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# 4 (24) 2018











Национальный  бренд «Алматы  Жидек»


Almaty Zhidek the National Brand



Польский национальный стенд на выставке AgroWorld Kazakhstan


Марала Томпиева наградили почетным знаком «За особый вклад в развитие цементной промышленности»



Участники казахстанского делового совета ознакомились с работой ТОО «Радуга»


Казахстанские и зарубежные эксперты обсудили лучшие практики безопасности пищевых продуктов


Итоги и перспективы развития Енбекшиказахского района

Наше преимущество в качестве материалов


Всё для процветания родного края


Проект «Бастау» – старт для воплощения мечты

Секреты виноделия

Саморазвитие личности важно для развития бизнеса

Наша цель – высокий уровень профессионализма


Технология, позволяющая  защищать окружающую среду


Мой  девиз – забота  о  человеке


В Алматы открылся первый флагманский  мультитопливный автозаправочный комплекс нового формата



МЧС РК. Бауржан Искаков у истоков создания


Чингиз Айтматов: «Больше переводить, больше издавать, больше читать друг друга»


Союзу художников РК – 85 лет


Фестиваль  «День культуры Японии»



Global Carrier Award впервые вручена казахстанскому мобильному оператору


Personal growth is important for business development



I am deeply convinced that only a person who is concerned about caring for people and not only about his family, can become a successful entrepreneur. Those who start their business in order to solely solve their own issues have a poorly developing business.







Alexey Filippovich, tell us please how to become a successful entrepreneur?


I am deeply convinced that only a person who is concerned about caring for people and not only about his family, can become a successful entrepreneur. Those who start their business in order to solely solve their own issues have a poorly developing business. When I start up my first business, I began to work with the staff  training in computer literacy. I understood that people need it. A person feels happy when he has a success in four dimensions – personality, family, people and humanity. Read the story of Henry Ford. He was obsessed with an entrepreneurial idea, which was conceived not to support his family, but how to make luxury become accessible to everyone. Everything that is done for the sake of money does not survive. There was a smooth transition to a market economy, there were people who really knew how to do something and had their own ideas. There is a wonderful utterance from Henry Ford: “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” Entrepreneurship is the ability of a person to take responsibility for the fate of other people.




Does science help in business?


Certainly. Today, we understand that new knowledge is developing both a business and a person as well as his needs and culture. The development of new knowledge is carried out through science. Entrepreneurs come to us to clarify the strategy of business relations and new knowledge, business and science. These are people who are able to find new knowledge and new work patterns. Today, the whole science in our country functions in the national format, and these are people who care about the development of the system, they begin to synchronize their business with the interests of the state and with the goals that are set before it. The development of any business is always associated with the search for new technological solutions and this is related with the science.






Is personal growth important for business development?


Yes of course. Personal growth or self-development is a key factor in the goals’ implementation. Today, the role of society, government and business is very important. Only an advanced modern person can connect them. In order to successfully develop the state, we must harmonize these relations through personal development. After all, you can successfully solve global problems and the goals only by changing yourself.

The meeting of the Presidium of the International Academy of Informatization examined the Project Management Opportunities. Tell us about it.

The academy is interdisciplinary, and by saying so, our corporate constitution forms new relations in the society. The duties of the Academy also include bringing people closer together and improving the trust. Project management as an innovative tool is needed today. It should be emphasized that in 1993, speaking at the 1st congress of engineers, the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev said on this topic the following: “We have to master a new arrangement of engineering work, which is called Project Management.” In 2008, we launched an initiative to create a project community, a magistracy and later a doctoral program. In 2012, international standards emerged and now they operate in Kazakhstan. Currently, the standards governing the Project Management Organization are synchronized with international ones.

Another important point is made from the publication of the Head of State, where he says that our goal is to create a competitive nation, whereas an understanding of our deep roots should help our present life develop and be complemented with a modern project management tool. Given the fact that any change requires a tool, this tool can be the Project Management. Another important point is the inclusion of the project “Effective Man of the 21st Century” into the Rukhani Zhangiru Program. This is the upbringing of a harmoniously developed personality in the spirit of Kazakhstani patriotism, the strengthening of civic activism and respect for traditions, history and culture of the native land and much more. I







I want to draw attention to the fact that scientists of our Academy publish very serious and fundamental work. I consider the publication of the book “Microeconomic analysis and parametric regulation of a regional economic union” written by Ashimov Abdykappar Ashimovich the President of our Academy to be an outstanding contribution of the outgoing year 2018. Regulation of the regional economic union is already a serious fundamental research on how to ensure the sustainability of the EAEU’s functioning. It is gratifying that within this project I, as the Director General of the International Informatization Academy, this year was invited to the Media Industry Academy in Moscow where I delivered a report on our developments. The report has aroused interest, and now we are preparing these publications in order to be able to create such a program proposal that will give impetus to all damped processes. It should start from the personality.




A few words about the development of methods for Public Modernization Monitoring.


This October’s message of the Head of our state to the people outlines the instructions to create a National Committee for Modernization, which would monitor, verify and demand the fulfillment of all instructions. We, in our Academy, initiated the establishment of the Intentions Park and Projects Bank in various scientific and technical areas. The next important step will be the creation of a Fund that will finance innovative developments as generated through public structures. A very important point is that today the Academy can be useful in developing technologies and digitizing its own knowledge. The Knowledge Digitalization Technology is aimed at transforming thoughts, sensations and the development and survival of ideas. The range of all these issues led us to the system when the Academy of Informatization and the Union of Project Managers joined their efforts. We work together and we look forward with confidence. Our Union of Project Managers turned 15 this year, and the Academy next year marks 25 years. We are stable in what we are doing; our modern tool helps to withstand rapid changes and find the path that would help us to save the business.




Thank you for the interesting conversation.





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