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Мы – за здоровое будущее, за здоровую нацию!

Здоровье  населения – главное  богатство  страны


Treat the patient, not the disease



The City Children's Hospital No.1 celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2016. This is one of the city's leading medical institutions with its own history and traditions which guards the health of our children and is ready to help them at any time. Nurzhanov Rayymbek Bestaevich the head physician proudly talks about the hospital's business and its staff.







Hospital's mission is to contribute to the restoration of children's health and quality of their lives through highly professional medical care driven by best practices and innovative technologies. To be the best in its expertise is the goal of the hospital's team, whose main principles are charity, professionalism, responsibility, teamwork, loyalty to traditions and commitment to innovation.

In the distant 1926 there was a difficult epidemiological situation in Aulie-Ata Town (now Taraz), an increase in childhood infections was recorded, namely typhus and smallpox. In such a difficult period, A.M. Yashkov the first head of the hospital had not only to accept young patients, but also to organize the new pediatric doctor’s consultation office and to open the Pasteur's office and to ensure vaccination and immunization among children. Eight years later, due to the fact that Aulie-ata became a regional center, the doctor's consultation office turned into a city children's hospital with 60 beds. Over time, a laboratory, pathoanatomical and radiological rooms and rheumatology department appeared in the hospital; in 1969 the current hospital building was put into operation, which made it possible to open neurological and neonatal units.

By 1990, the inpatient treatment facilty increased from 150 to 400 beds and the clinic deployed 40 pediatric sites. Later, during the transitional period, the hospital, like the entire health care system of Kazakhstan experienced reorganization and optimization processes, which led to an unjustified reduction in the number of beds down to 240 and destruction of the polyclinic that took shape for decades.

Since 2013, the hospital has been located a new standardized building with 200 beds. The hospital uses two buildings. It is a modern clinic with a reliable material and technical facilities, comfortable living environment and highly qualified specialists who are ready to render emergency, planned, medical, diagnostic and rehabilitation assistance at a high level to town and regional children from 0 to 18 years old with a wide range of nosological forms. More than 7 thousand patients are treated annually. Among them, children under the age of about one year old make up 50.0%, rural residents are 28.7%, and 70% of children are admitted on an emergency basis; 99% of patients are discharged with recovered and improved health.




There are 13 departments in the hospital, while eight of them are clinical ones: Neonatal Pathology Department, Young Children’s Pathology Department, Pulmonary Department, Cardio-Rheumatology Department, Neurological Department, Resuscitation and Anesthesiology Department, Rehabilitation Department and Day Hospital Department. There are also auxiliary departments: Clinical Laboratory, Bacteriological Laboratory, Radiology Diagnostics Department, MRI Examination Room, Ultrasound Scan Room and Consultative-Diagnostic Department.

Six out of eight clinical units of the hospital, namely the Neonatal Pathology Department, Cardio-Rheumatology Department, Young Children's Pathology Department, Neurology Department, Pulmonology Department, Rehabilitation of Neurological Sick Children Department are monopolists in the field of specialized care for children in Zhambyl Region. Given the existing profile of hospital’s beds, the patients with such diseases as children's bronchopulmonary diseases, neonatal period diseases, neurological diseases, cardio-rheumatological diseases and other somatic diseases of childhood age are treated.

The hospital attaches great importance to the rehabilitation of neurological patients and disabled children who are treated in the rehabilitation department. The department has great opportunities for rehabilitation. The main objective of the department is to ensure the maximum possible restoration of functions, prevent complications and chronicity of pathology and restore the child’s vital activity. For this purpose, there are three specialized therapeutic exercise rooms equipped with simulators, including HP Cosmos Device, Atlant Suits and other expedient means, massage and physiotherapy rooms, Montessori room, Sensory room, hydrokinesiotherapy room and isotherapy room where there are qualified specialists like neuropathologist, speech therapist, psychologist, teacher in occupational therapy and instructor of exercise physiologist. The hospital has highly specialized staff. The team includes a candidate of medical sciences and ten excellent health workers from the Republic of Kazakhstan, while 71% of doctors and 71% of nursing staff have a qualification grade. The key objective of the hospital is a continuous professional development. During 2018, 17 doctors and 23 nurses underwent advanced training and 2 doctors were trained abroad (Israel, Russia). It is very important that the Hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment. Today it is 96.6% as compared with 2017 (96.0%).





 The following equipment is there like magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray computer apparatus, 12-channel electrocardiograph, spirograph and doppler ultrasound for the diagnosis and treatment of patients and electroencephalograph and videooscopic device for surgical intervention. The intensive care unit is equipped with new respiratory mechanical artificial lung ventilation, incubation apparatus, monitors, perfusors and portable device for hemosorption of the neonatal pathology department and phototherapy devices have been purchased in sufficient quantities. The necessary medical and office equipment has been purchased for the Hospital.

The Hospital has the Patient Support & Internal Audit Department.

For 2018, the total number of applications received by Patient Support & Internal Audit Department was 42. All requests have been reviewed at the level of the chief physician, deputy chief physician and expert physician whereby specific decisions have been taken. In the future, we are going to equip the children's neurological rehabilitation department with modern rehabilitation equipment.

 “Treat the patient, not the disease” is the motto of our team, which makes every effort to restore health and return the joy of full life to young patients and their parents. Every day doctors deservedly hear the words of gratitude for their hard noble work. They understand, however, that they have to work tirelessly to improve the quality of medical services, safety and comfort of visitors. The hospital's management and staff direct their efforts for the benefit of a patient and the nation's prosperity.




Адрес редакции:


Республика Казахстан, 050026, г. Алматы,

ул. Кожамкулова, 16В


Тел.:      +7 (727)233 50 42


Моб.:     +7 702 765 20 00

                  +7 777 276 64 32


e-mail:  novaera01@bk.ru




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