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С заботой о будущем Казахстана



With  care  for  the  future  of  Kazakhstan

Алматинцам презентовали новый объект туризма

В Алматы открыт новый кластер IT-индустрии



Акция «Атамекенім»


«Атамекенім» акциясы



инновационность и высокие стандарты



innovative approach and high standards



Bal Tekstil company – carpet leader of Kazakhstan



Компания «Бал Текстиль» – ковровый лидер Казахстана

СПК «Хамит»:

новатор рыбного производства


Hamit agricultural production cooperative: fish production innovator



Академия UCMAS – откройте гения в своем ребенке!


UCMAS Academy –  make your child genius!



Проблемы инновационного развития Казахстана



Казахстан участвует во Всемирной кампании против рака груди


Международный конгресс «Центрально-Азиатская гастроэнтерологическая неделя-2017»



UCMAS Academy –  make your child genius!



Our country has  goal to make Kazakhstan strong and prosperous, able to compete with other nations. And a bright future of our country hugely depends on a  younger generations.

«Aliar-UCMAS» – an exclusive academy of Mental Arithmetic  in Shymkent, that works under international  UCMAS standards. The academy started operating  in 2013, and since that time  «Aliar» alumnies are the absolute leaders at the Republic and International competitions.








Malaysian professor Dino Wong created methodology of mental calculation UCMAS (Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System) – which is a unique program of mental abilities development for the children 4-14 years. The program based on system of oral calculation. The efficiency of methodology resulted in its rapid spread across the Globe. Today there are about 5000 UCMAS centers in more than 58 countries – Malaysia, Canada, USA, UK, Austria, Spain, Australia, Thailand, China, Middle East. UCMAS was brought to the Book of Records as the most global mental arithmetic academy in the World.






UCMAS Alumnies may boastare able to demonstrate not only mathematical abilities. Mental arithmetic «pumps muscles of brain muscles », and the skill helps dramatically assists children to become significantly successful in many diverse spheres of life: dancing, painting, chess and other types of sports. UCMAS Alumnies successfully study in at the best universities in across the world and will never lose always gain their success as the leadership and desire to achieve the best results will remain with them forever.






UCMAS has international accreditation and is a true member of the following organizations: Association for Childhood Education, USA,


• Association for Childhood Education, США,

• The World Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association,

• Chinese Zhusuan Association,

• Chinese association of mental arithmetic’s,

• National Association for Education of Young Children.


UCMAS launched a social project «Mental arithmetic’s for everybody» in 2016. The program becomes available for all children with special educational needs, such as children with infantile cerebral paralysis, children with poor hearing abilitiesimpairment, poor eyesight and blind children.








UCMAS – is an exclusive program of mental abilities development, intellect, which is based on ancient abacus calculation principles – oral and virtual calculation. Children acquire unique abilities, but this is not all aboutmathematics. Mathematical skill comes like a bonus, and abacus is just a tool like a barbell, which pumps brain, intellect and muscles’ memory.

During studies at UCMAS program students train physical and mental abilities, meanwhile child gets use to the fact that logics and creativity come simultaneously and such type of mindset becomes habitual. UCMAS program is aimed to develop childs’ intellect, his/her memory, thinking; shapes confidence in knowledge and leadership abilities.

In UCMAS system 4-14 year children are not pupils, they are true students, warriors who are taught to strive worthy. Moreover, children are taught such essential modern skills as: time-management, self-organization, proper planning.

Announced program goals are formulated as following: concentration of attention, photographic memory, accuracy and agility, confidence, creative thinking, confidence, listening and attention are being achieved in the following way:


- concentration of attention and agility: at the UCMAS studies children are taught to think quickly and be agile. Each task requires to be highly concentrated and if the a child switches to the any secondary sounds or toys s/ he will instantly lose the learning track. Therefore children compete with each other, completing each task with excitement. The approach fosters “winners' mindset”.


- photographic memory – in at the initial stage children calculate using abacus, at the later stages they are not using abacus and assume digits as pictures. “Flashcard” technique is being applied – children develop their eye memory – quickly remembering pictures.


- success at school studies, confidence, accuracy and agility: it is highly important to foresee upcoming events and to plan for future. At this very direction, children will win by applying skills learnt at UCMAS school. During studies children should give not only correct answers but also think about the next task – to work on foresight Children are expected to work under several tasks simultaneously very accurately, that all requires high level of concentration. Such model of behavior will be transmitted to all future activities, whatever they do, they would be one step beyond.








Kazakhstan – has become the first member of UCMAS family among CIS countries. “UCMAS – Kazakhstan” opened in 2011. In spite of the fact that we’ve opened in all regional centers relatively recently the program revealed its actuality for society. First positive feedbacks about children’s success we’ve received from parents: most of the children showed a better progress at school, especially in mathematics, remember rhymes and foreign words better, retelling also became better.

Children’s progress also confirmed by school teachers. Quite many UCMAS students were winning gained prizes at different competitions; e.g. a seven year-old boy won the first place at the mathematical Olympiad «Umniki&Umnitsy» among the first year schoolchildren, one students became the second runner-up at the international math Olympiad in Bulgaria. Three students continued education at the UCMAS centers in the UAE and two students in the UK.

Parents say that children like demonstrating their incredible skills of speed calculation at home and all the time get their relatives’ applauds for that.

«Aliar-UCMAS» Academy in Shymkent city in addition to mental arithmetic provides other educational programs. Children could be taught trained for early development, school preparation, English, at semi-boarding groups.

General Manager of the Academy – Usenova G.K. is an author of an early development program. The Aaim of the program is a harmonic and comprehensive development of a little person, his/her better adaptation in the world and raise of intellect.





International Academy «Aliar-UCMAS» has developed a unique project to educate mental arithmetic children with special learning abilities. Today children with limited capacity abilities study at the academy and show worthy results.

In 2015, New Delhi (India) International Olympaid students from Aliar Academy became the first runner-ups and won 14 medals. In 2016 at the Kuala-Lumpur competitions (Malaysia) Aliar Academy educatee student Safina Yermetova has became the first runner-up.

In November 2016 Dubai hosted 21 International Mental Arithmetic competition, were where 57 countries participated. There were 4 students from Shymkent out of 68 Kazakhstani representatives. Here are The results of Aliar Academy are as follows: Safina Yermetova – 1 place, Gleb Makridin – first runner-up, Farida Sarybekova and Nurtorezhan Seitzhanov -3 second runner-ups! There were 12 000 gifted students from all over the world. This was the biggest mental arithmetic competition that was ever organized and it entered the Guinness World Book.

Students from UCMAS Academy Daniyar Kurmanbayev, Tokhtarkhan Ilyas, Bakhtiyar Baibusinov, Maksim Sarukhanov, Ali Bayzhigit several times participated in popular TV shows on central television in Russia and Kazakhstan such as: «Pust govoriat» with A. Malakhov, «Muzhskoe and zhenskoe» with A. Gordon, «Udivitelnye lyudi» with A. Gurevich, «Luchshe vseh» with M. Galkin. Maxim Sarukhanov participated at the TV show “Pryamoi Efir” as a special guest on 30 August, “Russia” channel.

Safina Yermetova became the first runner-up at the 9th national mental arithmetic competition in Prince Hamzeh Hall-Al Hussein Youth City-Amman on 25 August 2017 in Amman (Jordan).

This was the final preparatory competition before the XXII International Mental Arithmetic competition in Bali (Indonesia) that will take place on 10 December 2017. There will be participants from 57 countries, 100 students from Kazakhstan and 10 from International “Aliar UCMAS” Academy in particular.








Tutors in at the International  “Aliar UCMAS“ are taught and certified in accordance with UCMAS standards by international moderators. There were 200 applicants for 5 tutor vacancies, so the recruitment process was very tough. Now there are high level professionals who may teach and motivate students, help to understand and structure psychological level of a child.



Irina ALEX,

Evgeniya SCALEY




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