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Национальный  бренд «Алматы  Жидек»


Almaty Zhidek the National Brand



Польский национальный стенд на выставке AgroWorld Kazakhstan


Марала Томпиева наградили почетным знаком «За особый вклад в развитие цементной промышленности»



Участники казахстанского делового совета ознакомились с работой ТОО «Радуга»


Казахстанские и зарубежные эксперты обсудили лучшие практики безопасности пищевых продуктов


Итоги и перспективы развития Енбекшиказахского района

Наше преимущество в качестве материалов


Всё для процветания родного края


Проект «Бастау» – старт для воплощения мечты

Секреты виноделия

Саморазвитие личности важно для развития бизнеса

Наша цель – высокий уровень профессионализма


Технология, позволяющая  защищать окружающую среду


Мой  девиз – забота  о  человеке


В Алматы открылся первый флагманский  мультитопливный автозаправочный комплекс нового формата



МЧС РК. Бауржан Искаков у истоков создания


Чингиз Айтматов: «Больше переводить, больше издавать, больше читать друг друга»


Союзу художников РК – 85 лет


Фестиваль  «День культуры Японии»



Global Carrier Award впервые вручена казахстанскому мобильному оператору


My motto is caring for people



Yernat Anuarkhanovich Tlespayev, the head of the stone, granite and marble processing enterprise for Talgar city, Member of the Board of Trustees of Saken Seifullin Secondary School No. 2 answers the questions of our journalist. He actively participates in solving social issues of the Talgar Region.







You graduated from the radio engineering school, then you educated in the spiritual administration of the Muslims Madrasa of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia (Almaty city). Why did you decide to engage in spiritual education?


I began to engage in spiritual education through prayer reading, then I got an education in the spiritual administration of the Muslims Madrasa, the Embassy of Saudi Arabia (Almaty City). Spiritual education contributes to the personality and creates a spiritual core. I have a large family: my wife is Almenova Gulzada Sovetovna and I have six children: three of them are boys and three girls. The eldest son is married and has a daughter. I am not indifferent to the fate of children left without parental care. I take an active part in charity events, attracting the younger generation to humanity, patriotism, religious education and upbringing, in organizing pilgrimages to shrine and teaching to care about burial sites.

The actual problem of modernity is the revival of the spiritual needs of an individual and human moral and ethical traditions and foundations. Today, the society faces the objective of reviving the spiritual component of human life.




You have been the Deputy Chairman for Social Affairs of the Ili District for the Talgar Region of the Association of War Veterans in Afghanistan “Veterans of Kazakhstan” since 2016. Tell us more about it.


Each of us served in the army, stood in line and wore epaulets. War is war. Soldiers must fulfill their duty at all times. And the Kazakh Afghans did it with honor. No one escaped from the battlefield. Many became disabled and many died. Therefore, we and representatives of the Association of War Veterans of Afghanistan in the district discuss the problems of students, war veterans and internationalists who undoubtedly performed their military and civic duty, who sacrificed their health and lives for the good of the state and who defended peace, freedom and security, they deserve special attention and privilege. We do our best to provide assistance, psychological, moral, material support, arrange events, concerts and give gifts. Legally, in our country, participants in the Afghan war are equated to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, although there is a difference of 40 years between these wars.







You are currently working in Talgar District Mosque (shyrakshı). In 2006, you are appointed as administrator of the Central Committee (central cemetery) of the Talgar region. Tell us about your work.


My work is not only about great physical exertion, but also a huge moral strain. We work outdoors in any, even the most difficult weather conditions. Often, poor people do not have an opportunity to pay for funeral services. We provide assistance to such people for charitable purposes. If each person takes a responsible approach to his duties, to fulfill them in good faith, to love his profession, this is the most important thing. After all, we can help a person. We must help people if they experience hardships. The main thing is to be able to sympathize, empathize and support them in difficult times. In

In 2014, we opened a stone, granite and marble processing enterprise in the city of Talgar. This has created additional jobs. Our main team includes Yankovskaya Natalya Petrovna the Administrator, Amirgazin Sayat Zinollayevich the Foreman, Bakutov Azamat Makhambetovich the Adjuster, Akhan Yerzhan Bauyrzhanovich the Installer, Gazizov Rakhat Yesbosynovich the Artist, Ibrahimov Elmurod Djasykbavich the Welder and Almenov Nurlan Mukhtarovich the Driver.

We render sponsorship for Saken Seifullin Secondary School No. 2 of Talgar city: we equipped the assembly hall by fabricating 2 large tables, a metal gate and bars on the second-floor windows.

I participate in the implementation of state policy to promote the development and improvement of the social protection of the people in order to improve the level and quality of population’s life. We have built a house for three low-income families at our own expense.

Due to its location, Talgar Region has every chance to become one of the centers for the development of tourism in the Almaty region. Talgar defined the geographical center of the city, the flag of Kazakhstan is set on it, our enterprise was assigned to create the foundation of granite for it.







Your whole life and work is dedicated to the resolution of social issues of the district. Tell us about your future plans.



Since 2012, I am a member of the NurOtan party. The founder of the party and its leader is the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. Thanks to his high prestige, long-term vision and patriotic will, NurOtan has become a strong national parliamentary-type party, which enjoys wide and stable support from Kazakhstan. Improving the lives of people and the life of the city, these are the areas of concern that have always been at the forefront for us. I think that we are coping with our mission as proven by the fact that people trust us, come to us with their problems and believe that they will get help. I actively participate in the “Road to School” program: I buy a complete set of school backpacks, school and sports uniforms and shoes. I am not indifferent to the fate of the children left without parental care.







Your wishes for the Independence Day of Kazakhstan.


Independence Day is a holiday symbolizing the freedom and grandeur of the Kazakh people and all of us cherish this notable day. Thanks to independence, Kazakhstan under the leadership of Nursultan Nazarbayev the first President confidently moves towards its chosen path of development. Today, Kazakhstan shows a strong political stability, harmonization of interethnic and interreligious relations, sustainable socio-economic development, continuous improvement in the people's standard of living and constant strengthening of the country's authority in the international arena. Owing to the President of our young and actively developing country, Kazakhstan, having successfully completed the transitional stage of its economic and social development, is ready to step in a new historical milestone, according to the approved "Kazakhstan-2050" Strategy. Let us sincerely hope that all our plans will come true, that our desire to unite efforts to solve the vital tasks set by the Head of State in his Address will contribute to the further prosperity of our republic. May this holiday always give strength, sense of security and the wonderful future of our country. I wish stability, prosperity and health to you and your loved ones!




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