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Our mission: Providing high-quality medical care to the population



Kyzylorda Regional Hospital has its own interesting history. For the first time, residents of Perovsk district center (4-5 thousand people) began receiving special medical care in 1853, when a military hospital was established to provide medical assistance to the military officers.






There had been one doctor and his assistant i.e. a midwife. They assisted not only the military officer, but also civilians, as well as, to the local population to the maximum possible extent. Since 1858, the military infirmary became known as the medical infirmary, where medical assistance was provided to the inhabitants of Perovsk. Only after the establishment of Soviet Power, there were changes in the medical care of the population on the territory of the region. As it is known, in 1925 the capital of the Kazakh SSR was transferred from Orenburg to Perovsk, then renamed Kyzyl Orda.

In this regard, there have been major changes in the economic life of the entire Syr Darya Valley, where the territory of the region was located. In 1938, the City Hospital was organized at the Kyzylorda Regional Hospital. From 1958 to 1976, Abdullaev Shadibay Nurgazievich worked as the chief doctor of the hospital and from 1976-2003. Makhanov Turganbay Makhanovich, sparing his time and energy, was engaged in staffing and equipping the hospital with modern equipment and improving the facilities of the hospital. The construction of the hospital facility began in 1992, in 2001 it was commissioned. Since the beginning, it has been called the regional medical center, and since February 2019 it was renamed the multi-regional hospital.

 The gold reserve of a multi-regional hospital is personnel. The hospital employs 1,721 employees out of which 250 are highly-qualified doctors, 250 nurses, 773,432 paramedical workers and 266 other workers. Specialists have the opportunity to improve their skills in leading clinics abroad: USA, France, Turkey, Israel, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine. Thanks to the memorandum signed in 2018 between hospitals H + Yangji, Seoul, South Korea, and our hospital, our doctors started their first internship in the Korean Clinic.

Master Classes are conducted on the basis of a Multidisciplinary Regional Hospital, there are constantly master classes in neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, and surgery, which contributes to the improvement of the professional skills of specialists, the transfer of experience to young personnel and the introduction of new highly specialized medical technologies. An important part of the master classes were demonstration operations. Experienced surgeons perform such surgical interventions, which are carried out only in individual medical centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as they require the availability of the most modern equipment.

Innovation in surgery. Highly qualified medical care is provided annually in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, there are about 200 open heart operations. They include about 150 operations for coronary artery bypass surgery. More than 30 patients are implanted with mechanical, biological valves, reconstructive operations are carried out during acquired operations. About 20 patients undergo radical surgery for congenital heart defects. More than 75 patients are implanted every year with various devices (Cardiostimulator, MDC, CRT-D)

Doctors of the urology department conduct 90% of the operations with minimally invasive technologies. About 900 surgical interventions are performed per year: percutaneous nephrolithotripsy (percutaneous cleavage and removal of stones). For ureteral stones there is a laser lithotripsy and lithoextraction (contact crushing of the stone with a laser followed by removal). Transurethral resection is used in case of prostate adenoma and bladder tumors. In recent years, laporoscopic surgery has been actively introduced in the removal of the kidney, kidney cysts and ureteral stone.

Neurosurgical department provides operations to treat hemorrhagic strokes, degenerative diseases and spinal injuries at all levels, injuries of the CNS and peripheral nervous system, intracerebral inflammatory complications, as well as in the field of neurooncology.





Every year, X-ray endovascular surgery specialists provide assistance to more than 3,500 patients, and more than 3,000 different cardiovascular studies are performed.

All types of osteosynthesis on long tubular bones are performed in the traumatology department. Minimally invasive blocking intra and extramedullary types of osteosynthesis are widely used. The external fixation devices (EFD) and the extra-focal illizarov ososynthesis apparatus are used. With the help of these devices, congenital deformities of the tubular bones are eliminated, we extend the limbs with extensive defects of bone tissue and shortening of the limbs. There are operations for knee arthroplasty. Arthroscopy of the shoulder joint is introduced.

Specialists of the rehabilitation department of the hospital treat and rehabilitate patients: post-stroke, the consequences of microinfection, after surgical interventions on the spine and extremities are injuries, diskectomy, endoprosthesis, injuries to the brain and spinal cord. One of the priorities of the department is the correction of various motor disorders in the pathology of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

Ophthalmic Surgery Center carries out the main types of surgical interventions on the organ of vision which is cataract phacoemulsification with implantation of soft intraocular lenses, hypotensive glaucoma surgeries, strabismus corrective operations, eye injuries, some cosmetic surgeries, revascularization operations and others.

Based on the results of an external comprehensive assessment of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the health of the people and the health care system” and the decision of the accreditation commission (order No. 185 dated December 25, 2018) of a Multidisciplinary Regional Hospital, the first category is recognized as accredited for a period of 3 years.

Damu Medical Information System has been launched. It is thanks to the electronic system that the time required to issue medical records, prepare reports, findings, etc., has been significantly reduced. The capacity of the receiving station has increased by more than 1.5 times.

There is Komek Automated Control System. The system provides communication of a multi-regional hospital with ambulance. It allows doctors to know in advance who and with what diagnosis ambulance teams are taking to them. Having the necessary information, the staff of the emergency room can be prepared to accept a patient with a serious condition.

Our specialists of the information technology department have installed and operate telemedicine devices in 15 medical organizations of the region. These devices will allow you to do remote consultations and diagnostics of patients from remote areas in real time, broadcast medical seminars, conferences and lectures with a videoconference system, as well as broadcast surgical operations.

The admission department of the multi-regional hospital is the first once within Triazh Pilot Project Systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The staff of the regional hospital makes every effort for the benefit and recovery of patients benefiting from its experience, professionalism and skills.




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