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Здравоохранение на страже здоровья


Все лучшее в медицине – во благо здоровья детей


Наша цель – быть лучшим в своем деле


Главное – чуткое и бережное отношение к людям


Мы дарим людям жизнь

С заботой о здоровье

Пациент в центре внимания


Мы заботимся о вашем здоровье


Лечи больного, а не болезнь


Наша забота о вашем здоровье


Ежедневная забота о здоровье людей

Здоровое население – наша забота

Собаки знают все, вернее чувствуют

Мы – за здоровое будущее, за здоровую нацию!

Здоровье  населения – главное  богатство  страны


The main thing is to be empathetic and respectful to people


The center was commissioned in 1986 as the City Maternity Hospital No. 2. The status of the Regional Perinatal Center was obtained in 1996. In 2015 the Regional Perinatal Center moved to a new building located in the western part of Taraz in an area of 4 hectares. Since 2016, the organization has been headed by Aytbayeva Aigul Kaldybayevna an Excellent Public Health Professional, the Highest Category Health Manager who told us about her team.







Our society has a clear understanding that mother & child is the category of the population that needs special support and care. The Country's future, demographic status, and efficient human resources imminently rely on it.

For 10 years, in accordance with the recommendations of the WHO, the criteria for live birth have been introduced in Kazakhstan: childbirth with a gestation period of 22 weeks, and a newborn of 500 grams weight are considered valid. This is primarily related to the policy of our state, which is proactively protecting motherhood and childhood. And in this regard, it is necessary to note our perinatal center.

Since the first day of opening, the Center's main doctors were: R.A. Schumacher (1986-1990), K.K. Nauryzbayeva (1990-2008), G.A. Baizatova (2008-2015). The Perinatal Center is an accredited 3rd level health care institution of perinatal care which provides organizational and methodological guidance in Zhambyl Region rendering qualified, specialized medical care for pregnant women, parturients and newborns.

Located in a new standardized building that meets international standards, the institution provides inpatient and consultative ambulatory care for women and children at successive stages: preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, neonatal period and early childhood.

More than twelve thousand women and children in the perinatal center can enjoy assistance every year. The Center’s capacity is designed for 250 beds; this allows us to give more than six thousand pathological births per year and treat about two thousand newborns with pathology. Outpatient care is provided in a separate unit detached from the hospital. Here, the female population with absolute contraindications to pregnancy and women of high-risk group can enjoy an affordable and high-quality medical care organized throughout the Zhambyl Region.

Medico-genetic counseling on biochemical and ultrasound screening is carried out in order to identify the defects of the intrauterine fetus at specially defined periods of pregnancy. The perinatal center has an expert class ultrasound apparatus which is one-and-only model in the Region, which allows doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis.

The Center's doctors have the required skills to operate the electronic medical equipment and travel to the districts to provide a practical help. Our specialists have been trained in Israel, Lithuania, Russia and successfully share knowledge and skills with colleagues not only in the Zhambyl Region, but also in other regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A lot of work is being done to introduce advanced technologies: for the first time in the obstetric practice of the Southern Region, an organ-sparing operation has been introduced, which is metroplasty at placenta increment, reinfusion of blood using the Autolog apparatus during surgical interventions that imply massive blood loss. Gynecological Department performs all types of abdominal, plastic and laparoscopic operations. Each ward provides a patient with the Emergency Call Buttons in case if they urgently need to see a doctor. The material and technical equipment of the Center’s Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory complies with international standards; there are general clinical unit, biochemical unit, hematological unit, enzyme immunoassay unit, cytological unit and serological department. In accordance with modern requirements, the Hospital gradually switches to the electronic format of medical records.

The intensive period of neonatology development in Zhambyl Region began in 2008. Neonatal and surgical care for newborns was organized and new medical technologies were introduced.

We revised the entire system of newborns assistance and rebuilt it anew. Within the premises of the new regional perinatal center, a neonatal unit consisting of 21 resuscitation beds and a neonatal pathology unit with an intensive care unit with 37 beds was arranged.







As part of the neonatology development program, the indications and transportation conditions for newborns with pathologies were developed; teams of specialists were organized; equipment was purchased and training seminars on primary neonatal resuscitation for neonatologists, obstetricians-gynecologists, midwives and nurses of the Zhambyl Region were organized; round-the-clock neonatologists were arranged in maternity hospitals; pediatricians were assigned to maternity wards of the regional districts. In their medical practice, doctors avoid polypragmasia and overdiagnosis. Particular attention has been paid to the care of newborns after surgery.

At the same time, the WHO launched initiatives on the Efficient Perinatal Technologies in the Region. From that moment onwards, all obstetric institutions and branches of the region work according to these principles. The program gave noticeable results: neonatal mortality in the region decreased by 3 times.

The survival rate of newborns with regard to birth weight and gestational age improves each year. This is a great merit of not only neonatologists, but also neonatal nurses. Thanks to the possibility of improving the ratio of nurse per patient it is now in the ratio of 1:2 and 1:3, whereby care for a sick newborn has improved.

Since 2012, neonatal surgery has been transferred to the facilities of the Regional Perinatal Center, equipment has been purchased, the neonatal care unit has been developed and resuscitation & surgeon care for newborns have been improved accordingly. The Perinatal Center organized a post of 3 beds for surgical pathology newborns. The experience of surgeons and new newborns nursing technologies reduced mortality after surgical operations down to 12-18% while postoperative survival reached 88%.

Currently, an audiological screening is functioning in the region for the early findings of hearing impairment in children. Regional institutions have been equipped with Otoacoustic Emission Devices, which conduct the primary stage of audiological screening. This procedure should be carried out in the first 3-6 months of a child's life. If necessary, a child is transferred to the audiology center of the Region.

Babies discharged from the perinatal center are transferred to the general pediatric network. These babies, however, require special monitoring, periodic hospitalization and rehabilitation therapy, and, if necessary, they should enjoy special treatment or monitoring in the follow-up offices within Zhambyl Regional Perinatal Center.

The regional neonatal service has ambitions goals and prospects including improving the care of premature babies and enhanced developing of surgical care, developing neurosurgical service and arranging the newborns rehabilitation.

In 2018, the Educational & Clinical Center was opened within Zhambyl Regional Perinatal Center. The objectives and goals of the training center are to conduct training of neonatologists, neonatal nurses, midwives and obstetrician-gynecologists with new healthcare technologies in real-life practice. In order to improve the quality of resuscitation care, the Region provides trainings on primary resuscitation of newborns with asphyxiation using special kits. The trainings envisage theory and practice in emergency care technologies for newborns. There have been obstetrician-gynecologists courses to improve and upgrade surgery skills.

Our obstetrician-gynecologists and neonatologists provide advisory and transportation assistance through Air Medical Service, where local doctors can get advice on the treatment of pregnant women and newborns with severe pathologies. In more complex cases, a team of advisory and transportation specialists uses an ambulance car to provide on-site assistance or to transport women and newborns to the hospital.

A sensitive and careful attitude to people, teamwork, qualified medical personnel and patriotism are priorities for our team. Thanks to this, we are confidently taking steps towards fulfilling our mission: “Ensuring patients' rights in maternal and child health care by providing quality medical services.”




Адрес редакции:


Республика Казахстан, 050026, г. Алматы,

ул. Кожамкулова, 16В


Тел.:      +7 (727)233 50 42


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                  +7 777 276 64 32


e-mail:  novaera01@bk.ru




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