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БАХЫТ НУРМАНОВ: «Патриотизм и профессионализм – наши главные преимущества»


«Patriotismand professionalism are our main advantages»



В Алматы состоялся VI инновационный форум



В Казахстане появится племенной центр с генетической лабораторией


В Казахстане появится племенной центр с генетической лабораторией



Казахстан в тройке лидеров по инновационной активности



«Келешек-РСФМСШИ» –

дверь в блестящее будущее


Цифровизация РК проведет интернет

в село


«Keleshek-RSPHMSBS» is the door to a bright future




сделано в Казахстане!



made in Kazakhstan!


Aluminium of Kazakhstan Hoffmann Aluminium™ – на шаг впереди!

Aluminum of Kazakhstan “Hoffmann Aluminium™ “ is one step ahead!


Алмазные и буровые долота PDC от компании KDC


KDC company`s diamond and PDC drill bits from the company KDC



Плюс электрификация всей страны!


Plus electrification of the entire country!



Рост инвестиций в ВИЭ



Инновационный маркетинг – успех современного бизнеса


Александр Ширвиндт: «Великих людей пародировать не надо, ими надо быть!»


NEPTUNE ENGINEERING: made in Kazakhstan!



Neptune Engineering – young, ambitious and dynamically developing Kazakhstan manufacturer of facade and interior panels of aluminium, copper, stainless, galvanized and COR-TEN steel – has already made an impressive progress: within a short space of time the Company has conquered the market ranking among the leaders and even managed to surprise participants of EXPO-2017 with their products. How do they do this? Mr. Bakhyt Bulatovich Kalybekov, the Company CEO, is speaking.







- What are the Company’s innovations for Kazakhstan market?


- Our object and activities base on demonstration of the best novelties in the sphere of metal facades and use of European and US technologies in Kazakhstan. Together with Kazakhstan architects, we develop completely new ideas for exterior facing of buildings, which cannot be implemented using stone materials. All these directions are fundamentally innovative for our developing market.




- What is your products’ distinction?


- We do not just create facade details using ready-made drawings, but offer detailed facade solutions in accordance with engineering standards, which is made possible thanks to our design office. Our experienced architects will walk you through proper solutions, help with development of the necessary facade design, facade sketch, and offer suitable forms and colors for any metal facades.

The range of facade cassettes we offer will ensure attractive, unusual, and recognizable look of buildings and facilities. Thanks to our developments and materials available, the customer can make a contemporary-styled facade for any building, making it a unique hallmark.

For example, dimensional or perforated facades enable creation of an inimitable style and character of a building and production of a unique urban story. All facade designs created using dimensional or perforated facades are unusual, unique, have one-of-a-kind geometric shape.

Distinctiveness of facades we make is indisputable, because each component is made on the newest NC-equipment – these are specialized bending machines, 4-meter guillotine, punching machine.

Powder coating of facade products enables painting in any color of RAL color chart so that you can easily solve the most complex architectural and facade issues with little money and labor costs.




- By the way, what about costs? European and American technologies are anything but cheap. How do you minimize costs and make prices attractive, loyal?


- Our Company has own high-precision production equipment made in Europe and production facilities of 4,000 m2 located in Almaty. All these allow creation of ventilated metal facades of the highest quality at a reasonable price.

In addition, we guarantee individual approach to, consultations at the convenience of any client and offer the most favorable conditions for fruitful cooperation. We honor each client helping to translate the most unusual facade fantasies into reality.




- The Company’s portfolio includes a large variety of services. Please tell us more about them.


- Let’s start with design. We prepare integrated designs of administrative, public, and warehouse buildings and facilities. The Company’s Design Department is engaged with architectural and building design of any profile facilities: administrative, public, industrial and warehouse buildings and structures with due account for various construction technologies. All project document issued by the Department are developed in strict compliance with the applicable rules and regulations, requirements of construction GOST and practice codes.

The next direction is metalworking: 4-meter NC-guillotine services, metal bending and punching. Our specialists have all necessary equipment and expertise to provide comprehensive metalworking services.

Also we perform welding and turret punch operations, produce original metal products, provide services of polymer-powder coating of any metal products, sell sheet aluminium, install dimensional and flat facade cassettes.







- What projects you are proud of?


- Every project, without false modesty, is realized in the firstrate fashion. Our customers include: autocenters of Hyundai (Almaty), BMW (Almaty), Toyota (Astana); Training Center of Kazakhstan Maritime Academy KBTU (Almaty), Business Center of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP (Almaty), Kazmortransflot Business Center (Aktau), AFD Plaza Apartment Complex (Almaty), Italian Pavilion at Expo 2017 Astana.



- We wish you to further embark on the course of dynamic development; you do make our cities beautiful and unique!




Evgenya SKALEY



Адрес редакции:


Республика Казахстан, 050026, г. Алматы,

ул. Кожамкулова,16В


Тел.:  +7 (727)233 50 42


Моб.: +7 702 765 20 00

            + 7 777 276 64 32


e-mail: novaera01@bk.ru

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