mukan EGIZBAYEV: Densauly Program – Development Dynamics in the South Kazakhstan Region



Ядерные технологии на службе медицины: в Обнинске открылся Центр высокоточной радиологии


Свою уникальную разработку представила в Москве Клиника лазерной микрохирургии глаза Александра Тихова


Новейшие методы диагностики и лечения Областной клинической больницы УЗ ЮКО


Сакен  КАТБАЕВ:  Достижения  онкологической  службы  Южно-Казахстанской  области  за  последние  годы


The Brand-New Methods in diagnosis  and treatment in the Regional Clinical Hospitals of South-Kazakhstan Region


Saken KATBAEV: Achievements of oncological service of the South Kazakhstan Region in recent years


Our mission is quality perinatal care


Yergali ORMANOV: A dental clinic that gives you a smile


Gauhar UKHAYEVA: Children's health is our concern


Rahmat MUKHIRALIYEV: Do not be afraid to go to the professionals

The patient's health is primarily


Manager in healthcare is a profession with perspectives


Almash DERIPASALDINOVA: We  care  about  your  health


Aidar SCHNETOV: We do everything for the health of the population


Sandugash RUSTEMOVA: Safeguarding Public Health


Turkestan  Medical  College




Asel ABDIKULOVA: I want to give joy to people


Mukan Egizbayev: Densauly Program – Development Dynamics in the South Kazakhstan Region


Наша  миссия  –  качественная  перинатальная  помощь


Ергали ОРМАНОВ: Клиника, которая дарит улыбку


Гаухар УКБАЕВА: Здоровье детей – наша забота


Рахмат МУСИРАЛИЕВ: Не бойтесь идти к профессионалам


Здоровье пациента прежде всего


Менеджер в сфере здравоохранения – профессия с перспективами



Мы заботимся о здоровье


Айдар ШНЕТОВ: Мы делаем все для здоровья населения


Сандугаш РУСТЕМОВА: На страже здоровья


Туркестанский медицинский колледж



Асель  АБДИКУЛОВА: Я хочу дарить радость людям




Do not be afraid to go to the professionals



The head physician of the city polyclinic №4 of Shymkent city is Rahmat Arynovich MUKHIRALIYEV. We asked him to talk about the work of the polyclinic, specialists, goals and plans.







The draft of Densauly State Program for the development of public health in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2019 outlines the main principles and goals for the further development of the national health system. One of the priorities of the State Program will be integration of all health services with the introduction of family medicine principles, which will be implemented by general practitioners. In the long run, general practitioners, as specialists of a broad profile, who possess modern knowledge, will become coordinators of the medical process. The clinic is progressively developing from year to year: the range of medical services is expanding, the newest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment is being introduced.

Today, mankind suffers from a number of negative environmental factors: poor food quality, environment and so on. To protect your health and children's health, you need to get rid of bad habits and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Any medical care must be affordable and of high quality. The goals of our clinic are: provision of pre-hospital qualified, highly specialized medical assistance to the population, arrangement and implementation of a set of preventive measures aimed at reducing the incidence, disability and mortality of the population. To do that, it is necessary to carry out dynamic monitoring of persons suffering from chronic diseases. The skills of employees must be constantly improved, so the introduction of new technologies, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients are of great importance. It is also necessary to ensure continuity with other health organizations and establish interagency cooperation to improve the quality of medical care.

The clinic provides patients with pre-medical care for acute and chronic diseases, injuries, poisonings or for other urgent cases. Our specialists also provide emergency care at home. There are patients with chronic forms of diseases that require dynamic care. The clinic conducts constant examinations of patients, with the purpose of early detection of the disease. If necessary, patients are forwarded for hospitalization in accordance with the order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 3, 2010, No. 492 “On approval of the Instruction for the organization of planned hospitalization in a hospital within the guaranteed scope of free medical care through the Hospitalization Portal” (registered in the State Register of regulatory legal acts under No. 6380).







The activity of our polyclinic provides for early, prolonged and late medical rehabilitation of patients with impaired functions and disability. We carry out in all types of preventive examinations (screening, preliminary examination for employment, periodic, targeted, etc.), in the manner determined by the authorized body in the field of health. The population attached to the polyclinic is provided with medical products. Sanitary-antiepidemic (preventive) measures are carried out in the foci of infectious diseases. Our specialists conduct an examination of temporary work incapacity for patients, and, if necessary, refer persons with symptoms of persistent disability to the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

There is a statistical accounting and reporting, analysis of statistical data in electronic format at AIS web-site.

To prevent the diseases and promote a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to conduct explanatory work among the population. For these purposes our employees use methods such as mass media, stands and visual promotion, as well as they rent audio and video materials on an ongoing basis in the halls and waiting areas. It is necessary to involve the population in the process of protecting the health of citizens by training methods of self-help and mutual assistance, including in an emergency and crisis situation, instilling skills of self-preserving behavior.

To promote a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to organize schools, clubs, support groups, public councils, train volunteers and leaders who can teach the population such rules as family, maternity, paternity and childhood protection, including family planning. There is also a need to conduct exploratory work on safe water supply and rational nutrition of the population and to teach how to enjoy the immunization.






The clinic employs more than 20 specialized employees. Diagnostic technology and modern equipment allows you to make an accurate diagnosis.

Patients with complex diseases need additional examination and diagnosis of the body. The physiotherapeutic procedures are design for this purpose. An individual scheme of procedures, and thereafter an individual treatment for each patient can be developed. Observation at several experts at once will help to select the necessary model of treatment.

The clinic accounts for 14 therapeutic sites, 14 pediatric, 6 gynecological, oncologist, ENT specialist, surgeon, neuropathologist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, adolescent doctor; there is a room for ultrasound examination, clinical laboratory, radiology room, mammography and additional laboratories for blood collection.

Particular attention is paid to early diagnosis and prevention of diseases. Based on clinical observations and examination, analysis, clinical and laboratory data, and instrumental studies where the diagnosis is determined (or confirmed).

Our specialists determine the tactics of patient treatment in accordance with established rules and standards. They develop a plan, scope and rational methods for examining the patient in order to obtain complete and reliable diagnostic information in the shortest possible time.






The mission of the polyclinic is to provide quality, effective and affordable medical care. Our education, our expertise and our respect for patients preserve health of present as well as future generations


Адрес редакции:


Республика Казахстан, 050026, г. Алматы,

ул. Кожамкулова, 16В


Тел.:      +7 (727)233 50 42


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