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Main secrete of «IRADA-BALYK» is skilled specialists + introduction of innovation technologies

Today, the aquaculture in Kazakhstan is in an embryonic state. Throughout the country, there are about 30 small fish husbandries. Thereat, the total area of ponds is about 3 mln ha in different climatic zones to enable artificial breeding of valuable fish species.

“Irada-Balyk” LLP is a large and single plant in Panfilovskiy district of Almaty region, engaged in production of fish products.

Suriyam Turganovna IZIMOVA, Director of “Irada-Balyk”, tells to our magazine about her fishery, its development, near-term plans and outlooks.




Development of Aqua-Business


Someday, Suriyam and her husband visited the trout fishery near Turgen. Such trout pools being shot with silver in the sun were seared into their memory. In their way home, the spouses decided to fish-farm.

However, there were many obstacles between the idea and its implementation. Trout is a very tender fish that needs clear, cool water; but, summer in Zharkent is very hot.

In 2008, by own forces, “Irada” PH started to construct the sturgeon-trout fishery with capacity of 300 tons per year. Formerly, it had been a dream of Suriyam Turganovna to have fish in the own pond; and such dream was turned into reality. Not ordinary fish, but tsar’s ones: trout and sturgeon.

- Due to the specificity of the fish industry, that differs from the fruit-vegetable industry, the construction complex was withdrawn from the balance of “Irada” PH, – says Suriyam. – And we created “Irada Balyk” LLP based thereon. The pond area in the fishery is about 7.0 thousand square meters. In future, it is planned that “Irada Balyk” will provide about 250-300 tones commercial fish per year. Now, the brood stock is bred for incubation and breeding of the own seeding. The incubation shop was constructed for spawning, incubation and juvenile fish breeding, and eight pools were provided where fish was placed after painstaking work. Here, it is driven to the commercial state and offered for sale. Most eyed ovum and fish feed manufactured by AllerAqua Company are exported from Denmark. The feed composition complies with all the world standards.

- Fish breeding is not an easy business, – says Suriyam. – There is specificity of sanitary, infection and parasitologic control, many other nuances. That is to say, it is a very capricious, anxious business.

Of course, there were losses also. When strong storms caused mudflows to the pond.

- We were very nearly to loss all fish bread, – recalls bitterly Suriyam. – We had to seek a new place and to carry juvenile fish there. We saved over half. And I am thankful to my husband and persons who helped me in such difficult period; they worked the clock round, without rest. In the course of time, we managed to restore everything and to continue working.


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Outlooks, Plans and Innovations


Today, the fishing company “Irada Balyk” is one of the largest fisheries of Panfilovskiy district. The people has jobs and is hard at work under the management of such slim fascinating woman, who does not allow herself to take hasty decisions and to raise voice at her subordinates, but who is always ready to help out.

The company has developed the social program, under which the employees are provided with money for purchase of coal for winter, food products, school stuff for pupils, treatment, training. The company renders assistance to schools, orphan asylums, veterans and just strangers asking for help.

Suriyam Turganovna Izimova deserved thoroughly to be awarded with the title “Honorary Citizen” of Panfilovskiy district, and she was awarded with the “Erenenbegi Ushin” medal for substantial contribution in the region economy development at the Twentieth Kazakhstan Independence Anniversary (2014).

Suriyam is fond of her work and is ready to develop the company. She has not a moment to sit idle; she is an active public figure. Thus, at the international scientific-practical conference “Priorities and Outlooks of Fish Industry Development”, Suriyam Izimova has made the actual report how the unique sturgeon-trout fishery is being developed and what is its specificity.

A pioneer among the aqua-business entrepreneurs, one of the famous business-women in Kazakhstan, she has made the main focus of her speech on the existing problems and capabilities of the aquaculture.

In October of 2016, the Kazakhstan businessmen delegation visited the People’s Republic of China with the business trip. In order to present the Regional Entrepreneurship Development Map of “Atameken” National Chamber of Entrepreneurs for attraction of investments from Almaty region, Suriyam Izimova has presented her project “Construction of facility using recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for breeding of sturgeon species and plant for processing of fish products”.

- Within the visit, we met the heads of the Committee for International Trade Development Assistance of Hunan Province (People’s Republic of China), took part in the seminar of scientific-technical exchange and innovations. At the presentation of innovation capabilities, the projects of the Kazakhstan delegation struck the Chinese investors and companies. The Celestial businessmen showed great interest in further cooperation.

During the road-show, Suriyam Izimova said about the purposes, peculiarities and efficiency of the project. Construction of recirculating aquaculture systems for sturgeon species to produce black caviar and construction of the plant for processing of fish products shall be breakthrough not only in the region, but also in Kazakhstan as a whole – believes the business-lady.

- Introduction of the advanced technologies of fish breeding and processing will enable the company to reduce the cost of fish products, to increase their quality and marketable state, to expand the product range. The project uniqueness is that our enterprise has experience of more than 8 years in breeding and sale of valuable sturgeon fish species. Further processing of products, production of black and red caviar, packing and sale of finished products – the whole complex is included into the main concept of the project. Generally, implementation of the project will enable the enterprise to export the products in future, – tells Suriyam Izimova.





In 2016, the loan was granted to “Irada Balyk” LLP under “Halyk Predprinimatel” Program through the “DAMU” local authority of Almaty region in the amount of 60.0 mln tenge at the rate of 7% per annum for working capital financing. Thereat, the guarantee amount of “Damu” Fond was 29.2 mln tenge.

- With the credit funds, we purchased the expansion extruded feed manufactured by “ALLER AQWA” Danish Company and 200.0 thousand trout impregnated roes from “ALLERAQWA” Company, Poland, as well as 500.0 thousand impregnated roes from “Troutlodge” Company, the USA. We will incubate the roes themselves and will renew the trout brood stock for breed renewal. Theoretically, productivity of fish husbandries is much higher than that of traditional cattle breeding. Therefore, we are glad to practice production of new valuable fish species with gradual reducing of the product cost.

- Now, it is very important to apply a scientific, innovation approach to our fish plant. Thus, I engage the best specialists, and we adopt their experience. We invite the specialists such as: parasitologists, infectiologists, we are in close cooperation with KazNAU. The students undertake the internship and adopt our experience; we hope that our staff will be added with young specialists. One graduate – ichthyologist has been already hired. Recently, we invited the ultrasound specialist – sturgeon breeder from Astana Bekbergenova V., who performed the ultrasound examination of sturgeon species.

Due to the business specificity, “Irada Balyk” LLP plans to make its contribution in maintenance of quantity and biological diversity of rare and endangered sturgeon species. I am going to submit to the Agricultural Ministry the proposal on their artificial spawning, i.e. keeping of the brood stock of such sturgeon species for roe obtaining, spawning and fish larva breeding. Therefore, we would preserve their genetic material and solve the methodical issues of artificial breeding and pond stocking with fish in the region. In one word, we have a pile of plans!





Main Success Secrete


Suriyam Izimova is one of many agrarians whose achievements are remarked by European Business Assembly (Oxford, Great Britain). In 2010, peasant household “Irada” under her control won the “Best Enterprise” award. Moreover, Suriyam Turganovna Izimova was awarded with the title “Best Manager of the Year” for efficient company management, striving to comply with the business standards applicable in the today’s world, commercial success. In 2011, “Irada-Balyk” LLP won the International Prize “European Quality”. In the meantime, Suriyam Turganovna became a member of the International Leader Club joining the successful businessmen from 28 world countries.

“Irada-Balyk” LLP has the conformity certificate “Quality Management System” ISO 9001-2009 and international conformity certificate “Food Product Safety Management System” ISO 22000-2006 issued by the Poland Testing and Certification Center.

Seems like Suriyam wends her easy way through life and does not encounter resistance... It is misbelief. Really, each successful destiny is backed by years of patient labor, continuous self-improvement, insistence, purposefulness, wisdom, etc. The example of the successful Kazakhstan business-lady Suriyam Turganovna Izimova is one more confirmation thereof.







- Secrete of our successes is team work of the people who works with me, my family, cronies. But for their support I would not have managed. I believe that successfulness of a person is defined not by his achievements, but his plans. We have many plans: to make the life in villages of the native Panfilovskiy district cozy, happy and comfortable. I strive to do everything in my powers for happiness of our children, our country that has everything, I am sure, to become one of the most successful states in Eurasia. A special thanks to my parents – the first and best teachers in my life. They are the very persons I am owing to for everything good I have!



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С удивительным человеком познакомила нас судьба. Максут Абуович ТЕМИРБАЕВ, видный ученый-стоматолог, академик Международной академии стоматологов, доктор медицинских наук, профессор, по праву и заслуженно считается корифеем стоматологии в нашей стране.








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