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The history of Pediatrics in the Kyzylorda Region began in 1926, when a children's ward for 10 beds was opened at the Regional Hospital for the first time. In the same year, children's consultations were opened in the regional centers of Aral, Kazalinsk and Dzhusaly.







The first Chief Regional Pediatrician was Alimkhan Abishev, MD, who headed the pediatric divisions for many years. In 1961 there was a separation of the city children's hospital from the regional hospital. There were 100 inpatient beds in the hospital and there was one children's consultation. The leading scientists of national medicine: Kim E.F., Volkova K.Ya., Esova S.E., Dautbaeva S.T. were at the origins of the hospital and many generations of doctors truly devoted to hard work there. Tens of thousands of children's lives were saved in the hospital, thousands of surgery operations and manipulations were carried out.

For many years, our colleagues had been working in cramped conditions; there was no typical multi-specialty hospital. But today, thanks to the implementation of the programs of the first President “Road Map”, “100 hospitals, 100 schools”, “100 concrete steps”, a Multi-Disciplinary Children's Hospital was built. There is now an opportunity to work in a modern facility equipped with the state-of-art medical equipment.

The department with 305 beds was opened in the Kyzylorda Regional Children's Hospital in 2016. The hospital consists of 8 clinical and 8 auxiliary departments, 3 surgical departments for 75 beds, a surgery suite consisting of 5 operating rooms, a radiology department consisting of such modern diagnostic devices as MRI, CT, Angiography, Ultrasound Equipment and X-ray.

The department of Pediatrics-1 is deployed for 40 beds. The head of the department is Myrzahmetova Z.K. a gastroenterologist of the highest category and candidate of medical sciences.

The specialized gastroenterology department provides a full examination and verification of the diagnosis to admitted children; there is a treatment in the acute stage and anti-relapse treatment of diseases that require high diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. The department has accumulated rich experience in the examination and treatment of children. It provides specialized healthcare for acute poisoning with asthma during the exacerbation period; there is a treatment for generalized urticaria, angioedema and severe forms of toxic-allergic reactions. The department provides diagnostics and treatment of all diseases of the kidneys, urinary system organs and other deceases that are difficult to diagnose.

The creation of a specialized branch of the cardio-rheumatological department was prompted by the growing need of the children's population in this care.

The department of Pediatrics No. 2 with 45 beds is headed by Sherimbetova S.Е. Here children with pathology of the cardiovascular system, autonomic nervous system, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, etc. are examined and treated. The department provides routine and emergency care for children from 2 months to 15 years old. The team of highly qual ified doctors, modern equipment, professional contacts with well-known scientists from leading cardiological institutions of Nur-Sultan and Almaty allows solving complicated diagnostic and therapeutic issues.

The Department of Neurology with rehabilitation is deployed for 60 beds. The main objective is to provide highly skilled care and consultations to patients of the neurological and rehabilitation profile within the hospital.

The Neonatal Pathology Unit hospitalizes the premature babies from the 7th day to 2 months of life. It is intended for 35 beds.

It uses modern methods of diagnosis and treatment using the latest medicines and equipment. Deeply premature babies are located in incubators, where conditions are created that are as close as possible to intrauterine life:

The pulmonary department has 40 beds.

The department provides assistance to patients with diseases of the lungs and bronchi.

The priority of the consultative and diagnostic department is to provide qualified medical and diagnostic medical care to children at the modern level of diagnosis and treatment.

Among diagnostic services, an important rule is played by the clinical laboratory diagnostics, which provides practical health care with about 80% of objective diagnostic information necessary for timely diagnosis and monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment.

Clinical Pathology Unit is equipped with modern laboratory and diagnostic equipment for all types of hematological, clinical, biochemical and immunological studies.

The resuscitation department has the necessary diagnostic and medical equipment as follows: system for continuous monitoring of the most important functions of the respiratory and circulatory organs, electrocardiographs, mobile X-ray machine, apparatus for artificial respiration and anesthesia, defibrillators and cardiac pacemaker.

The modern intensive care units have all necessary facilities for hemodialysis and hyperbaric oxygenation. The department has a laboratory for clinical and biochemical surveys. The radiation diagnosis department is headed by Koztaeva Zhuldyz Bekmaratovna a doctor of radiation diagnosis of the first category. The department of radiation diagnostics is equipped with high-tech diagnostic equipment.

The surgical department cannot be imagined without surgical treatment, and this is the hard work of many people. The surgical room has 2 units: the first one is aseptic unit for 6 beds and the other one is septic unit for 3 operating rooms. The operating rooms are equipped with centralized medical gas supply and exhaust system. The emergency surgery department performs emergency and delayed surgical interventions as well as various types of conservative treatment. The department has a wide range of diagnostic methods. The department of planned surgery provides a scope of diagnostic and thera

peutic measures for various congenital and acquired surgical, endocrine, oncological and other pathologies. The Head of the Department is Nurymov A.T. surgeon and doctor of the highest category. With view of improving pediatric surgery, new methods of surgery were introduced for the first time. Laparoscopy is performed for peritonitis, endoscopic denoidal ectomy, triventriculostomy, cranioplasty, thoracoplasty, etc. For the first time in the history of the region, a newborn with esophageal atresia was successfully operated.

Last February saw an opening of a swimming pool at the regional children's hospital to improve the treatment of patients undergoing rehabilitation. For children suffering from chronic diseases of the respiratory system, a salt mine was opened in the physiotherapy department. Since last September the bacteriological laboratory has been introduced to detect the sensitivity of infections to antibiotics. Owing to this, it was possible to achieve good results in the treatment of postoperative and septic patients.

The hospital installed telemedicine equipment, which made it possible to consult with specialists from republican clinics and districts. A database of patients with rare diseases has been created. The registry includes children suffering from hematological diseases, respiratory system diseases, cardiovascular & endocrinological diseases and allergic diseases. They can now afford the necessary treatment.

In 2018, the road maps were developed to improve the quality of medical care, prevent infant mortality, reduce oncohematological diseases, diabetes and improve the skills of personnel and strengthen the facilities of the hospital.

 Particular attention is paid to improving the skills of health workers. In 2019, it is planned to introduce coloproctology, conduct cardiac surgeon training and put a cryotherapy room in practice for patients with hemangioma, diabetes centers and allergies.


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