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Национальный  бренд «Алматы  Жидек»


Almaty Zhidek the National Brand



Польский национальный стенд на выставке AgroWorld Kazakhstan


Марала Томпиева наградили почетным знаком «За особый вклад в развитие цементной промышленности»



Участники казахстанского делового совета ознакомились с работой ТОО «Радуга»


Казахстанские и зарубежные эксперты обсудили лучшие практики безопасности пищевых продуктов


Итоги и перспективы развития Енбекшиказахского района

Наше преимущество в качестве материалов


Всё для процветания родного края


Проект «Бастау» – старт для воплощения мечты

Секреты виноделия

Саморазвитие личности важно для развития бизнеса

Наша цель – высокий уровень профессионализма


Технология, позволяющая  защищать окружающую среду


Мой  девиз – забота  о  человеке


В Алматы открылся первый флагманский  мультитопливный автозаправочный комплекс нового формата



МЧС РК. Бауржан Искаков у истоков создания


Чингиз Айтматов: «Больше переводить, больше издавать, больше читать друг друга»


Союзу художников РК – 85 лет


Фестиваль  «День культуры Японии»



Global Carrier Award впервые вручена казахстанскому мобильному оператору


The Technology to protect the environment




In the beginning of September 2018, Satbayev Ryskeldy Akhmetkalievich the Mayor of the Talgarsky district visited the KAZPRIME Group. He got acquainted with the unique technology for the production of rubber tiles from recycled automobile tires. This technology allows you to protect the environment and save resources. Pogodayev Ruslan  Vladimirovich the General Director of KAZPRIME Group tells about the characteristics and application of tiles.







The rubber paving slabs deserved the popularity owing to a number of the indisputable advantages. Thanks to optimally selected components that are used for the manufacture of rubber tiles which is a multi-colored rubber granulite, it combines seemingly incompatible parameters: strength and elasticity, environmental friendliness and durability, safety and accessibility. The athletes of the national team were the first to enjoy the advantages of such tiles (imported at that time). No one else managed to get a rubber tile due to the high price. But time does not stand still, and progress in the production of road construction materials has reached the paving slabs.

The main raw material for the production of such tiles are fractions of crumb rubber. It is considered to be a product of the processing of used automobile tires. Among all known types, the automotive tires represent the most durable and strongest raw materials. High quality raw materials are used in manufacturing: natural rubber, synthetic, and also emollient oil and other necessary fillers. This is because the tires from the car in action must confidently withstand a long and heavy load. In addition to that, tires have properties such as resistance to acids and alkalis, excellent elasticity, flexural strength, and tensile strength.

The first stage of production is considered to be the formation of the initial mixture, which consists of an adhesive composition made on a polyurethane basis and rubber crumb, as well as non-toxic coloring pigments. The substance is mixed with a special mixer until a homogeneous mass is obtained, and then it is passed to the molding.

You can make raw materials using several methods. Using the technology of vibratory casting, it is necessary to pour the forms with the prepared mixture, which are located on the table that vibrates. Then it should be kept at a certain temperature for several days. The flooring becomes beautiful with a smooth and glossy surface.

To get a loose surface, it is necessary to apply the option of vibro-pressing. The covering results to be of a great density and elasticity. It is used to lay the sidewalks.







Where can I use rubber crumb tile?


Where can I use rubber crumb tile?  The paving slabs which are made from rubber are considered as a universal floor covering. Due to its properties, it is can be perfectly designed both a small-sized walkway and the whole site, which are located near a country house.

Sport sites as well as playgrounds became popular. Having sufficient indicators of wear resistance, as well as a soft surface, it can be laid exactly in places where children spend a lot of time. Rubber product are the most convenient option to avoid injury.

Rubber crumb tile is useful as a laying material for garden paths. When applying it, it is not necessary to sprinkle sand on the joints between the tiles at the final stage. It has been established that when using this technology in the inter-tile joints ants do not appear. In addition, the porosity of the rubber tile improves the conditions of oxygen exchange for the roots of fruit trees: they grow faster and begin to bear fruit earlier.

Such tile is considered irreplaceable for arranging the sites, located near a reservoir, pool or other places with high humidity. The surface is able to pass water and serves like a miniature drainage, because there will not be puddles on the surface. This material is often laid the floor in the garage, and in some cases it serves as a floor covering in the room where pets live.

Today you can see such tiles in offices, various public places, in the halls, where you play sports or where different sections are held.




Laying methods


Tiles are laid in two ways: on a solid foundation as well as on the ground. The first option is to

The first option is to mount it on a solid foundation. For such an option a suitable material from rubber would be useful. The track can be placed on a concrete screed, wood flooring or asphalt pavement. You can make a tiled path on a terrace made of wood or asphalt base. But the foundation must be even without flaws and deformation. The surface of the site must be treated with a special primer or make a mixture of polyurethane glue and add acetone in equal proportions and process the base.

If there is a concrete screed and it is not perfectly flat, and there are cracks on the surface or peeling does not need to be dispersed. The entire area must be treated with a primer. According to the technology, a slight slope should be made for dewatering. The mounted material must be dry and, of course, clean. After processing the surface with a primer, the tile should be attached directly to it with polyurethane glue. To this end the paint roller or spatula, can be used to apply glue to the substrate and press the segment tightly. It is important to ensure maximum contact between the section and the base, as well as to the tiles that are nearby. Once the track is frozen, it can be put into operation.

Products come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose the option that assures the connection using special bushings, it is easier and more practical. To make a track quickly, you can use a special kind of material - ReziPlit. Tiles are just fit where they are intended, and the connection is unusual. Color paint is used to paint all the joints. At the same time, the appearance of the track is greatly enlivened. In addition, this material has excellent orthopedic, as well as soundproofing properties, and this represents another advantage.

The second option is the installation directly on the ground. Products of greater thickness shall be used for this method. But the foundation must first be prepared. First you need to remove the top layer of sod, remove the weeds, and then compact thoroughly. Lay out a layer of crushed stone on this rammed area, and then add the cement-sand mixture at a rate of 1:3. This layer will serve as the basis for laying tile fragments. Before putting the tiles, mount a curb to give strength and beautiful appearance to the whole structure. When laying it on the ground, the slope is not required, because the water will be drained naturally.

It is necessary to lay a tile on the cement layer, which will be joined with special bushings. Most often they come bundled. They are designed to strengthen and match the tile and to prevent it from moving during installation, and even after its commissioning. Pour water on the top to strengthen the structure. Using bright products from several colors, the sidewalks will look very beautiful.

Today, KAZPRIME Group is the largest manufacturer of rubber tiles in Kazakhstan. We can produce up to 300 sq. m. finished products per day. The production is located in Almaty, while the products are supplied throughout Kazakhstan.


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