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Здравоохранение на страже здоровья


Все лучшее в медицине – во благо здоровья детей


Наша цель – быть лучшим в своем деле


Главное – чуткое и бережное отношение к людям


Мы дарим людям жизнь

С заботой о здоровье

Пациент в центре внимания


Мы заботимся о вашем здоровье


Лечи больного, а не болезнь


Наша забота о вашем здоровье


Ежедневная забота о здоровье людей

Здоровое население – наша забота

Собаки знают все, вернее чувствуют

Мы – за здоровое будущее, за здоровую нацию!

Здоровье  населения – главное  богатство  страны


Our goal is to be the best in what

we are doing


The Regional Oncologic Health Centre as an independent organization was founded in 1956 in 2 one-storied buildings for 25 beds and was equipped with GUT-Co Remote Radiation Therapy Device. The Cytological Laboratory obtained the status of a separate structural unit only in 1982. Nurzhanov Abay Kuralbekovich the Chief Doctor of the highest category, the deputy of the Regional Maslikhat proudly talks about his team.





Being aware of social responsibility towards society, we see our goal by improving the quality of treatment and increasing the duration and quality of life of cancer patients. This is our mission. Our principles are patient respect, compassion, teamwork and commitment to innovation.

The oncological office of the Zhambyl Region originates from the end of the 1950s when there was an oncology office, which was located at the city hospital in Zhambyl. At the time there were only 5 full-time positions: 2 full-time doctors, 2 fulltime nurses and 1 full-time ward maid. In 1954, 10 beds were allocated for the surgical treatment of cancer patients at the regional hospital.

 Today, the Oncologic Health Centre is located in 3 non-standardized buildings of 7901.8 sq. m. It serves the regional population of 1 million 115 thousand people (city accounts for 364.1 thousand), the capacity of the Oncologic Health Centre represents 45 beds. The facilities include the following departments: Oncological Surgery Department for 40 beds, Radiological Department for 20 beds, Chemotherapy Department for 50 beds, Anesthesiology & Intensive Care

Unit, Day Hospital for 35 beds and Dispensary & Diagnostic Department. To improve the quality and accessibility of oncological assistance to the population of the region, 21 oncological rooms, 22 mammalogy rooms and 40 examination rooms have been opened. There are 7173 patients registered in the Electronic Register of Cancer Patients, while the annual increase is 6-7%. The incidence rate of malignant tumors includes breast cancer, which takes the first place, then comes lungs cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, cervix cancer and esophagus cancer. Mortality from malignant neoplasms decreases annually and it is now 84.5% per 100 thousand people.




The rate of detection of patients at an early stage of malignant tumor increases and it was in absolute numbers 93059.5% in 2018. The spec. gravity of patients with malignant neoplasms living for 5 years or more was 44.8%, the growth trend in absolute numbers today is 3224, while it was 2904 in 2017.

Currently, there are 256 employees in the Zhambyl Regional Oncology Center. Today, we are faced with the task to fulfill the Comprehensive Plan against cancer in the Republic of Kazakhstan (2018-2022), the goal of which is to increase the availability and quality of oncological assistance to the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan by reducing the incidence of cancer, increasing survival and ensuring higher life standards for cancer patients. The Zhambyl Regional Oncology Center is a coordinator of the oncological divisions and provides organizational and methodological assistance to primary health care facilities, and is headed by Taiteli Gulzhan Abdykalykovna the deputy chief physician for organizational and methodical work. Great organizational and screening activities for early detection of oncological diseases are carried out by the Oncological Office, which is led by Bekkuliev Kenzhekhan Bekkulievich, the managing physician of the highest category, distinguished health veteran of the Zhambyl Region.

 Our clinic offers specialized medical care for oncology patients according to the standards and treatment philosophy. Every year more than 5 thousand patients enjoy treatment, out of which 1.5 thousand patients are in the day hospital. All therapeutic and diagnostic activities are organized at the proper level thanks to Mamadiyarova Aktolkyn Serikovna, deputy chief physician in charge of medical management. Shortly after graduating from the Institute she has been working for more than 20 years in our Oncology Center. High-class Gynaecological Oncologist makes complicated operations, manages mobile dispersed gene, in a word, he is a right person in a right place and you can always rely on him.

 Effective treatment of cancer patients is impossible without the caring hands of our nurses and ward attendants. Once Keibispaeva Aizhan Aldabergenovna had graduated from medical school, she came to our Zhambyl Oncologic Health Centre young, but brave and confident. She worked as a nurse on duty and doctor in the treatment room, and has always been striving to improve her professionalism and skill. Today she is the head nurse of the Health Centrer; she has trained and raised an entire army of excellent nurses and successfully leads them.

Surgical department headed by Seidakhmetov Zhandos Zhandarbekovich annually performs more than 900 operations. Our surgeons are our pride. They possess all kinds of operations on the chest, digestive, urinary, bone and articular systems as well as on the pelvic organs. Our distinguished leading figures Nurmagambetov Bolat Smailkhanovich and Seilkhanov Yerbol Bubashirkhanovich spend 6-8 hours a day at the operating table with young onco-surgeons Tuleshov Kairat and Arapov Erasyl, and, of course, reliable surgical nurse Bespayeva Ljazzat and Zhuzbayeva Dinara.

Since 2005 an anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit for 6 beds has been put in place. The doctor of the highest category Tusipova Rabiga Seyldaevna a devoted person in her profession and a reliable companion leads the department.





The Radiology Department consists of 20 beds. Here cancer patients undergo radiation therapy. The head of the department is Begimbaeva Roza Saukhimovna the doctor of the highest category; she is a founder and organizer of the radiological office of the region. Since 2008, the radiation devices have been upgraded: THERATRON, TERASIX, MULTISOURSE and GALMEI were purchased, which allow to conduct sophisticated radiation therapy. The radiation therapy is performed not only with a preventive purpose, but also with a palliative one i.e. to stop tumor growth. The device can also used in self-treatment mode. Every year up to 800 patients are treated in the department. The young doctor Azimov Y. and medical physicist Taigaraev Zh. work here.

 The chemotherapy department which practices one of the main methods of treatment is intended for 50 beds. The head of the department is Aliyeva Zulfiya Abugalievna the highest category doctor. More than 3 thousand patients pass through this department. Thanks to the high knowledge and good attitude of doctors and nurses of the department, patients are recovering and are very grateful for that. The department owns a whole list of chemotherapy drugs; it is planned to open the treatment room for centralized dilution of cytostatics.

The dispensary department with a planned capacity of 50 visits per shift is visited daily by more than 120 patients. The head of the department is Alikhanov Aybaz Asanovich the oncologist of the highest category. Doctors of the department Musaev B., Begmetov A., Sidelnikov A., Pan S.B. render consultative and diagnostic assistance; they are engaged in verification of the diagnosis and clinical examination of cancer patients. Since 2012, cancer patients on an outpatient basis are treated with targeted drugs for common types of lung cancer, breast cancer, pancreas cancer, liver cancer and kidney cancer, which improves the treatment quality and prolongs the life of cancer patients.

Since 2018, all Oncologic Health Centre divisions are integrated into the diagnostic department, which is headed by Begimbayev Nurzhan. A young promising doctor masters endoscopic and radiological diagnostics. Today, the dispensary is equipped with modern medical equipment, such as: 64-slice computed tomography scanner, endovideo with a bronchoscope, endovideo with a gastroscope, endovideo with a colonoscope, digital mammograph, ultrasound machines, X-ray system and endosurgical laparoscope for invasive procedures. Since 2012, there has been functioning an immunohistochemical and pathomorphological laboratory for a more in-depth study and differentiation of tumor processes and detection of hormonal receptors for breast and stomach tumors, which allows for a more accurate selection of chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.The cytological laboratory annually conducts more than 60 thousand studies, the office is headed by its organizer and permanent leader, our distinguished veteran Sim Tatyana Alekseyevna.

Special attention of the clinic is attached to improving the knowledge and qualifications of doctors and introducing new technologies for the treatment of oncological diseases that meet European Standards.




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