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Our mission: Providing high-quality medical care to the population


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We educate professionals


“Kyzylorda Medical College” was founded on August 15, 1928 as the “Kazakh College of Obstetrics.” In 1954 it was renamed and reorganized into the Kazakh Medical School, and then into the Kyzylorda Medical College. Since 2018, it was reorganized into  a Municipal State Enterprise on the right  of economic management “Kyzylorda  Medical Higher College” of the health department of the Kyzylorda Region.






В медицинском колледже преподается 9 специальностей:


The medical college offers courses in 9 majors:

• “General Medicine”, qualifications “Medical assistant” and “Obstetrician”;

• “Nursing”, qualifications “Junior Nursing”, “Nurse of General Practice” and “Bachelor of Applied Sciences”;

• “Hygiene and epidemiology”, qualification “Hygienist-epidemiologist”;

• “Dentistry”, qualification “Dentist”, “Dental Hygienist”;

• “Laboratory diagnostics”, qualification “Medical Laboratory Assistant”;

• “Pharmacy”, qualification “Pharmacist”;

• “Orthopedic Dentistry”, qualification “Dental Technician”;

• “Medical Optics”, qualification “Optometrist”;

• “Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment”, qualification “Technician for operation and repair of equipment.”


Nursultan Nazarbayev the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in his Address “New development opportunities in the fourth industrial revolution” on January 10, 2018 called for the modernization of the education system and strengthening the material and technical facilities in educational institutions using new technologies. In this regard, the college focuses on the development of modern professional skills of future medical professionals.

Kyzylorda Medical College is one of the first educational institutions in Kazakhstan where the Simulation Center (CathLab) was opened; it is equipped with modern interactive learning systems & interactive mannequins and simulators. This center is a place where students train and bring their practical skills to automatism by training.

As a result of the accession of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Bologna Process, as well as through the approval of the Comprehensive Nursing Development Plan taking into account the qualification requirements of the bachelor as part of the State Health Development Program 20162019 Roadmap, the mission and strategic development of the Kyzylorda Medical College, the College’s Institutional Development Plan was modified. Therefore, the college was reorganized as part of the Roadmap to modernize the educational system of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 20162019 and entered the ranks of six pilot medical colleges.

In connection with the 90th anniversary of the college, we developed an Action Plan in 2018 devoted to the Topic “90 events for 90 years”. The college opened “Ruhani Damu Ortalygy” Center. To celebrate the anniversary of the college, material for the book  “Maқtan tұtar tүlekterіmіzdіn 100 Naқty Esimi” was collected. “To this end, there were meetings with college graduates of the 50s to 90s. One of the graduates of 1950 is E.O. Omarov the Honored Doctor of Kazakhstan. The meeting with him was a good example for the youth of the city. Syganak & Zhankent City Tours were organized and pilgrimage expeditions were made to “Korgyt Ata”, “Oқshy Ata” and “Kozha Ahmet Yassaui” Mausoleums; there was a Scientific-Theoretical Conference called “Knowledge and competitiveness is the most fundamental success factor”.

In June 2016, the college entered the list of institutionally accredited educational organizations and accredited educational programs in the following majors: General Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Laboratory Diagnostics, and in April and September 2018 the college passed a specialized accreditation for 4 majors: “Pharmacy”, “Prosthetic Dentistry”, “Medical Optics”, “Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment.”

Today, the accreditation of educational institutions at the international level is a guarantee of quality improvement and competitiveness. According to the results of the accreditation, the college was included in the top three “Kazakhstan Medical Colleges” and won first place in the regional competition” The best technical professional educational institution.”

College graduates take places at republican and international competitions. Anafia Kuanyshkhan, a student of the Orthopedic Dentistry took 2nd place in the “Uzdіktis Technik – 2017” Republican Competition in Almaty and 2nd place in the “Step Forward” Professional Competition in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Taking into account such successes of the graduate, Anafia Kuanyshan was admitted to the college as a teacher.

In 2014, an educational experiment was conducted in six colleges of the country according to the program of Applied Bachelor's Degree in “Nursing”. The Medical College has become one of them. 21 students were enrolled for training; 50 students were enrolled within this program in an accelerated mode. In 2018, 69 students in “Nursing” with the qualification of “Bachelor of Applied Sciences” graduated from the pilot project for the first time, among which 62 are employed. Some of the graduates were employed in the college as a teacher namely Saim Laila and Zhumagulova Saltanat. Teachers and students of the college regularly attend the republican, regional educational and methodical conferences and competitions and take prizes. In the 20182019 school year, they achieved success in the “The best teacher of special disciplines-2019” Regional Competition. M. Yesdaulettova won the second prize; a college student Malikaidar Assel won the third place in the International Competition “Best Medical Laboratory Assistant-2019”. In his Address, the first President commissioned to create a research institute for the development of artificial intelligence technologies within the facilities of the university. In this regard, during the republican webinar “the role of artificial intelligence technology in education” the college teachers Saim Laila and Abdi Umіtai took part in a webinar devoted to the “features of the introduction of modern virtual and advanced reality technologies in medicine” and were awarded with certificates. During the Republican Student Conference “Youth and Practice: Regional and Global Interests”, held in Balkhash, students Shatay Merey and Samar



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