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Национальный  бренд «Алматы  Жидек»


Almaty Zhidek the National Brand



Польский национальный стенд на выставке AgroWorld Kazakhstan


Марала Томпиева наградили почетным знаком «За особый вклад в развитие цементной промышленности»



Участники казахстанского делового совета ознакомились с работой ТОО «Радуга»


Казахстанские и зарубежные эксперты обсудили лучшие практики безопасности пищевых продуктов


Итоги и перспективы развития Енбекшиказахского района

Наше преимущество в качестве материалов


Всё для процветания родного края


Проект «Бастау» – старт для воплощения мечты

Секреты виноделия

Саморазвитие личности важно для развития бизнеса

Наша цель – высокий уровень профессионализма


Технология, позволяющая  защищать окружающую среду


Мой  девиз – забота  о  человеке


В Алматы открылся первый флагманский  мультитопливный автозаправочный комплекс нового формата



МЧС РК. Бауржан Искаков у истоков создания


Чингиз Айтматов: «Больше переводить, больше издавать, больше читать друг друга»


Союзу художников РК – 85 лет


Фестиваль  «День культуры Японии»



Global Carrier Award впервые вручена казахстанскому мобильному оператору


Results and prospects Enbekshikazakh district



Yskak Binul Abdykapasuly, mayor of the Enbekshikazakh District spoke about the results and prospects of socio-economic development of the Enbekshikazakh District in 2018-2019






Enbekshikazakh district is one of the largest agrarian regions of the Almaty Region. What are the achievements of the region in the agricultural sector in 2018?


For 10 months of this year, the total volume of gross agricultural output amounted to KZT 91.4 billion. This figure is expected to reach KZT 103.3 billion by the end of the year. Over the past 5 years, the volume of gross output increased from KZT 50.0 billion to KZT 100 billion i.e. twice.

The district’s share in the region’s volume is 15.5 percent i.e. first place. Over the 10-month period, the total meat production amounted to 26.9 thousand tons, which is 116.9% more than last year. 116,9 thousand tons of milk and 36.4 million eggs were produced. We are working to attract investors to build new poultry farms and expand the existing ones. Thus, this year the poultry factory LLP NurlyKus was put into operation in Masak Rural District within the Industrialization Map for meat production. The capacity of the enterprise is 2500 tons of meat per year.

The region is actively working on the development of crop production and we occupy the first place in the production of grain, vegetable crops, fruits, berries and grapes. The district's 17 peasant farms have 143 greenhouses in a total of 21.4 hectares. During this period, there is a harvest of the 2nd rotation. These products are sold both in the local market and in the city of Almaty as part of the metropolis food belt program.




Tell us about introduction of innovative best practices and republican technologies in the agricultural sector of the region, new types and varieties in animal husbandry and crop production and how it looks in terms of money and new jobs.


Most innovative technologies are used in crop production. In recent years, the area of intensive orchards and fruit plantations has expanded in the district. The total area of gardens and vineyards in the district represents 9868 hectares. Out of them, there are 1,500 hectares of intensive gardens.

In the current year, 395 hectares of orchards and fruit plantations were planted on the territory of the district using intensive technology. Among them, there are 315 hectares of apples varieties and 80 hectares of raspberry plantations. Integration Turgen LLP planted gardens of 34 Italian varieties of walnut and hazelnut within 20 hectares on the territory of the district.

The district has one of the high-tech enterprises called Budan LLP for primary seed production (corn and soybean). This company is engaged in production and sales of commercial seeds based on raw materials purchased directly from Zemun Pole (Serbia) the Institute of corn and its own selection.

In order to improve crop production in the district, the intensive technologies were deployed on 25 thousand hectares and moisture-saving technologies were applied on 8.6 thousand hectares; there is a drip irrigation on 3.7 thousand hectares.

In order to improve the breeding quality of livestock this year, the district’s agricultural entities purchased 258 heads of bovine cattle, 122 heads of horses, 99 heads of small cattle from other regions of the republic and acquired 370 heads of breeding animals from abroad.

Over the current period, Aydarbayev Large Peasant Farm, has acquired 322 heads of bovine cattle of the Holstein breed from Germany. This breed of cows is characterized by impressive milk yield and significant weight with proper fattening. Ybraev Peasant Farm acquired 400 heads of small cattle (Gimber) of “Hampshire” breed; this breed’s feature is high growth, wool cover and meat.




Tell us about the financial support of small and medium-sized businesses in the framework of the “Business Road Map – 2020”.


The unified program of business support and development “Business Road Map – 2020” was designed to implement the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main goal of the Program is to ensure sustainable and balanced growth of entrepreneurship, as well as to maintain existing jobs and create new ones. As of November 1, 2018, the number of operating small and medium enterprises in the region reached 18,285 units. 49 420 people were provided with jobs in this sector.

For the corresponding period, small and medium-sized businesses produced products and provided services totaling KZT 78 billion 600 million, which is 101.5% more than in 2017. The budget received KZT 7 billion 334 million, which is 2 times more as compared with 2017.

Over 10 months of the current year, within the framework of the state program “Business Road Map – 2020”, 8 projects were implemented for a total of KZT 556.7 million in the region. Among them: 7 projects obtained interest rate subsidies in the amount of KZT 526.7 million (large projects: Rich Garden LLP obtained KZT 135 million for planting an apple orchard; TRANSFUR LLP obtained KZT 124 million for transport and storage; HANAS LLP produced rubber and plastic products in the amount of KZT 120 million and 1 Project obtained KZT 30.0 million within partial guaranteeing.




What has been done to improve the infrastructure of the district.


This year, Yesik Town constructs 60 apartment rental houses for KZT 474 million. Once the construction is completed, first of all, housing will be provided to employees of state organizations, disabled people, orphans and large families.

Providing gas to residents of the district is one of the major missions for the coming years. The implementation of Nurly Zhol State Infrastructure Development Program for 2015–2019 is in a full swing. The construction of the Malovodnoe and Shelek automated gas distribution station is now completed with the help of investors and there is an installation of the town’s inter-district utilities of Yesik Town, Shelek Village, Azat Village and Turgen Village.  In particular, Orikty village will be gasified from Malovodnoe Automated Gas Distribution Station after the completion of Yesik Town. The city will be fully equipped with gas utilities within two years.




What perspectives do you see in the development of the district? What is required to make them happen?


One of the promising areas in the development of the region is Green Energy. In this regard, I would like to highlight such investment projects as:

- LLP Nurly VES Wind Power Plant located in the Masaksky rural area of our district. The capacity of the power plant is 4.5 MW.

- Construction of two wind power plants of Samruk Green Energy LLP with a height of 85 m in Masaksky rural area of the district with a capacity of 5.0 MW.

- Construction of a solar power plant of KZA Construction LLP with a capacity of 150 MW in the Sogetinsky Rural District.

- Construction of a Wind Power Plant Energia Semirechya LLP with a capacity of 60 MW. The implementation period is 2018-2020.

- Construction of a Wind Power Plant Zheruyk Energy LLP with a capacity of 50 MW. The implementation period is 2018-2020.

Furthermore, the district has 4 Hydroelectric Power Plants (IGES-1, IGES-2, IGES-3, IGES-4) with a total capacity of 12.5 MW located on Yesik River. The construction of 3 Hydroelectric Power Stations with an initial capacity of 50 MW on the Shelek River in our district is now under agreement with investors.

A promising area for the development of the district is the mining of tungsten ores of Zhetisu Volframy LLP. Between 2018 and 2021 Sogetinsky rural area of our district is planning to build a plant for tungsten ore processing with a total value of KZT 97 billion. The capacity of the project is 3.3 million tons of ore per year. The plan is to export products to the CIS countries, Europe and China.

In the future, our district is going to develop itself though tourism. Due to its location, Enbekshikazakh District has every chance to become one of the centers for the development of tourism in the Almaty Region. The district is located in the south-eastern part of the Trans – Ili Alatau. There is a part of the Ile-Alatau State National Natural Park with an area of 63.5 thousand hectares on the territory of the district. We can proudly list the tourism facilities of our region, these are the Lavar Site of ancient settlement, Saki kurgans, petroglyphs (sanctuary) of Asy plateau, Turgen gorge, Yesik Lake, ZhetiKazyna museum in Nura Village, State Enterprise Yesik State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum, Center for children and youth tourism and excursions of Enbekshikazakh District and Ustak Darkembay Handicraft Museum etc.

In the future, it is planned to build a multi-sports and tourist facility for alpine skiing tourism. The project is located at the Oykaragai plateau in the Turgen Gorge. When it comes to the tourism in the district there are 18 facilities.

The main promising activity in the field of tourism is the construction of LLP Extreme Sport Tourism Ski Resort. This resort is constructed in Yesik Town. The expected capacity of the Ski resort is 10,000 people per day.

A promising activity in the field of tourism is Raft Service LLP Camping Camp. The camp is located on the Shelek River, Malybai Rural District. A distinctive feature of Raft Service LLP is that the Turgen River is quite wide and picturesque. It is not difficult for rafting of tourists who do not have professional sports training. Rafting on the Turgen River is interesting both for an experienced athlete and for a beginner and will cause an unprecedented adrenaline rush.




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