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We work for the benefit of your health


The City Polyclinic No. 3 was built pursuant to the Program of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev's “100 schools, 100 hospitals” and was commissioned on June 6, 2012. Since 2015 it has been reorganized into the “City Polyclinic No. 3 State Communal Enterprise on the Right of Economic Management of the” of the Kyzylorda Region Health Department.






One of the modern buildings has a Prophylactic Department, X-ray Diagnostics, offices of highly specialized surgical doctor (for adult patients), Prevention & Psychosocial Care Department, Therapeutic Departments, Day Hospital, Ultrasound Rooms, ECG, Physiotherapy Department and Shapagat Youth Health Center as well as digitalization post.

The second building has General Practitioner Departments (for children), offices of highly specialized doctor of Pediatric Departments, Preventive Treatment Rooms, Filter, Outpatient Surgery Center, Therapy Department, Obstetric & Gynecological Department, Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory, Adolescent Office, Resource Center, Healthy Child’s Room, Dispensary Room, Specialists Of Nursing Service, Medical Advisory Commission and Dentist Office.

The clinic is designed for 500 visits per shift. Here, there are 113 offices, where highly qualified specialists provide specialized medical care. Not only the assigned children and adults are treated in the Medical Center, but also 2 universities, 4 secondary special educational institutions, 7 schools and 20 kindergartens.

The territory of medical care clinics is quite extensive, which includes: md. Saulet, md. Aray, md. Samal, md. Sayakhat, md. Syrdariya, md. Astana, md. Shugyla, md. Hippodrome, SPMK – 70. Number of people treated by District Hospital as of January 01, 2019 is 62115 people, whereas 39485 adults, 2169 adolescents, 20461 children, including 1328 children under 1 year, 13141 young patients (from 14 to 29 years old) and 15288 women of fertile age. Medical care is provided by 6 therapeutic, 5 pediatric, 26 units and 6 obstetric sites.

The clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment. Further development of the clinic provides for the more intensive measures aimed at the development of universal, integrated, socially oriented, affordable and high-quality medical care at the primary level, as well as digitalization in the framework of the “Digitalization of the Healthcare System” Roadmap dated March 03, 2017 as the main tool of each doctor. The use of Damumed Mobile Information System among the population of the polyclinic (from 20 to 60 years old) reached 55%.

Since June 2018, a dispensary office and a nursing reception office have been operating under the Roadmap for the development of the Primary Health Care organization. Total number of patients on the D-follow-up is 11,297. All 37 health localities do reconciliation with the portals of KMIS, ERDB and record the patients’ appointment hours at the dispensary and plan their next appointment in the electronic database.

Pursuant to the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Emergency health care for 4 categories of calls” dated July 03, 2017 a first-aid emergency department located on the 1st floor of the building became publicly available in the city clinic since April 2, 2018.

There are 3 team of doctors on duty every day who are supplied with 3 ambulances with GPS.

In order to reduce the queue in the clinic, there are  3 terminals of the electronic queue. The “Mini Call-center” System (20-03-36) is designed as the part of internal audit service to process the complaints and requests of the patients.

The primary health has become cross functional through further transition to the family care principle, which will include follow-up of human health throughout his life, taking into account the features of the human body at each age with an emphasis on prevention.

The family health care principle offers preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation and health measures, palliative care and home care based on the needs of each family. According to the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan on “Approval of Pediatric Care Standards”, there is an action plan within the program “Universal Progressive Model of Nursing Service”.

In order to ensure the continuity of medical care, the Clinic has been fully integrated with various health care levels and entities.

An integrated Disease Management Program (DMP) has been implemented based on diagnostic, treatment and follow-up protocols at all levels in accordance with the central coordinating role of primary health care workers.

Social-driven initiatives are ensured by integrating actions of Primary Health Care Divisions as well as Social Protection & Public Health Services. There is a proactive involvement of primary health care specialists in intersectoral penetration of public health care.

The Polyclinic No. 3 is an entity of primary medical and social assistance, which provides comprehensive medical and social services with the involvement of a psychologist, social workers, nurses, medical assistants, midwives and support staff. In cooperation with the Social Security Authorities, we provide social and psychological support and multi-profile home nursing.

Since May 2017 the Outpatient Surgery Center has been operating within the facilities of the Polyclinic's Surgery Department, which exercises various types of operations and mini-operations.

The polyclinic team improves the quality of medical care to the population every year through introducing best practices and state-of-art technologies of modern health care. A sensitive and caring attitude to people as well as a professional dedication are priorities of the entire polyclinic's team.



Адрес редакции:


Республика Казахстан, 050026, г. Алматы,

ул. Кожамкулова, 16В


Тел.:      +7 (727)233 50 42


Моб.:     +7 702 765 20 00

                  +7 777 276 64 32


e-mail:  novaera01@bk.ru




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