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Your health is in safe hand


In accordance with the resolution of the Kyzylorda Region Akimat (Administration) in 2011  the Kyzylorda City Hospital State Municipal Management Company was reorganized by transforming the Kyzylorda City Hospital into the Health Committee of the Kyzylorda Region Healthcare Department.







Ten years ago, this health facility fell into disrepair in private hands. However, thanks to the support of the regional administration and the Regional Health Administration, the situation was changed. Funds were allocated, a major overhaul was carried out, the facilities were strengthened, and sanitation vehicles were purchased. Today, modern infrastructure in the City Hospital is at the highest level in the region and accounts for 91.3 percent.

This is the largest enterprise in the city and one of the best in the region; it is a hospital of a wide specialized profile focused on qualified inpatient and inpatient medical care.

The main objective that the Densaulyk State Program is intended to increase the life expectancy of people up to 72.1 years. In this regard, a lot is being done at the city hospital.

The hospital is a multidisciplinary entity that provides round-the-clock emergency medical care to the population. During the day, 150-170 people are admitted by the emergency department and emergency units. Every patient is an emergency one who is suffering with injuries sustained at work and has surgical pathologies. Therefore, doctors are always ready to provide healthcare.

Medical services for the adult population are provided here in many disciplines: cardiology, rheumatology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, surgery, traumatology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, urology, neuropathology, obstetrics and gynecology.

The hospital provides consulting and diagnostic services as well: X-ray examinations, ultrasound examinations, computed tomography and endoscopy examinations.

Laboratory diagnostics is provided in General Clinical, Biochemical, Serological and Cytological studies.

The city hospital has departments that provide a variety of qualified medical care: admission department, therapeutic department No. 1, therapeutic department No. 2, department of early neurorehabilitation & neurology, physiotherapy department, gynecological department, surgical department, traumatology department, trauma center, anesthesiology & reanimation department, operational department, clinical diagnostic laboratory, radiation diagnosis and paid department.

The hospital is equipped with medical equipment that meets modern requirements and provides a high level of diagnosis, care and treatment of any patients. In 2016, the Kyzylorda City Hospital was first to install high-quality laser medical equipment Dornier Medilas Solvo, designed for crushing kidney stones. The laser in this case replaces the tip of the scalpel, giving great benefits to the doctor and patient. There is an endovideosurgical laparoscope, diagnostic operative hysteroscope, angiograph and others. Endoscopic, arthroscopic operations (for joints) are performed only in this hospital in the region. Most surgical interventions are performed with the help of an endovideosurgical laparoscope. The surgical department uses endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography which is a technique that combines endoscopy and fluoroscopic examination. The procedure is intended to diagnose the bile duct, gallbladder, liver and pancreas. We can used it to conduct a survey of these organs and identify diseases in order to make an appropriate diagnosis.

The city hospital has a rheumatology department, which is still the only one in the region. Geo-engineering medication, which is innovative one, is applied for the treatment of patients with rheumatic diseases. There is a stroke center designed for thirty beds which has been operating in the hospital for four years already. To equip it, the necessary funds were allocated from the local budget, and a CT scanner was acquired too. The great pride of the medical profession is the densitometer apparatus. With this device, you can determine the bone mineral density, exposing the patient to just a slight irradiation. It is also used to assess the risk of osteoporosis as an effective treatment aimed at slowing the demineralization of bone tissue.

The clinic employs qualified medical professionals who constantly improve their professional skills. Doctors of the hospital regularly travel to advanced training courses in the best clinics in Kazakhstan, Russia, the Czech Republic, Korea and other foreign countries as well as they attend seminars with the participation of Kazakhstani or foreign specialists in Kyzylorda. This is a wonderful team, mainly consisting of young professionals, each of them however is a professional, despite his or her age. The hospital employs doctors who help and give advice to young employees, sharing their expertise to make them fulfill their duties professionally and with a great responsibility. The purpose of such personnel is to provide high-quality and optimized medical care to patients, to master the latest technologies and equipment, to be the team and to maintain professional qualifications.

A sensitive attitude to patients, a highly professional sense of duty, timely and qualified medical care are priorities of the Kyzylorda City Hospital's Team.




Адрес редакции:


Республика Казахстан, 050026, г. Алматы,

ул. Кожамкулова, 16В


Тел.:      +7 (727)233 50 42


Моб.:     +7 702 765 20 00

                  +7 777 276 64 32


e-mail:  novaera01@bk.ru




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