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Мукан ЕГИЗБАЕВ: «Программа  «Денсаулык»–динамика развития в  ЮКО»


Mukan EGIZBAYEV: Densauly Program – Development Dynamics in the South Kazakhstan Region



Ядерные технологии на службе медицины: в Обнинске открылся Центр высокоточной радиологии


Свою уникальную разработку представила в Москве Клиника лазерной микрохирургии глаза Александра Тихова


Новейшие методы диагностики и лечения Областной клинической больницы УЗ ЮКО


Сакен  КАТБАЕВ:  Достижения  онкологической  службы  Южно-Казахстанской  области  за  последние  годы


The Brand-New Methods in diagnosis  and treatment in the Regional Clinical Hospitals of South-Kazakhstan Region


Saken KATBAEV: Achievements of oncological service of the South Kazakhstan Region in recent years


Our mission is quality perinatal care


Yergali ORMANOV: A dental clinic that gives you a smile


Gauhar UKHAYEVA: Children's health is our concern


Rahmat MUKHIRALIYEV: Do not be afraid to go to the professionals

The patient's health is primarily


Manager in healthcare is a profession with perspectives


Almash DERIPASALDINOVA: We  care  about  your  health


Aidar SCHNETOV: We do everything for the health of the population


Sandugash RUSTEMOVA: Safeguarding Public Health


Turkestan  Medical  College




Asel ABDIKULOVA: I want to give joy to people


Mukan Egizbayev: Densauly Program – Development Dynamics in the South Kazakhstan Region


Наша  миссия  –  качественная  перинатальная  помощь


Ергали ОРМАНОВ: Клиника, которая дарит улыбку


Гаухар УКБАЕВА: Здоровье детей – наша забота


Рахмат МУСИРАЛИЕВ: Не бойтесь идти к профессионалам


Здоровье пациента прежде всего


Менеджер в сфере здравоохранения – профессия с перспективами



Мы заботимся о здоровье


Айдар ШНЕТОВ: Мы делаем все для здоровья населения


Сандугаш РУСТЕМОВА: На страже здоровья


Туркестанский медицинский колледж



Асель  АБДИКУЛОВА: Я хочу дарить радость людям



The Brand-New Methods in diagnosis  and treatment in the Regional Clinical Hospitals of South-Kazakhstan Region



The area of the Regional Clinical Hospital is highly specialized medical assistance to the population of the city and the South Kazakhstan Region. The hospital is multidisciplinary and has almost all specialized doctors, the medical aid is of high quality as per the international standards where the doctors and staff are highly qualified.








Since October 2008 to January 2017, Mukan Kenesbekovich Egizbaev, MD, “Excellent Worker in Public Health of Kazakhstan”, was the medical director of the regional clinical hospital. Since January 2017, PASHIMOV Marat Orumbasarovich Ph.D. “Excellent Worker of Public Health” has been appointed as a medical director



Marat Orumbasarovich, tell us a little about the clinical hospital and about your team.


ОThe regional clinical hospital is the leading medical center of the South-Kazakhstan Region that provides specialized, high-tech, inpatient and consultative-polyclinic assistance to the population of the region. The hospital's bed capacity is 682 beds. The hospital consists of 21 clinical and 16 paraclinical departments. Annually more than 23 thousand patients are treated permanently in the regional clinical hospital. The hospital is among the leaders in terms of assistance to the population. Heads of the hospital’s specialized departments are the leading external experts of the regional health department who conduct organizational, methodological, advisory work for the relevant departments.




In order to provide high-quality medical care, you need to introduce new medical technologies. How does the situation look like in the clinic?


In recent years, our clinic has purchased a new medical equipment required for highly specialized assistance to the population.

The magnetic resonance and computer tomography devices were purchased and put into operation, the remote lithotripter device is used to determine the degree of liver fibrosis in cases of cirrhosis, the CATS Device for autologous blood transfusion is used for the separation of urology when there is a volumetric operations involving a risk of heavy blood loss, Sonoca 300 is used in liver operations, the necessary equipment has been purchased for the transplantation of organs and tissues, and much more for devices of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment. When performing surgery operations in High-tech medical services implying multiple dimensions, the 3D laparoscopic equipment is currently used, which allows to operate laparoscopically in a three-dimensional image, which significantly reduces the risk of intra- and postoperative complications. Liver apparatus “MARS” for artificial liver is used in the treatment of patients with cirrhosis of the liver and today is the only device of that kind in the southern region.

Innovative methods of treatment and diagnostics are constantly introduced.







In recent years, new centers for medical care have been founded in the clinic. Could you tell us about them?


Yes, there are new centers we can be proud of.

We opened hepatocenter, rheumatic center, center for men's health, stroke center, in-vitro fertilization center, surdologic center and coloproctological center. Hepatocenter was opened in 2010, where an antiviral treatment for patients with chronic viral hepatitis within the state program is currently underway since 2011. Reumocenter was founded in 2010. In vitro fertilization center was opened in 2010. The Center for Men's Health has been operating since March 2011. To date, there are more than 1,400 patients enrolled in it. The stroke rehabilitation center is equipped with latest technology. It was praised not only by our, but also by British specialists. The surdological and coloproctological centers were founded in May 2013.

For the first time in the practice of regional health care, the high-tech operations at the regional clinic hospital level have been introduced, although earlier these patients had to go to Almaty and Astana, or even abroad to get treatment. These are departments of orthopedics, surgery, gynecology, vascular surgery, urology, etc.




Your team enjoys a well-deserved reputation of qualified specialists. What helped doctors to achieve such professional results?


Modern equipment, and most importantly, the constant improvement of the skills of doctors in leading clinics and medical centers of neighboring countries and beyond allow doctors of the regional clinical hospital to perform complicated surgical interventions. Thus, orthopedists successfully operate patients who require the replacement of knee and hip joints. Gynecologists were the first in the region to master and start implementing 3D laparoscopic operations. Neurosurgeons perform unique surgical operations for the spine with the use of neuro-navigation.








Since 2017, as part of the memorandum signed between the Department of Health of the South Kazakhstan Region and the University Clinic of Sunchonghyan (South Korea), the doctors from the regional clinical hospital have been attending the leading clinics in South Korea mastering the latest diagnostic and treatment methods, while South Korean professors have visited the regional clinical hospital in various occasions within the workshops in multiple disciplines.

Enjoying the right of flagship and leader in the healthcare system, and following the example of the predecessors, the regional clinical hospital team generously shares knowledge and skills with colleagues from the district hospitals of the South Kazakhstan Region. They conduct master classes, teleconferences, give consultations and share video recordings of the most complicated operations with the use of telemedicine.

Experience and professionalism of our doctors, introduction of new medical technologies and modern methods of treatment allow us to maintain high reputation of our multi-disciplinary clinic.




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