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The demand for physician cytologist

in Kazakhstan


Early diagnostics of cancer is based on the detection of malignant transformation at the cellular level, which is fundamental to the method of Clinical Cytology. The use of clinical cytology is effective not only in the diagnostics of cancer and verifications morphological diagnosis, but is also required during screening the population of Kazakhstan.





Experience of cytology laboratories showed high efficiency and the great promise of this method. The work was carried out based on a normative documentorder of the MoH No. 509 «On the improvement of cytological services in the Republic of Kazakhstan» dated 29 December 1993, which defines the following items:


1. Include the cytologist doctor (cytopathologist) in the list of the nomenclature of medical specialties.


2. Expand training in clinical cytology through residency, internship in accordance with the prospective needs.


3. Provide training for cytologists (cytopathologists) and cytotechnicians for clinical cytology at the Departments of Pathological Anatomy at medical universities.


4. Consider creating the Department of Clinical Cytology in Almaty state medical refresher institute (ASMRI).


5. Constantly conduct specialization and training of cytotechnicians at the Republican School for training nursing staff.


6. Appoint the position of chief freelance cytologists of provincial, district, city health departments, and make them hold organizational management of cytology laboratories.



According to this order, the position of chief staff cytologist of the Ministry of Health has been entrusted to Professor A.I. Shibanova.

Together with the MoH of the RK the chief staff cytologist managed to create a coherent centralized cytology service in all areas of the country. Cytology specialists for all regions have  been trained by organizing national, regional, district conferences and seminars, as well as through the issuance of guidelines on organization and early cytological diagnostics of cancer pathology by major sites. In addition, in Kazakhstan visiting checkups of population have been systematically carried out to identify cancer pathology by PAP method.

Due to some circumstances, not all proposals in this document have been implemented and remain on the enthusiasm of cytologists and the Association of clinical cytologists of the RK.

So far no enterprise for training cytologists has been founded, no nomenclature as cytologist doctor has been applied. Nevertheless, cytological diagnostics is a key to screening diagnostics of cancer pathology of the cervix, gastrointestinal tract, liver, breast, prostate, and other sites.

Lack of trained specilists in clinical cytology affects the quality of screening for cancer pathology of the population and the requirements of the State Programme for the Development of Health «Salamatty Kazakhstan».




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Under Public - Private Partnership the Central cytological laboratory (CCL) for training of the specialists and the introduction of new technologies in Kazakhstan has been founded at «Wellness Center of Massimov» LLP in recent years. Along with this, willingness to cooperate in the development of a quality management system in Kazakhstan laboratory study has been shown, and suggestions have been made to the MoH of the RK and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the establishment of the Republican Reference Laboratory on Cytologic Diagnostics of cancer with a declaration in the nomenclature of the list of specialties of a cytologist, chief staff cytologist, and training in clinical cytology at «Wellness Center of Massimov» LLP.

These suggestions will help to improve the efficiency and quality performance of population screening of oncologic pathologies within the State Program «Salamatty Kazakhstan».



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