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Nysanova Gulzhikhan Tasemenovna has been the head doctor of the Kazaly Central District Hospital with an Outpatient Polyclinic Service. The Central District Hospital includes a district clinic, 2 rural clinics, 3 rural hospitals, an outpatient clinic at a tuberculosis dispensary, dermal venereal department, 15 medical clinics, 3 medical & obstetric centers and 15 medical stations.






The history of public healthcare of the Kazaly Region is rooted in pre-revolutionary times. In 1908 a military infirmary was opened in Kazalinsk. Then it was transformed into a City Medical Reception Ward for 7 beds. During those years, 3 doctors, 2 midwives and 2 private property pharmacies functioned in the county. After the October Revolution, the Reception Ward was convertedinto a 25 beds-hospital, where they beganto pay special attention to the health care of the district and in particular to the treatmentof infectious diseases, theireradication and improving the quality of medical care.A dental clinic, an ambulance station and a district clinic were part of the Central District Hospital when it was transferred to the new building in Ayteke BiVillage.In 2000, medical and health institutions were separated from the Central District Hospital and independent institutions were established; since 2005 the District Health Department has collapsed, and the Regional Health Department was assigned responsible for all medical and health institutions in the district.

Since 2018, NysanovaGulzhihanTasemenovna the highest category public health doctor has been heading the hospital.

The Kazaly Central District Hospital with an Outpatient Polyclinic Service for the district medical industry in 2018 brought not only its own difficulties, but also new achievements. The first President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev in his message dated May 10, 2018, “Growth of the welfare of Kazakh Nation: improving the quality of life and income” outlined a new policy & benchmark and gave a new impetus to the entire population, including in the healthcare sector.

The sixth paragraph of the President's Message states: “Thequality of medical services is the most important component of the social well-being of the population.First of all, it is necessary to ensure the availability of primary health care,create electronic health passports for the entire population, eliminate queues, bureaucracy and improve the quality of healthcare. “In this regard, somework is being done in the area of public health.According to the KIIS Digitalization System, there is a work in progress to switch to a paperless digital version of medical documentation.

As part of Densaulyk State Program, there have been taken actions to improve medical services in the health sector of the Kazaly District and raise the quality of medical services, provide the population with affordable medicine, develop preventive medicine, prevent diseases, improve primary health care and protect the health of mother and child.

The medical-prophylactic institutions of the district employ 162 doctors with higher education and 60 of them have a qualification category. 421 people have qualification categories out of 758 health care workers. The institution pays special attention to improving the skills of workers, they undergo training in the near & far abroad and are trained in courses.

The district hospital's capacity accounts for 200 beds.There are following departments in the hospital: therapeutic, surgical, palliative, pediatric, infectious, maternity; female pathology departments and skin & venereal diseases department.The Hospital has a day patient department for 60 beds while the clinic has 217 beds.

The new hospital is equipped with modern equipment and advanced technologies are being introduced.The maternityward of the district hospital has been upgraded to the second level of perinatal care regionalization.The equipment here complies with international standards.

This spring, the Angiograph Apparatus has been introduced, which is designed to improve the quality of medical care forresidents of Kazalinsk, Aral and the Karmakshy Regions. Medical specialistshave undergone training and full internship at the regional medical center.

In 2018, 1,262 children were born in the maternity hospital of the Kazaly Central District Hospital and the birth rate was 22.3 (per 1,000 population).

Much attention is paid to the hospital screening examinations of the population.

The screening examination is carried out in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 25, 2017 ref.  No. 995 “Approval of the Rules for preventive medical examinations of target population groups”.

The planned target group for the district includes children from 0 to 17 years old in 6 types of screening in adults. This year, a screening study detected 464 patients with circulatory system disorders, 47 patients with diabetes, 63 patients withblindness, 3 malignant breast tumors and 254 precancerous diseases, 182 precancerous diseases of the cervix and 10 precancerous diseases of the rectum & colon.All identified patients were taken for regular medical checkups; there is an ongoing medical & preventive activity.

Work is underway to identify disability and conduct rehabilitation measures.

In 2018 versus 2017, the number of primary disabilities decreased by 184 cases from 32.6 to 180 i.e. 31.9 cases. Rehabilitation & restorative procedures were given to the patients with disabilities and, if necessary, an appropriate assistance in medical institutions of national, regional and district levels have been provided.

Free medical care is provided within outpatient facilities.

In accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 29, 2017 No. 666 “Approval of the list of medicines and medical products to provide free and (or) preferential medicines and specialized medical products at the outpatient level”, certain categories of citizens with diseases (states) were supplied with free therapeutic pharmaceutical agents within the scope of guaranteed free medical care.

In 2017, 120 patients with arterial hypertension were registered as per the Chronic Disease Management Program. In 2018, 432 patients with arterial hypertension were observed, 94 patients suffered from diabetes mellitus and 23patientshad chronic heart failure. The Patients who are registered in the Disease Management Program are under systematic observation and appropriate laboratory tests are carried out on time. This program helps to prevent advanced forms of the disease.

The priorities of the clinic are high culture of doing-business &safety measures for the provision of services to patients and a significant improvement in the quality of medical care.


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