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Taking care of your health



The Zhambyl Medical College is one of the most successful educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in training, advanced training and retraining of personnel with secondary medical and pharmaceutical degree, says Sarybekova Zhamilya Nurgaliyevna, the director of the Zhambyl Medical College State Educational Enterprise.





The history of the college begins in 1936, when a school of nurses was opened in the Mirzoyan Сity (today Taraz), which was later called the Medical Assistant-Obstetric School. Over time, the school was renamed the Medical Vocational School. In 1994, the Dzhambul Medical Vocational School acquired the status of Zhambyl Medical College. In 1996, within the facilities of Zhambyl Medical College, an advanced training department was opened for workers with secondary medical and pharmaceutical education. The program is aimed at educational activities in the field of secondary vocational training, refreshment courses and retraining of secondary medical and pharmaceutical workers. The College provides training in the following majors: General Medicine (medical assistant, obstetrician, Nursing (general nursing practice), Pharmacy (pharmacist) and Nursing (general practice nurse) within Evening Studies Department.  The college team faces big challenges: improving the image of the College in the competitiveness development in the education market in accordance with the requirements of state law; improvement of the educational process through the use of modern pedagogical and information technologies to enhance the role of practical training with a view of preparing professionally competent specialists in the field of medicine in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The mission of the college, like any serious pedagogical enterprise, is the training of highly qualified specialists who are appreciated by the labor market with an active civic and vital position. Today, the college’s technical facilities have been complemented with digitalization, informatization and innovative technologies in the educational process. For the purpose of evaluating the knowledge and practical skills of secondary medical specialists and students, the college has a preclinical training center, regional simulation center and a regional nursing development center. With the aim of developing continuing professional education and creating a highly efficient competitive nursing training, in 2016 as part of the experiment, the college adopted the Dual Training System Project upon the approval of Department of Healthcare of the Zhambyl Region Administration (Akimat). Pursuant to the Order of the Head of Healthcare Department of the Zhambyl Region Administration (Akimat), the criteria for internship and further assistance to the graduates employment are approved. The college is equipped with the high-end equipment: smart technology, computers, tablets, interactive boards, multimedia classrooms, mobile classrooms, screens, monitoring and education quality department, language laboratories, information kiosks, smart classrooms and 3D glasses & 3D printers. The college is proud of a wonderful, cohesive and hard-working team. More than 200 employees work here, 140 of them are teachers with medical and pedagogical background. Zhambyl Medical College pays great attention to cooperation with foreign educational and health organizations. In 2008, an international seminar devoted to “Innovative technologies are a key approach to improving the quality of education” was held at the college, which brought together representatives of medical schools from friendly countries of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan who shared their experience in improving the quality of education. The International Scientific-Practical Conference “Strengthening public health is a factor in the sustainable socio-economic development of the country" was held in order to develop international cooperation in technical and vocational training and international scientific-practical conference for enhancing the research activities of young scientists (college students) was organized for medical students colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Commonwealth of Independent States in an on-line mode. The conference was attended by medical colleges from the CIS countries including those from the Russian Federation (Omsk), the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), Azerbaijan (Baku).The hosting country held an international seminar within the college facilities dedicated to the following topic: “Simulation technologies in the training of health care professionals” in on-line mode. The conference was attended by students of the Russian Federation (Omsk), as well as 26 medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Teachers are constantly developing the scientific potential of students. The College students take an active part in research and public events at various levels. The college's performance was evaluated at the national and international level. The college became a laureate in the nomination “Contribution to innovation and preservation of education traditions” of the “European Grand Prix for Quality” International Competition and was awarded the quality certificate “Halyktadauy” and “Altyn Kyran” in the nomination “Bilim Beru Kyzmeti” of “Kyran” Regional League of consumers in the national business rating of Kazakhstan. The College is a holder of the National Certificate “Leader in Edu cation 2015” for outstanding achievements in the field of education and for significant contribution to the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan; it was also awarded a diploma of the international encyclopedia and a member “The Best in Education” for excellence and dedicated work for the benefit of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The “Zhambyl Medical College” took the 7th place in the national rating of the best medical colleges in Kazakhstan in 2016; the Zhambyl Medical College was awarded a national certificate with the title of Leader of the Year as the Exemplary Taxpayer among 100 colleges of Kazakhstan. The College’s students actively in regional, republican and international conferences & competitions,they won prizes. The college has ambitions and feasible plans for the future: modernization of nursing education, obtaining a license for new majors, training applied bachelor's specialists in nursing and staffing college with teachers of higher medical education, sharing experience with foreign educational institutions and improving technical facilities of the college. The Zhambyl Medical College has every chance to join the ranks of the best colleges in the training of competitive and highly qualified medical specialists.



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