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Сельское хозяйство в Казахстане: перспективные направления


Agriculture in Kazakhstan:

perspective areas


Всё в этой жизни надо делать в меру



Everything in this life should be done in moderation




«Для интенсивного развития пчеловодства в Казахстане необходимо применять инновации»



“Innovations for the development of beekeeping in Kazakhstan!”


Кызылорда готовит лучших спортсменов по каратэ-до



Kyzylorda trains the best karate-do athletes



Кайдаров Рустем Есимханович:

«Совет генералов» ставит акцент в воспитании  патриотизма на примерах наших героев и батыров



Тимур Кулибаев встретился с будущими чемпионами


Ученый из ЮКО изобрел инновационную сельхозмашину



Единственный в стране Центр роботизированной хирургии откроют



АО «Самрук-Энерго» в топе «Рейтинга инновационных компаний» Казахстана


XII Инновационный конгресс 2017: развитие технологического бизнеса



Почему в Казахстане не внедряются инновации



Бизнес-идеи для реализации инноваций



В Казахстане построят первый гоночный болид



Памяти Дмитрия Хворостовского



Чего ждать в 2018 году в сфере экономики, политики, науки и медицины?


Ученые сделали 13  открытий: на благо ли?


Об изменениях и дополнениях, внесенных в законы РК, которые вступят в силу с 2018 года

Kyzylorda trains the best karate-do athletes



Small kids, adults and seniors know Tagdybergen Kusherbaevich Zhanaliyeva well in Kyzylorda. He founded the Kyzylorda Regional Karate-Do Federation, many athletes have been raised under his leadership and they win the highest awards from the International and Republican Tournaments. 2017 marked an anniversary for Tagdybyren Kusherbayevich Zhanaliev, he turned 60 years old.







In far 1994, Shygys Karate-do Sports Club was founded in Kyzylorda. It became known thanks to the efforts of the enthusiastic Zhanaliev Tagdibergen Kusherbaevich (black belt, 5-dan rank). Thanks to the mentor in 2002, a small club turned into Kyzylorda Regional Karate-Do Federation whose schools are located in all areas of the city and districts of the region.

Kyzylorda Regional Karate-Do Federation is developing and growing, and its athletes are regular participants of all tournaments at regional and international levels.





- Tagdybergen Kusherbayevich, would you tell us please about the history of the development of martial art in the Kyzylorda Region.


- Since 1976, Karate has become very popular, but in the USSR, this sport was banned until 1989. Kazakhstanis, who were into karate then and today has been doing it, helping to develop this sport in our region. More than 600 athletes are currently involved in the Federation.




 - Could you tell us about the goals and objectives of the Federation?


- First of all, the main goal is to distract the children from negative influence of the street, to inspire them to hate smoking, drugs and alcohol and to promote a healthy lifestyle and finally to educate the strong and real citizens of their homeland.






- What achievements are you proud of?


- My disciples are the first Masters of Karate-Do and the first Champions and prize-winners of the World, they are: Auezov Abzal, Zhanaliev Kanat, Aldongarov Valikhan, Anesova Aigerim, Shurenova Asel, Ertaev Murat, etc. Many prizes and awards of the highest standard represent our merits.

In 2005, my oldest son Kanat Zhanaliev at the Kazakhstan’s Championship in Almaty won a permit to the World Championship, which was held in Cyprus, where he became a bronze medalist. This was the first great achievement of the Regional Karate-do Federation.

In 2015 at the world Karate-Do championship in Tbilisi, Moldir Zhanbirbai our fellow compatriot became the winner in the age category of 16-17 years, having won the title of world champion. Moldir is engaged in this sport in the Kyzylorda Regional School of higher sports mastery and her coach is Rustem Abzhamiev, my disciple. 1260 sportsmen from 25 countries took part in this representative championship of the planet. Moldir performed in the weight category up to 48 kg and held three fights, winning with a score of 7:0 in the final fight with an athlete from Georgia.

In addition, Moldir Zhanbirbai was awarded with another gold medal in the Team Kumite.

In 2016, the International Olympic Committee has included Karate-Do (WKF) in the program of the Olympic Games-2020 in Tokyo and now our goal is to get berth for this event.

For the first time in Astana in July 2017, the Asian Karate-Do Championship was held. More than 700 athletes from 30 countries of the Asian continent competed for the title of the most skillful fighter. The fighters fought not only for the medals of the continental championship, but also for individual rating points. Kazakhstan team won 8 gold medals at that competition. In the category under the age of 21, again, our citizen Moldir Zhanbirbai confidently snatched a victory from the hands of Bakhmanyar Sarah Iranian woman.




- You devote all your strength and experience to Kyzylorda Athletes, but do you have enough time for your sons?


- They have been in sports with me from the very young age. Zhanar is my daughter (black belt, 1-dan rank), she is a champion of many major competitions. Zhanniete is my grandson, he has been engaged in Karate-Do since he was five, now he is 11 years old, he is a prize-winner of the regional championship and international tournaments. Bakhytbek is my son (black belt, 1-dan rank), he is also the Champion of the RK and prize-winner of many international tournaments. Kanat is my son (black belt, 2-dan rank) he is master of sports of Kazakhstan, three-time champion of the Championship of Kazakhstan, the bronze medalist of the World Championship, which was held in Cyprus in 2005, he has won various international tournaments. I have been engaged in this sport for more than 20 years.




- What are your plans for the near future?


- Take part in all kinds of tournaments, competitions, get first rank and educate our younger generation as worthy citizens of Kazakhstan.

The editors the New Era Magazine wishes you good health and the embodiment of your most ambitious goals!






We managed to meet and talk with the athletes of Kyzylorda Regional Karate-Do Federation and learn about their aspirations and dreams.




Asemgul Erdaulet, 13 years old, multiple champion of Kazakhstan, Candidate in masters of sport:


- I took up Karate-Do at the age of eight; my first and acting coach is Rustem Bakhytzhanuly Karaev. I am glad to be the disciple of this coach and I will try not to let him down, showing high results in future.

I am a participant of the Asian Championships, which was held this year in Astana. I took part in such a big event for the first time and I performed well. Many Karate-Do Masters confirm these achievements. I set great goals for myself and put all my efforts to achieve them.

Karate-Do educates personal mental spirit, strengthens physical endurance and increases efficiency. I hope that great victories are awaiting for me!



• Akpanbet Nurzhan is 25 years old, World Karate-Do Champion, International Sports Master:


- I have been doing sports for 17 years; I started at the age of six. Karate-Do gives me many good things, and most importantly – mental training. Thanks to our strong coaching staff, I managed to achieve high results. I also thank the city administration of Kyzylorda Region and Department of Culture and Sports of the Region, who have always supported us.




• Leonid I, 22, bronze medalist of the Asian Championships, Candidate in masters of sport:


- I took up Karate-Do, when I was 7 years old, and now I do not imagine my life without sports, I train young children. There are many promising disciples in my group – we participate in the champions of the Region, Republic of Kazakhstan and international tournaments.

I want to express my deep gratitude to our Federation, my mentors for their support and their whopping experience. Sport is life!



• Maganatuly Mohammedi, 14 years old, champion of Kazakhstan, Candidate in masters of sport:


- I have been doing this sport since I was eight, thanks to all my coaches who prepare me for the big starts. Thanks to them, I became the champion of Kazakhstan. My goal now is to become the champion of Asia and the world and I want to win a berth to the Asian and Olympic Games.




• Konstantin Nyu, age 13, champion of Kazakhstan, Candidate in masters of sport:


- My grandmother brought me to sport when I was 6 years old. She still supports my morale and motivates to victories, actively participates in all our events, and if necessary helps my mentors.

I am very glad that I got into this kind of sport and to the coach, who helps me and supports me in every possible way. I became stronger, more enduring, my parents are very happy that I am doing sports and that I show great results.




• Rustem Batyrkhanovich Abzhamiev, honored trainer of Kazakhstan, vice-president of the regional Karate-Do Federation, senior Karate-Do Coach in the region:


- I have been in Karate-do for almost 30 years; I have been doing it since 1989. Zhanaliev Tagdybergen Kusherbayevich trained me. He also trained all masters who currently work as coaches and mentors.

 As a rule, students come to our school to learn how to defend themselves. However, karate teaches children not only to defend themselves, but when children are plunged into the atmosphere of classes; children begin to understand that this is not only a sport, but also something more important – a whole life. The school still receives former students, who are already over 30 years old. All express the gratitude for the fact that due to their studies they established themselves as individuals, strengthened their personality, formed a character and found the strength to decently overcome difficult life situations.

Now, thanks to the support of the city administration of Kyzylorda Region and Regional Department of Culture and Sports, the Karate-Do Athletes started to show good performance.

In the future, we want to win more medals at various championships in Asia and worldwide. Our main goal is to win permits to the Asian and Olympic Games.




Irina ALEX,

Evgenya SKALEY



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