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Zhumasheva Gulnara Khamzovna is a Chief Physician of the Kyzylorda Regional Perinatal Center. About 11 thousand babies are born in the Perinatal Center annually. The doctors of this center provide highly professional medical care to pregnant women, parturient women, puerperas, mainly with the most severe pathology, newborns and gynecological patients.






The institution has introduced modern efficient technologies, a lot of work is being done to improve the quality of provided medical services, to maintain the sanitary & epidemiological regime, to meet modern diagnostic requirements, medical concepts and to acquire medical equipment. It introduced international standards for diagnosis and treatment, there are effective technologies and successful functioning of the Organization within the UNHS System (Unified national health system). Owing to rational effective management, the company has been economically stable and successful for several years in a row.

The center is designed for 350 beds and includes 2 main and 4 auxiliary buildings. In addition, there are various subdivisions of the auxiliary service: clinical, biochemical, bacteriological, enzyme immunoassay laboratories, ultrasound rooms, X-ray, audiometry, psychologist, genetics, ophthalmologist, cardiotocography, electroencephalography, echocardiography, cervical pathology, Central Sterilization Department (CSD), pharmacy of finished dosage forms, pharmacy for the manufacture of dosage forms and epidemiological division. The perinatal center organized a boarding house for the temporary residence of relatives of patients from regions. There is a young mother’s school. In order to promote reproductive health, there are classes on family planning, proper use of contraception and breastfeeding.

The perinatal center implements the state policy in the field of maternal and child health, provides them with qualified medical care and drugs within the guaranteed scope of free medical care.

The center provides assistance for various types of medical activities.

Inpatient care includes obstetrics, anesthesiology, resuscitation, neonatology, gynecology, therapy, physiotherapy;

laboratory diagnostics: clinical, biochemical, bacteriological, ELISA, ultrasound diagnostics; examination of temporary disability; radiodiagnosis;

pharmaceutical activity: work with drugs, the manufacture of dosage forms and release of finished medicines.

There ia an ultrasound screening equipment which provides: detection of congenital malformations in utero; genetic, prenatal, neonatal screenings; prenatal consultation;

invasive prenatal diagnosis: placentocentesis; assistance to sanitation areas; retinopathy, ophthalmodiagnosis, audiometry and dentistry.

The center employs 770 employees, 129 of them are doctors of various specialties and paramedical worker etc. A particular attention is paid to improving staff knowledge and therefore this center's doctors take courses to improve their skills in the near and far abroad. Every year they go to seminars in such countries as Israel, Korea, Australia, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Russia. An internship at one of the well-known clinics in South Korea gave employees the opportunity to gain an invaluable experience in practical activities. The doctor and nurse of the Kyzylorda regional perinatal center were trained in SEVERANS Medical Center, which is the “Clinic number one” of South Korea. Within two weeks, they had been learning from foreign colleagues about new methods of nursing babies born with pathology and extreme low body weight i.e. about five hundred grams. Study abroad became possible thanks to the support of the Kyzylorda Regional Administration, which pays special attention to the issues of maternal and child welfare in the region.

The level of medical services depends on the professionalism of doctors. Doctors need to improve their skills, especially today when nothing stands still and medical technologies are actively developing. Now the doctors of the perinatal center are actively benefiting from their knowledge in their daily duties and share valuable experience with their Kyzylorda Colleagues.

Since 1998, a joint stay of mother and child, as well as pure breastfeeding has been introduced in the maternity hospital, for which the Center has twice been awarded the “Hospital of Child Friendly” Title. According to the results of 2005 and 2011, “The Best Institution of the Year” Title was obtained.

Since 2007, the effective perinatal technologies have been introduced here.

The maternity unit deployed 22 individual delivery rooms that are fully equipped with all necessary medical equipment.

To stabilize the threatening state of the newborn and to provide emergency medical care according to the “Golden Minute Principle”, two stabilization rooms have been created in each unit.

To ensure a continuous monitoring of fetal heartbeat during labor and choose timely delivery management tactics, the only Centralized Central Fetal Cardiotocography Monitoring Station has been established in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The reception room has been brought into compliance with the standards and equipped with all the necessary equipment and medicinal preparations.

An office for primary care to the newborn (resuscitation of the newborn and open resuscitation system) was organized.

There emergency room is equipped with a surgery unit for emergency interventions.

The SOS Medical Information Program has been installed for emergency response. The patient, if he needs help, can call a medical staff by pressing a button on the bracelet.

One of the operating rooms is equipped with a modern advanced product combining the latest global trends both in terms of medicine and information technology which is an Integrated Operating System manufactured by KarlStorz.

A multifiltrate unit has been introduced in the Adult Resuscitation Unit which is MultiFiltrate (Fresenius, Germany). It is designed specifically for high-performance Extracorporal Blood Detoxification Procedures in Intensive Care Units. Its multifunctionality and versatility is necessary in many pathological states.

The regional perinatal center is now effectively using new technological devices to care for premature infants with low birth weight.

The neonatal resuscitation unit has been equipped with a contactless method for collecting a complex solution using a dosing pump and a compounding device (a set of infusion solutions for all patients simultaneously and on single use). A laminar cabinet has been installed to create a dust-free, anti-bacterial air environment when making infusion solutions for newborns. It protects infusion solutions that are located in the operation area from external and cross-contamination, thereby eliminating the transmission of infections to the newborn parenterally.

In 2018, PHOENIX CIC 101 neonatal resuscitation system and the state-of-the-art apparatus i.e. a retinal camera for newborns were acquired. New equipment allows to timely identify and select a treatment for child patients with a serious illness like retinopathy. Such a device is available only in three cities of Kazakhstan: Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Kyzylorda.

The perinatal center runs 195 computers with internet connection. The computers of the departments are connected via a local network to a Statistical Office to transfer the database with KMIS Software in accordance with international standards. Here, for the first time in the region, the Medical Information System “MIS Zhetіsu” was introduced.

Since 2018, the telemedicine apparatus has been commissioned with the support of the regional health administration. It gives an opportunity for patients to obtain telemedicine consultations from qualified doctors in a timely manner, regardless of location and distance of regional and republican medical centers.

All the novelties in medical equipment and business activities made it possible for the Perinatal Center to be accredited and became one of the leading enterprises in Kazakhstan which have obtained Leader of the Year 2017 & Leader of the Year 2018 National Certificates. These awards are a proof of success, reliability, trust from the partners relying on proven assessment methodology and real numbers. And yet, these are new opportunities and advantages for creating safety of services rendered to the patients and significantly improving the quality of medical care.



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