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Abdusametov Zhaksylyk Abіlkasymuly Chief Physician of the Unitary Enterprise based on  the Right of Economic Management “Shieli District Hospital with outpatient polyclinic Divisions.” The history of the Shiely Interdistrict Hospital begins with distant pre-revolutionary times. A small medical facility has been opened to assist local people in Turkestan, Zhulek district. In 1910, the first hospital with 15 beds was opened pursuant a decree of the Turkestan General-governor in Skobelevsky District (Today Shiely). The business structure of the hospital included a Surgical Unit, Dentist’s Office and Pharmacy Department. The Hospital also provided assistance to the population in an outpatient mode. In the 40s, the district opened a course for the training of nurses at the Red Cross, First X-ray Room and Office of Female Consultation Center. During this period, the number of hospital beds reached 70. The volume of medical care provided has expanded, new departments have opened, the number of medical workers has increased, including doctors of all specialties.






The Shiely regional hospital has become not only a medical institution that provides qualified medical care, but also a breeding ground of personnel that are famous in the district, region and the Republic.

Today, the hospital consists of a 250-bed in-patient department, District Polyclinic, 20 Outpatient Clinics, Primary Health Care Center, 3 Medical & Obstetric Centers and  13 Medical Stations. Residents of the district can enjoy hospital treatment in the surgical, medical, pediatric, infectious, maternity and rehabilitation departments of the hospital. In addition, there are interdistrict departments of pediatric surgery and psycho-neurology departments for residents of Shiely and Zhanakorgan districts.

“Kazakhstan-2030” Strategic Program states: “The protection of maternal and child health should be in the main focus of our state, health authorities and the public. The quality of medical services is an essential component of the social well-being of the population.”

To accomplish these objectives, a systematic work is being carried out at the Shiely Interdistrict Hospital, including the training and retraining of medical personnel.

At the same time, advanced training is mandatory for all staff, both for doctors and nurses, medical assistants and other categories of employees. Various methods of organizing advanced training of medical workers, including distance learning are applied.

The company employs 168 doctors and 732 medical workers with secondary special education that have various qualification categories. KZT 24,772,300.0 is planned for staff training for 2019. It is also planned to train doctors abroad (Finland, Poland, Tatarstan, Georgia). Currently, Kazakhstan has implemented all the nursing level of nursing education from the junior staff nurse to the master of nursing sciences. In this respect, a great deal of work is being done at the hospital to improve the image and prestige of nurses, retraining, advanced training and master classes.

The hospital is constantly operating on the basis of regular medical check-up. At the beginning of the year 15,306 patients were recorded for “D” Check-up. In 2018, the coverage of check-up patients in the dispensary was 96.0%, 2,843 people were treated in the hospital, among them 2594 – 91.0% received planned treatment.

The clinic has a day hospital for 188 beds with departments for patients of different profiles. Screening surveys of the attached population are constantly carried out. As part of the guaranteed scope of free medical care, patients are continuously provided with free-of-charge outpatient medications. The number of such public services as registration in a medical organization, making an appointment with a doctor, calling a doctor at home is going to be increased through the e-government portal up to 50%.

The Shieli Inter-District Hospital, like many others, determines its strategic plans for the next year. The actions plan include such important points as the priority development of primary health care, performance of Densaulyk State Program Indicators, achievement of target indicators on digitalization, public services in electronic form, advanced qualifications of medical workers and increasing the quality of medical care to improve the health of mothers and children, preventing infant, perinatal, maternal mortality, improving the quality of screening among target groups of the population and introducing project management.

In order to ensure joint responsibility for the health of the patient and the management of chronic non-communicable diseases, within the framework of Densaulyk State Health Development Program for 2016-2019, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan is working to strengthen primary health care with the introduction of Disease Management Programs (DMPs) based on evidence-based medicine. The DMPs are dictated by the need for major changes in the prevention and control of chronic non-communicable diseases as well as in increasing the patient’s shared responsibility for their health, improving the interaction of medical personnel and using all available resources to prevent possible complications or worsening of health. The Disease Management Program is a program aimed at reducing the costs of healthcare and improving the quality of life of people with chronic diseases by preventing or minimizing the effects of the disease with the help of integrated care. It is also a system of coordinated medical interventions and communications for certain groups of patients with conditions where self-help efforts can be made. This program enables individuals, along with other health care providers, to manage their illness and prevent complications.

Currently, 3 programs for the Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases Management have been introduced in the district: diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension and chronic cardiovascular insufficiency. Furthermore, in order to improve home visitations at the Primary Health Care Level (PHC), an effective model of nursing care has been introduced. This model is designed in accordance with the methodological recommendations of UNICEF and aimed at developing the professional skills of nurses, general practitioners, social workers and psychologists with nursing care.




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