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Training of specialists at the level

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LifeMed Holding


Our mission: Providing high-quality medical care to the population


The main thing now is to work without slowing down


Early Cancer Diagnosis saves lives


Drop of price in life

The main thing is to faithfully serve the people


We trust the health of the child

We educate professionals


Your health is in safe hand


We work for the benefit of your health


We bring good to people


We are giving the joy of motherhood


With Care & Compassion

There are no trifles in medicine


Your health is in reliable safety


We bring good to people



Polyclinic No. 6 was opened in 1991. Originally it was a clinic for war and labor veterans. The first President Nursultan Nazarbayev expressed his best wishes  at the opening ceremony of the polyclinic.



One of the most important professions in the world is a doctor. After all, these are people who are always ready to help a patient to recover his health.



The first Chief  Physician was Kylysh Nauryzbayev who made a great contribution to the establishment of a polyclinic. Pirzhanova Bakhyt Makhatayevna also successfully managed a polyclinic and enjoyed the well-deserved respect of the population. After overhaul in 2010, the polyclinic has been supplied with medical equipment that meets modern requirements and provides a high level of diagnosis, care and treatment for any disease. The clinic employs over 424 paramedical workers and 87 doctors. The main goal of the clinic is to prevent and treat the diseases and promote a healthy lifestyle. It provides primary health care, including diagnostic services and specialized care. There is also a day hospital with 30 beds. This is the largest Polyclinic in the city and serves around 62,514 people of the assigned population. In total, there are 25 departments, 4 branches (Abai, Karauyltobe, Communism, KBI) and Dosan Medical Center.

Over the past two years, the Polyclinic has implemented a number of digitalization initiatives. The institution is fully provided with broadband internet, the number of computer devices has doubled. Thanks to digitalization, an electronic health passport of city residents attached to the clinic has been developed. One of the latest achievements of the health care organization is IT Telephony. A single Call-center for receiving phone calls from population has been put in practice. In order to facilitate the patient’s appointments to the doctor, terminals for self-appointment have been established.

The staff of the clinic provides highly qualified patient care under the guidance of Zhannat Sheikhslamovna. This is a wonderful team that makes every effort to restore people's health and bring back the joy of life.




Адрес редакции:


Республика Казахстан, 050026, г. Алматы,

ул. Кожамкулова, 16В


Тел.:      +7 (727)233 50 42


Моб.:     +7 702 765 20 00

                  +7 777 276 64 32


e-mail:  novaera01@bk.ru




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