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С заботой о будущем Казахстана



With  care  for  the  future  of  Kazakhstan

Алматинцам презентовали новый объект туризма

В Алматы открыт новый кластер IT-индустрии



Акция «Атамекенім»


«Атамекенім» акциясы



инновационность и высокие стандарты



innovative approach and high standards



Bal Tekstil company – carpet leader of Kazakhstan



Компания «Бал Текстиль» – ковровый лидер Казахстана

СПК «Хамит»:

новатор рыбного производства


Hamit agricultural production cooperative: fish production innovator



Академия UCMAS – откройте гения в своем ребенке!


UCMAS Academy –  make your child genius!



Проблемы инновационного развития Казахстана



Казахстан участвует во Всемирной кампании против рака груди


Международный конгресс «Центрально-Азиатская гастроэнтерологическая неделя-2017»




With  care  for  the  future  of  Kazakhstan



South Oil LLP was founded 18 years ago, in 1999. Two years later, a contract for the exploration  and production of hydrocarbons at the Kenlyk field was signed between the Company  and the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. "It is important to benefit the country where you were born and live, raise a new generation, leave a good imprint in the hearts of descendants," – Serik Seitzhanov, the President assured.







Since the beginning of the active exploration of the fields, the company has established a production infrastructure that allows it to quickly perform the scope of work of any complexity. The enterprise has several structural subdivisions, branches in Astana, Kyzylorda and representative office in Terenozek, village Kyzylorda Region (Oil Loading Terminal allowing transshipment of crude oil and petroleum products).

The main share of the Company's investments is aimed at fulfilling contractual commitments: drilling of prospecting, exploratory and production wells, improvement of well operation, construction of flow lines, ground facilities, and construction of shift camps, turning shop, storage inventory depots and garage for the existing vehicle fleet.

Over nearly past two decades, a tremendous scope of work has been done not only towards ongoing, but also social activities. However, first things first, let us have a look at milestones.


Since 2003, an intensive work has begun to develop the field. Back then, the team consisted of 71 people. Today the company employs more than 800 employees, new jobs have been created; there are branches in Kyzylorda and in Astana.


In December 2008, the Primary Oil Treatment Center (POTC) was commissioned to produce commercial oil, industrial water treatment and injection complex (IWTIC) was put into operation in order to maintain reservoir pressure in the wells and system for recycling industrial water.


In 2011, Associated Gas Utilization Complex (AGUC) was put into operation, whose output capacity is 100 million m3 of raw gas per year.


In 2012, there was commissioning of the Booster Pump Station (BPS) and measuring unit (MU) for oil pumping from the wells belonging to contract territory through the pipeline to the POTC. It is planned to connect Wells to this oil pipeline.








Social responsibility is an excellent indicator of business development. South-Oil Company from the very first phase of its work stated that it is going to take an active part in the development of the social sphere of Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstan Regions as well as in other Regions of Kazakhstan, where its subdivisions operate. This is the committed position of the Company's General Manager.

Annually, a memorandum on social and economic cooperation is signed in Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstan Regions.

In December 2008, the company was awarded with Kamkorlyk Statuette for contribution to the social development of the South Kazakhstan Region. In the same year, South Oil became the winner in the nomination "The Best Social Project of the Year" during competition on social responsibility of business for construction of school and kindergarten in Shilik Village of Otrar Region and was awarded with a golden statuette "Paryz" by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev.

In 2009, the Sports Palace with indoor ice skating rink was reconstructed together with the Administration of SKR in Shymkent, and this Sports Palace is now unique and the largest one in the South Kazakhstan. The nursery-garden "KOS-ANA" was built in Shymkent.

In September 2011 with the personal participation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev, the tennis court "Nursat" and the cultural and entertainment center "Akmeshit" were commissioned in Kyzylorda, while in 2013 – they built sanatorium in the Aral Region on the shore of Kamystybas Lake and the cultural and recreational complex "Syr-Samaly" where there is everything for recreation of people: gym, swimming pool, Finnish and Russian saunas, Turkish hammam and even a banquet hall for 400 people.

Thanks to the help of oil workers, Aigak TV was able to shoot a documentary film to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the battle for the Brest Fortress, and the audience learned about dozens and hundreds of Kazakhstani soldiers fighting for the legendary fortress.

South-Oil is a sponsor of educational, health, culture and sports institutions and indispensable participant in charities to help veterans, disabled people, and children from low-income families.








Today Kenlyk, Karabulak, and East Akshabulak fields are being exploited. Serious prospects to raise oil production up to the maximum level have been outlined. To this end, additional construction of underground and injection wells is required.

The company sees its promising future by developing production in accordance with International Quality Standards and constantly increasing the volume of oil production based on the introduction of new technologies.



Irina ALEX





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