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Мукан ЕГИЗБАЕВ: «Программа  «Денсаулык»–динамика развития в  ЮКО»


Mukan EGIZBAYEV: Densauly Program – Development Dynamics in the South Kazakhstan Region



Ядерные технологии на службе медицины: в Обнинске открылся Центр высокоточной радиологии


Свою уникальную разработку представила в Москве Клиника лазерной микрохирургии глаза Александра Тихова


Новейшие методы диагностики и лечения Областной клинической больницы УЗ ЮКО


Сакен  КАТБАЕВ:  Достижения  онкологической  службы  Южно-Казахстанской  области  за  последние  годы


The Brand-New Methods in diagnosis  and treatment in the Regional Clinical Hospitals of South-Kazakhstan Region


Saken KATBAEV: Achievements of oncological service of the South Kazakhstan Region in recent years


Our mission is quality perinatal care


Yergali ORMANOV: A dental clinic that gives you a smile


Gauhar UKHAYEVA: Children's health is our concern


Rahmat MUKHIRALIYEV: Do not be afraid to go to the professionals

The patient's health is primarily


Manager in healthcare is a profession with perspectives


Almash DERIPASALDINOVA: We  care  about  your  health


Aidar SCHNETOV: We do everything for the health of the population


Sandugash RUSTEMOVA: Safeguarding Public Health


Turkestan  Medical  College




Asel ABDIKULOVA: I want to give joy to people


Mukan Egizbayev: Densauly Program – Development Dynamics in the South Kazakhstan Region


Наша  миссия  –  качественная  перинатальная  помощь


Ергали ОРМАНОВ: Клиника, которая дарит улыбку


Гаухар УКБАЕВА: Здоровье детей – наша забота


Рахмат МУСИРАЛИЕВ: Не бойтесь идти к профессионалам


Здоровье пациента прежде всего


Менеджер в сфере здравоохранения – профессия с перспективами



Мы заботимся о здоровье


Айдар ШНЕТОВ: Мы делаем все для здоровья населения


Сандугаш РУСТЕМОВА: На страже здоровья


Туркестанский медицинский колледж



Асель  АБДИКУЛОВА: Я хочу дарить радость людям



Almaty Zhidek the National Brand



Today IE KOBEGENOV representing Almaty Zidek the Brand is the only existing industrial strawberry plantation with a drip irrigation in Kazakhstan. The unique technology allows you to harvest from May to November. Marat Kobegenov, the CEO of the company will tell how the company originated.





- Marat Bolatovich, how did the idea of creating your plantation arise? Why is it strawberry?


- You know, I am not an expert in the field of agriculture. I have three higher educations, highly specialized diplomas. I have a wealth of experience in large international companies. However, there was no experience in the agricultural industry. I went a long way before I took up strawberries. Initially, I considered the cultivation of apples, but after examining the market, I realized that there are already quite large players here. After that, I became interested in berries. Not seeing a serious, modern approach in growing, not seeing the desired varieties, I realized that there was no professional market. No one can give an exhaustive advice on the cultivation of seedlings and berries on drip irrigation. Today, this is what makes us different from other farms. We are the only company in Kazakhstan and Central Asia that provides professional advice to major buyers of seedlings. We give guarantees for our products, because we grow it ourselves and know how and what to fight with and how to foresee the risks.

Before starting, I twice traveled to Ukraine, studied an existing business. I watched how everything worked, gained experience and delved into the details. I brought an experienced agronomist from Ukraine. This is a firstclass expert in berry crops in open and closed ground; he demands a lot of money, but his experience allows me to be confident in the success of my business. We, unfortunately, do not have trained personnel for drip irrigation, namely agronomists and hydraulic engineers. We began to train our specialists.




- There were surely a lot of difficulties in the new project, which you “built up” without being an expert in the field of agriculture


- In January 2017, we bought 26 hectares of land, 3 km down from the Big Almaty Chanel. It was a field of mown alfalfa. There were neither fencing, nor light, nor water. In February, literally in 14 days, we pulled a power line of 3.5 km, installed a substation for 150 kW. In winter we arranged a pool of 2 thousand cubes. We also laid dozens of kilometers of plastic pipes and drip tape. This is a huge investment, all without borrowed funds.

In South Korea, we ordered a film-drop, whereas part of the equipment originated from Russia and Israel. Seedlings were bought from the best seminary gardens of Europe: Italy and Spain. We intentionally chose modern industrial varieties.

This is not my first startup; there used to be a successful experience, so I prepared everything in advance. Frankly speaking, you plan one thing, but in fact you have to multiply your expenses by two. Agricultural business is a high-risk one. And the difficulties? They are enough in our business. In the spring, for example, reeds began to grow on our live and planted material. It is impossible to treat them, because we will damage our seedlings. I had to act and think quickly: reeds punched the film literally like a spear in spring sun. There was no experience to destruct the reeds on the berries, I had to find the way. Three teams of people cultivated the land of 1.5 hectares manually. They thinned out the reeds, covered each strawberry bush and treated the pest manually. Three times I had to follow this procedure which implied money and time. We made it: the reed was destroyed and the strawberry bushes remained safe.







- What is your personal pride?


- Do you remember last winter in Almaty?! There were severe frosts; the temperature in our field reached -42°C, and in summer the heat was +42°C. The annual temperature difference is 84°C. Our strawberry is Mediterranean one, it is delicate and is not accustomed to such a sharply continental climate. We regionalized it and supplied our berries to wholesalers on May 5, 2018, and the last harvest was gathered on November 11. Proudly I dare to say that our planting stocks have successfully passed this test.

The guests in fields are a commonplace. There was a chief agronomist of Yara Company which is a global brand manufacturer of agricultural equipment. He was surprised with the quality of our strawberries. Our technology generated interest in Uzbekistan. A large agrarian corporation offers 5-10 hectares of finished greenhouses, so that we plant our seedlings there and establish a similar drip irrigation system. In Kyrgyzstan businessmen are ready to provide our project with 3-4 hectares of greenhouses. Nevertheless, I want to do it at home in Kazakhstan. For 1.5 years, we have adopted 1520 years of experience from Ukraine in drip irrigation. I see great prospects here in consideration of our climate and our people. This season we approached the mark of 100 tons. There are dozens of people working in the field, and around a hundred people during the harvest season. We have a great team which is this is the core of any successful business. There are standards in practice. I am proud of it.




- What are your plans for the near future?


- Our company is the only company with an integrated approach, which is ready to grow berries in both indoor and outdoor ground and produce industrial scale seedlings. We are interested in people planting a berry and ready to give advice and teach people to grow competently so that a villager, having about a hectare of land, can get a good profit.

In the coming 5 years, I expect to create 5-8 farms, like mine, in different regions of Kazakhstan. I would be glad if the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan pay attention to my project and helped me to make these endeavors possible. After all, this is an empirical experience that can be shared with educational institutions of our country. You can create a powerful platform for the Kazakh National Agrarian University (KazNAU). I am open to cooperation. Berries ripen faster than apples. There are raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. All this is in our plans.

In the spring we will plant grapes. I am a spiritual person, and I do not want to grow wine varieties. We have already ordered 12 modern industrial varieties of table grapes. Today, only “Tayfi” is growing in our country, which is obsolete both in taste and in the way of cultivation. When it comes to us, on the contrary, we are using our drip irrigation system to grow a tasty, resistant and transportable product for the domestic and foreign market.

Many businessmen come to see and learn the best practices. However, in order to create a similar sector, you need to have solid investments and willingness to “eat a peck of salt” with our weather conditions and other agroindustry risks.

Almaty Zidek is an innovative enterprise. The equipment we use is designed as per our developments. We mechanized the processing of plants as much as we could. We are going to introduce a unique package that allows you to increase the shelf life of products by 7-8 times.






- Did the State render you an assistance?


- Yes, certainly! I am grateful to the state for its contribution. I obtained subsidies, although no one believes us. We went to Taldykorgan several times and obtained funding.

I am sincerely grateful for the assistance rendered by Mr. B.A. Yskak the Mayor of Enbekshikazakh District and N.K. Kudaibergenov his deputy. They are always ready to discuss and they came to our plantation. We have an excellent communication with them.




- What are your wishes with regard to further cooperation between Almaty Zhidek and the State?


- Thank you for your question. Taking this opportunity, I kindly request to have an official meeting with Mr. Shukeyev Umirzak Yestayevich the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan in his office. I would like to talk with him personally or with Mr. A.S. Mamytbekov the Executive Secretary. I would like to share my projects and propose an agricultural development strategy under the auspices of our company. We can develop a whole cluster there. I would like to discuss the development prospects for berry cultivation under drip irrigation. Moreover, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government are now working to improve the status of the agricultural sector; a lot of money is being invested there, the government is working on various state programs.

I would be really happy if my request was heard by the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture of our country and considered in a positive way.

Almaty Zhidek National Brand can open up a new sector for the agrarian business in the Almaty Region and in other regions of Kazakhstan benefiting from its best innovative experience.









Проблемы аграрного сектора Казахстана в условиях межгосударственной интеграции


А.Б. МОЛДАШЕВ, генеральный директор Казахского НИИ экономики АПК и развития сельских территорий, д.э.н., профессор, рассказал нашему журналу о проблемах и перспективах отрасли.








локомотив развития сельской электрификации Казахстана


В марте 1954 года было принято государственное постановление об освоении целинных и залежных земель.

Оно предопределило решение важнейшей народно-хозяйственной проблемы страны – обеспечить существенное увеличение производства товарного зерна и развитие животноводства.










Экс­-Премьер-­Министр Казахстана Терещенко  Сергей Александрович имеет огромный опыт работы как руководитель крупного масштаба. Интерес к его персоне не угасает, и мы поинтересовались его видением того, как наша страна должна интегрироваться в мировую экономику.




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