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The coryphaeus of

Kazakhstan dentistry

We have been privileged to have the opportunity to meet an amazing person. Maksut Abuovich TEMIRBAYEV, a prominent scholar, Member of the International Academy of Dentists, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, is rightfully and justly considered the coryphaeus of dentistry in our country.

Future doctors study on the text-books he wrote, his methods are widely used in practice.

The hero of our column is notable not only for his highly professional work, but also for his diverse and interesting life, which bumped him up against greater difficulties, hardened his mental character, tested his stamina to the limit, threw him various challenges he’s been meeting successfully up to now.







– Maksut Abuovich, what was a key factor determining your career choice?



– We meet a lot of accidental things in our lives, which, if philosophy is anything to go by, are by no means accidental. This is the hand of God.

I was born in a village, and normally should have become an agronomist, veterinarian or farm machinery operator. In 1962 when I graduated from high school, all my schoolmates dreamed of becoming space travellers and pilots as the first flight of Yuri Gagarin into the outer space had happened only a while ago. The same year Admission Board of Almaty Medical Institute came to Kostanai. At first I had a burning desire to become a surgeon, and then the members of the Admission Board, in the truest sense of the word, persuaded me to apply to a newly established and very interesting Department of Dentistry. This was a crucial moment.  I have one quality – never go past the opportunities, hints, and tips dropped accidentally. This quality is also called the sixth sense, which, alas, not every person gives ear to.

I passed all exams with excellent marks and came back to my village, where sometime after I received a letter of acceptance informing me that I should go to Alma-Ata.

 I was a straight-A student, monitor of the group, and then Komsomol Leader of the course. After graduation I was eager to come back come, to the steppe, to help parents, but I was almost forced to stay in the Clinical Residency at the Department of Prosthodontics. My father said, “Stay where you are much accounted of, you are free and should shape your own destiny”.


Sometime after, at the age of 23, Mr.Temirbayev was appointed Head of Prosthodontics Department of the Republican Dental Outpatient Clinic.

Fortune favoured Maksut Temirbayev introducing him to prominent and famous teachers. One of them, Kozhakhan Shakenov, the first Dean of the Department of Dentistry at ASMI, the former name of today’s Kazakh National Medical University, played a key role in the future destiny of the recent graduate. Constructive and friendly contacts with the distinguished academic immunologist N.D. Beklemishev enabled him to penetrate into the mysteries of the human body. For the prosthodontist, gaining insight into the immune defence was a kind of aerobatic maneuver in science. Fewer than all could get into this topic, which remains a live issue today.

But when Maksut Temirbayev was just starting, medicine, and dentistry in particular, was not as popular as it is today. That is why the young professional started his preparation for entry to the postgraduate training program on the insistence of his Dean K.Shakenov.


– I wrote a paper and sent it to Leningrad. Imagine my disappointment when I, a straight-A student and holder of diploma magna cum laude, got a third for my work; however I got my invitation to pass the exam. Enrolment competition was very intense, fellow post-graduate students of the 3rd year told me that I have a very slim possibility to enter, as this place was intended for a near residency graduate from Karaganda. It was a challenge. I crammed up all existing materials of Leningrad School. I came for the exam and for 2 hours they made me run over the most complicated problems. Dispute ran high – whether to take me or not (as I realized it was supposed to fail me). And again I got a third. I felt stressed, lost 10 kg and came back to Alma-Ata a squeezed orange. But I won this admission!

The highest praise for me were the words of my immediate boss, Leningrad-wide known orthodontist, Associate Professor Eva Davidovna Volovaya, who said, «Your head is just what the doctor ordered and your hands are not all thumbs».

I defended the thesis ahead of time. Before my leaving for Almaty, Professor B.K. Kostur confessed and said – we wished to fail you and not let you in, forgive us, purify us from our sins. After these words an unspeakable feeling of gratitude descended upon me and this touching moment remained in my memory and heart for ever. We did not tear away: we visited each other, met at the congresses for dentists, kept our friendship. I learned a good lesson – any difficulties are useful, they are not accidental, they make us stronger. It was a very good school both in terms of education and human aspect.


It was a creative school for the young scientist.

– Leningrad is one of the world cultural centres. Museum city and city of museums. I was happy and lucky to be there. I visited the State Hermitage Museum, the Russian Museum on week-ends. I believe Leningrad – a capital of arts – left a mark on my activities.

Maksut Temirbayev even worked as a life model, posed in the Leningrad Academy of Arts to currently known sculptor M.O. Ainekov. Watching the artists working, he thought of how to mould unromantic dentist profession into poetry.


Maksut Temirbayev defended his doctor’s thesis in Moscow. President of the Academy of Sciences, Laureate of the Lenin Prize, Academician Murat Abenovich Aitkhozhin assisted the talented doctor with this thesis, which became a landmark work and still remains a live issue. Face-to-face interaction with a brilliant scientist who worked in the field of molecular biology, good fellowship with him much later prompted the searching physician to do deep research and study the local immunity of the oral cavity.

In 1984 Temirbayev was appointed Dean of the Surgery Department of the Extension Course Institute for Medical Practitioners.

– Give lectures to students is one thing, and give lectures to doctors is entirely different. It was an enormous load requiring a good deal of time and effort. Working there, I got invaluable experience, as doctors from all over the world came to us!

Being a mature professional, he won the scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and completed the training course in the famous University of Tübingen in in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.








Professor Temirbayev reflects on the concept of freedom as a medical man, doctor.

– People often think, well, what is a dentist, no difficulty about his work – just take a tooth and replace it as a plumber replaces a tube. It sounds so oversimplified and crude!

A doctor hones a skill during a certain period of his life, and then skills so acquired are trained to reach automatism – as if they are congenital. There was a time when each of us learned how to speak, thus gaining the freedom to communicate. Losing automatic functions and skills, a person becomes sick. For example, broken leg results in loss of one degree of freedom forcing to use crutches. It is just the same with the lost teeth. The more degrees of freedom a person has, the healthier he is. I like the expression of now unpopular Karl Marx «Illness is constrained life». Do you know how does it feel to live with a sore tooth unable to work, create or build? Therefore the mission of a dentist, and indeed any other doctor, is to give freedom to a human being.




#2 (14) 2016






Since the dawn of Kazakhstan independence Professor Temirbayev has been concerned with inherited from the Soviet Union backwardness of domestic medicine as compared to the latest therapeutic methods, shortage and lack of the latest devices and equipment. To bridge this gap, Maksut Abuovich, together with his associates, founded the Kazakh Dental Association (KDA). Being its first President, he established international links with dentists all over the world, participated in numerous international congresses for dentists.

In 2003, when there arose a need to organize the Department of Dentistry in Astana and teach special disciplines, university authorities invited Professor Temirbayev to the Kazakh State Medical Academy. In the capital Maksut Abuovich headed the Joint Dentistry Chair, organised teaching and clinical base for dental disciplines and subsequently dental deanery.

– There is a gap in medical education in our country. And I would like to enable young people to get excellent fundamental education in the home country. We need to prepare masters, build the higher school. No matter how loud it sounds, but human progress is associated with the knowledge only.

I like the words of Olzhas Suleimenov about Mukhtar Auezov «He broke through the anthracite darkness of ignorance with his knowledge». There are people who look millenniums ahead. But they are not frequently met. We need to prepare a generation of enlightened people; we need not wait geniuses to be gifted by the nature; we should share our experience with the youth and set fire into them. Now the society has mercantile interests, I think it’s not quite normal. There should be Danko among us who think not about himself, but about people. My optimism enabled me to drop everything in Almaty and leave for the capital to start the school from scratch.

Maksut Abuovich is the author of the original methods of treatment and prosthetics in case of partially or completely edentulous jaw, author of 15RFVO7 scientific works, 21 patents and inventions, and 37 improvement suggestion. The important thing is that treatment methods developed by him are used day-to-day and found wide application in the dental practice.






As a sculptor has own workshop, Maksut Temirbayev created his clinic to create in the field of dentistry.

Tightly-welded team of professionals was built in Almagest Dental Centre under the supervision of Professor; it includes dentists, dental technicians and dental assistants who are entirely enthused about the things they do. Our specialists render highly-qualified care in all fields of modern dentistry using the latest developments, state-of-the-art equipment and materials by Bego, ESPE, KAVO, Friadent, Degussa, Trophy, Bredent, Bisco, 3M, Detax, Kettenbach, etc. using the complex approach to each patient.

– In the Clinic I can introduce innovations, create, and reflect on professional issues. But I’m not working with a piece of marble, granite, stone, or clay. Every patient needs personal touch.




– Why Almagest? What does the name of out Clinic mean?


– Almagest (Latin: Almagest, Arabic: , يطسجملا باتكلا al-kitabu-l-mijisti – great composition) is a classical work of Claudius Ptolemy appeared near the year 140 and including a full range of astronomical knowledge of Greece and Middle East at the time. Full name – The Greatest Mathematical Composition in Astronomy in 13 books or briefly – Megale Syntaxis (Greek: Megale – the greatest), which was transformed by the Arabs who told this to Europe in Almagest. The name of the Clinic has a spiritual significance – building of health, living base.




– What is a distinguishing difference of your Clinic?


– Our mission – through studying and reviewing all innovations, introduce them into practice and improve health of our patients.

Intellectual wealth we accumulated, continuous improvement and aspiration for innovations may very well be among our main accomplishments.

In any field there should be top-of-the-line professionals, masters, fans who have serious education under belt. Our doctors are scientists, true enthusiasts of their work; they do not stand still, but continuously improve their professional level and evolve.




– Do you feel personnel lack?


The Clinic staff is replenished on a continuous basis, but there is no labour turnover. No one leave for no reason, there are always objective reasons. People have been working with me for 20, 30 years already. We are not mere colleagues, we are close friends. Many of my students continue their study abroad and it is time when they can teach me something. I am very happy and proud of the fact that students become better than the teacher.





– What guarantees do you give to you clients?


– All our services are rendered with the quality guarantee. The Clinic guarantees 100% recovery of masticatory functions plus impeccable aesthetics. Ability to keep up health is a science and prevention is not a commonplace. Flesh it out and it will become a major principle of our work.

Sometimes patients say, «Make my teeth healthy for the whole life». But we need to understand that it is impossible. Everything changes and there is nothing permanent under the sun.

Technical failures are extremely rare in our practice and often they happen solely through the fault of the patients. For example, one of our clients, after prosthetic repair, jumped from the boat, banged his teeth and broke ceramics. «Doctor, you told that it will remain as it is for 20 years!» «But you, my dear, took the best shot to break the prosthetic denture».

It is hard to redo somebody’s work. Sometimes we meet patients who visited many clinics, even European, but something went wrong and we have to advise and often redo the whole work. Such complex cases provide valuable experience to me and my doctors.

My principle – high quality treatment is humanism – is followed by all my staff and students.





– Do you feel the effects of the global economic crisis in your Clinic?


– We do not sit without work. Quality and price in our Clinic are adequate – these are the words of our patients. And this helps us to stay up. We slightly increased our prices – by 10% only, while the materials became twice and even thrice as expensive! My principle at any time, whether it is crisis or not, is to avoid staffing cuts and pay on time, since staff is the most important asset for the company success.

I neither go for personal gain, not strain after cottages, Lexus cars and other material things; I know that I will never become a billionaire, as I have other goals and mission in life.





– Every job has an everyday routine. What about yours?


– One should strike for creative, not slavish work. Make a beautiful smile, give somebody health – here is the poetry of my profession. Relieving from pain or defects, I return freedom to the man.

The ultimate goal of any doctor is far from mere treatment. High-class doctor, by restoration of diseased organ or lost function gives automatic function to the patient, which is included in the unified term – health. And healthy people are truly free. I build my work from this perspective – I return freedom to people. To my mind, this is the higher mission of any doctor, who does truly divine things. When I can help someone, I am happy. Of course, no one can repeat things created by the nature and the God. Maybe approach only ... But medicine evolves; many mysteries of the human body are disclosed. While working with each person, I often come across interesting problems that are extremely interesting to solve.







– It is important to move to a new level, use creative approach to work, and contribute one’s soul. Creativity can be shown in any work, whether you’re a gardener, digger or builder. Dentist is a very creative job. We make beauty, first – external, then man is transformed on an internal level; all these are closely interrelated. Establishment of Almagest is realization of a creative project as well.

When a specialist achieves excellence, he moves to the level of creativity in his profession. If I manage to restore everything he lost, it is not a routine job for me – it is creativity.

Work and money is an important part of life, but not the principal one. Often day-to-day routine prevents us from notice how beautiful our land is and how amazing our planet is created. One day I drove with my mother through Kostanai steppes and heard a trill. I opened the window and, what a miracle, the whole sky was filled with larks who sang the hymn of the sky, the Sun, and the life itself. I immediately stopped, shut down the engine, and helped my Mom to the steppe space. Various feelings thrilled through my heart. I lay down on the grass and started looking at the sky, birds, inhaled the scents of our mother earth, thick, warm steppe air and enjoyed this wonderful moment of indescribable beauty. Life is wonderful!







Maksut Abuovich belongs to the cohort of lyricists – he sings, plays guitar, accordion, adores romances, poetry, visual arts and literature. There was a time when he was keen on drawing, even won prizes at competitions.

– In my young days I even had the desire to quit dentistry and go into another profession. I was a 26-yearold Candidate of Sciences and thought it a good idea to become the head of any structure. But my fatherin-law, Karatai Koshkinov, who has worked for more than 40 years as Director of the State Farm, a man than whom no one was more respected, persuaded me not to do this, saying that medicine is a noble work. And I’m glad I obeyed and this did not happen. I see unlimited opportunities for improvement in my job.

In my life and work, I always stick to the fundamentals of the universe, read works of great philosophers – Confucius, Plato, Cicero, Montaigne, Goethe, Abai, Shakarim. I monitor the works of contemporary writers and scholars. My handbooks are the Qur’an and the Bible. This knowledge helps me to reach balance within myself, because every man is a proud steed, which is difficult to keep in check, as he rushes to one side or the other.

Excessive feelings, pursuit of material values – all these prevents people from living in harmony with themselves and with others. What counts most is to live one’s life not in vain, but for the benefit of the society. This is the only case when satisfaction and happiness are possible.






– Simply put my life is diversity and mosaic. You do not need to change the world; you need to perceive it for what it is. The main thing for me is freedom. I have received various offers, but I chose my own path and very happy with it.




– When are you happy most of all?


– When I play guitar, sing ballads, feel that I can touch the strings of my soul and that nice atmospheric sadness arises washing away all dirt from the soul, purifying it, distracting from problems, vanity and worries.

I am proud of my family, children, and grandchildren; we have a great-grandson already. I have a job I’m fond of. What else does a man need to be happy?





– Our journal will see the light shortly before the New Year’s Eve. And people normally would like to know, what is in store for them. Please try on the dress of Nostradamus. What do you see?


– I’m a glass-half-full person and believe that very soon people who were on the war-path for ages will realize that all we fly in the infinite space on a spaceship called Earth. Every natural disaster is a reminder of this fact. Therefore, I hope that our beautiful planet will enjoy piece. And we need to work tirelessly to achieve this. Nobel Laureate, famous French philosopher Albert Camus, one of the pillars of Existentialism in his Nobel speech in 1957 said, «Our frail life is like a long trip on a slave ship. Galley, we chained to with iron chains, is filthy and permeated with the smell of herring, there are too many guards, they are rude and ruthless. Perhaps the ship is sent in the wrong direction. But you can’t throw oars. You must pull them».

As for our evolution, the human brain will develop, and various studies and discoveries will benefit the mankind.



In the coming 2016 Professor will celebrate two anniversaries: his 70-year anniversary and 35-year anniversary of the Chair, he and his partners created from scratch in far-off 1980.

Staff and readers of our journal use this opportunity to heartily congratulate this remarkable person with these significant dates and wish him inexhaustible energy, eternal youth and good mood!

...It is no coincidence that we chose an abstract from Eugene Onegin as an epigraph to this article. This is about him – Maksut Abuovich Temirbayev, the man whose half-a-century professional life gave a joy of smile with absolutely healthy teeth to thousands of Kazakhstan people.










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