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Early Cancer Diagnosis saves lives



The regional oncological center provides organizational, methodological, consultative, diagnostic and specialized medical assistance in the Kyzylorda region. All major types of diagnostic tests and treatments for all cancer patients are conducted in the Center. Periodic health examination of patients with precancerous and neoplastic diseases is carried out; all patients with malignant tumors are monitored.






To improve the quality and availability of oncological assistance to the population of the region, the following departments are open in the Center: surgical department (30 beds), chemotherapy department (40 beds), radiation therapy, polyclinic department, palliative department (30 beds); there are following units: organizational unit, methodological unit, radiological unit, x-ray diagnostic unit, endoscopic unit, ultrasound unit and laboratories: clinical, biochemical, cytological and histological laboratory.

The Organizational & Methodological Unit deals with the early detection of cancer and non-cancer patients, taking cancer patients for care, analyzes the oncology service, and provides organizational and methodological assistance to regional preventive institutions and clinics. Today the department operates intranets and computer software for accounting and prophylactic medical oncology patients such as “Electronic Register of inpatients” and “RPN”.

The Specialized Consulting & Diagnostic Department was opened in November 2016. The purpose of the Specialized Consulting Department is to implement organizational and methodological guidance on all matters related to screening programs in the region, city and the district.

Surgical (oncology for adults) Department performs operations of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, kidneys, urine bladder, thyroid, lactiferous gland, bones and connective tissues. In 2007, a resuscitation department was opened which provide medical and postoperative care to patients. With the aim of introducing new technologies and supporting the regional health administration, the artificial respiration and anesthesia machines and instruments for stopping bleeding and equipment for operating table illumination were purchased. The department is equipped with the state-of-art equipment for minimally invasive endovideosurgical operations. Laparoscopic operations are performed here for tumors of the urine bladder, abdomen, and kidneys. We can remove neoplasms in the lungs and pleural cavity thoracoscopically.

The main activity of the Intensive Care Unit is anesthetic management of highly traumatic and especially complicated operations in oncological surgery and resuscitation and intensive therapy of oncological patients.

The department is equipped with modern narcological breathing apparatus, monitors, syringe dispensers and defibrillators. In practice, many modern methods of anesthesia and intensive care have been introduced: low-flow inhalation anesthesia with sevoflurane and high epidural anesthesia. This allows surgeons to perform complicated operations, including in patients with severe concomitant diseases and sharply limited functional reserves.

The department has 6 resuscitation beds. The main purpose of treating patients in the postoperative period is the implementation of measures to restore and maintain the functions of vital organs and systems.





The goals of the Chemotherapy Department are: induction, neoadjuvant, adjuvant, high-dosage, palliative chemotherapy courses and other specific methods of treating patients with a verified diagnosis of malignant neoplasm. The department has stationary chambers and a treatment room, equipped with a laminar cabinet where cytostatic preparations are diluted.

The main activity of the Radiotherapy Department (Radiology Department) is to provide patients with modern methods of radiation therapy in inpatient and inpatient settings. It includes Clinical Ward for 30 beds and physicotechnical radiotherapy unit. The treatment of inpatients with radiation treatment is carried out according to the principle “a single doctor is a radiation therapist (radiologist)” who provides for clinical management of the patient, conducting pre-radiation topometric training and radiation treatment with a help of a single doctor i.e. the Radiation Therapist.

The Polyclinic is the primary link in the diagnosis and provision of specialized assistance to the population of the region. Specialists are receiving patients in general oncology, oncology, oncourology, gynecologic oncology, cancer surgery, mammology and radiology.

The Day Hospital was opened next to the clinic and it treats 500-650 patients per year.

The X-ray Method as the main tool in the diagnosis of tumors is also intended to solve the problems of differential tumors diagnosis of the chest and abdominal cavities as well as urinary and musculoskeletal systems.

The Endoscopic Method allows you to solve complex issues of differential diagnosis of diseases of the upper respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract, as well as to determine the prevalence and nature of the tumor process, which determines the further treatment strategy. The Doctor's Office is equipped with “Olympus” and “Pentax” Fiber-Optic Optical Equipment manufactured by Japanese Firms. Specialists perform all types of endoscopic examination, as well as endoscopic removal of benign and malignant. (Ist.) Tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and bronchial tree.

The Cytological Laboratory is centralized in the city and conducts research of materials coming from all consultative and diagnostic clinics of the city. The cytological method solves the issues of early diagnosis of pretumor and tumor diseases, in particular the ones of the cervix.

The Center has a Palliative Care Department. Palliative Care is a concept that improves the quality of life of patients and their families who are confronted with a life-threatening illness through preventing and alleviating suffering and early detection, accurate assessment, pain-relieving therapy and other problems i.e. physiological, psychosocial and spiritual pains. According to the WHO, at least 80% of patients with incurable oncological diseases need palliative care.

Special attention of the clinic is attached to improving the skills and qualifications of doctors and introducing new technologies for the treatment of oncological diseases that meet European Standards.



Human resource development

An Educational & Methodological Complex for Advanced Training Courses in Oncology for 2018–2019 has been developed and approved by the educational and methodological council of the Kazakh Research Institute of Applied Biology on August 28, 2017; the training is carried out according to the plan.

In 2018, within the framework of the Roadmap, seven training workshops were held in priority areas of Oncological Care (minimally invasive surgery in gynecologic oncology, radiofrequency ablation of liver and pancreas tumors, minimally invasive rectal surgery with the invitation of experts from Russia; reconstructive surgery for stomach tumors, esophagus and cervix with the invitation of specialists from South Korea), which trained 85 doctors of the Kyzylorda Region Medical Institution.

With the involvement of extrabudgetary funds, 4 Master Classes were held on the diagnosis and treatment of Malignant Neoplasms (features of mammography screening, modern possibilities of malignant neoplasms diagnosis, prevention and treatment of lung cancer and modern endoscopic technology), where 172 specialists were trained.

Within the Budget Item 005, 10 specialists were sent to Oncology & Radiology Kazakh Research Institute with view of improving their skills, and 80 specialists were trained in self-financing development cycles at the workplace. Field seminars were conducted in all municipalities at the regional level, where 158 primary health care physicians were trained.

Human resource personnel training: 4 doctors passed the primary specialization in Oncology, 1 doctor was trained for the primary specialization in Endovascular Surgery, 1 doctor was trained for the primary specialization in Ultrasound Examination, 1 chemotherapist took part in the Oncohematology Congress in Stockholm, Sweden , 5 doctors attended the 10th Congress of Oncologists and Radiologists of the CIS in Sochi, Russia, 1 doctor attended ESMO-2018 in Munich, Germany,

1 doctor underwent advanced training on the introduction of high-dose chemotherapy in Seoul, South Korea.




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