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БАХЫТ НУРМАНОВ: «Патриотизм и профессионализм – наши главные преимущества»


«Patriotismand professionalism are our main advantages»



В Алматы состоялся VI инновационный форум



В Казахстане появится племенной центр с генетической лабораторией


В Казахстане появится племенной центр с генетической лабораторией



Казахстан в тройке лидеров по инновационной активности



«Келешек-РСФМСШИ» –

дверь в блестящее будущее


Цифровизация РК проведет интернет

в село


«Keleshek-RSPHMSBS» is the door to a bright future




сделано в Казахстане!



made in Kazakhstan!


Aluminium of Kazakhstan Hoffmann Aluminium™ – на шаг впереди!

Aluminum of Kazakhstan “Hoffmann Aluminium™ “ is one step ahead!


Алмазные и буровые долота PDC от компании KDC


KDC company`s diamond and PDC drill bits from the company KDC



Плюс электрификация всей страны!


Plus electrification of the entire country!



Рост инвестиций в ВИЭ



Инновационный маркетинг – успех современного бизнеса


Александр Ширвиндт: «Великих людей пародировать не надо, ими надо быть!»



is the door to a bright future


The School “Keleshek” was opened in 1997 on the basis of the famous republican physics and mathematics boarding school for gifted children, which released many modern politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, bankers. Among them, the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Massimov K.K., the founder of Yandex – Arkady Volozh, Ilya Sigalovich, Dauren Kaupynbaev – CEO and co-founder of TAMOS and many others. Under the leadership of the director Saburova Gulsharban-Zhanna Kamylbaevna, “Keleshek” became a brand with which high-quality education and brilliant prospects are associated. The school retains leadership in the industry and the national business rating for many years. How does she manage it?







The Keleshek school stands out among many others thanks to the accumulated image of the “smithies” of outstanding specialists who successfully make careers and successful businessmen.



- Gulsharban-Zhanna Kamylbaevna, speaking about the advantages of private education, you put an individual approach to students in the foreground. Do pupils of private schools, including yours, think that they get overestimated marks?


- Not with us! Fizmat school on the right remain top-quality, because here the real leaders of society studied and were brought up. The above-mentioned principle is absolutely inappropriate in our school. Parents are our like-minded people, who rightly believe that the evaluation brings up the child. Admission to the RSPhMSBS was carried out from the 9th grade, and I had the opportunity to study the children who came to it. Some students were prepared for study, but many were not. However, I saw the great potential of the school and the teaching staff. So there was the idea of opening a preparatory school from grades 5 to 8 for children seeking to enter the  RSPhMSBS.

The founders of the “Keleshek-RSPhMSBS” school were our graduates. The Board of Trustees of the foundation, headed by Karim Kazimkanovich Masimov, our graduate, was established. Among our graduates are 10 ministers, I think it says a lot. All of them became members of the Board of Trustees, they support the school, thanks to them our school material base is being built and expanded. The primary school from 1 to 5 classes was opened, which I called “Danashim”. We do not make wide publicity for our schools – it is to some extent closed schools, because I do not have the opportunity to receive all comers. We have winners of Оlympiads with outstanding results, primarily in mathematics and physics.




- What is the success of Almatian RSPhMSBS and the “Keleshek-RSPhMSBS” school based on?


- Private schools, as a rule, do not take part in republican and international Olympiads, and we are four times holders of the Grand Prix of the International Olympiads in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. The students who won the International Olympiads, then “automatic” go to the RSPhMSBS in 9 grade. They continue to become winners of many Olympiads. We even organized an Olympic Reserve School. In 1998, for the first time I collected all the schools in the city – both private and public – and conducted the Olympiads on the basis of the RSPhMSBS called “The Day of Young Gifts”.

Then 26 schools took part in it, and our students took first place. There were a lot of children and parents at the Olympiad, and as a result, next year most of them wanted to go to our school. In Keleshek school, we accept children only through a contest, which is conducted 3 times during the summer, we select through the Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, Chemistry and prepare children for our future Olympiad reserve, for study at the RSPhMSBS. Now the pupils of the Keleshek school show outstanding achievements in the world arena of education. Parents are waiting in line for our school, because we have strict discipline and high demands,  while we have a relatively small payment. Moreover, the winners of the international Olympics are generally exempted from payment for studies, many children pay partially for tuition. So, the 50% discount was received by the whole team winning the Grand Prix, there are some children who pay only 30%.








- How is the educational process in the school? Creating the impression that your children do not learn anything in except of physics and mathematics.


- No, it’s not like that: we have a strong football team, children are engaged in great tennis, choreography, music, singing. We try to educate versatile children. By the time when the President of the country raised the issue of education in 3 languages, this principle had been in effect for 3-4 years already. At school English is taught intensively, English club is conducted. Classes are held in parallel with the first class. At first it was in the form of an experiment, and then everyone got used to it. From the first grade, children begin to understand Kazakh, and Russian, and English. In the future, mathematics, physics, chemistry will be taught in English, we already demand this from our teachers. Teachers improve their qualifications on our base, all holidays are studied. Our children on holidays not only have a rest, but also study, for example, English, and without additional payment.




- The success of the school largely depends on the teaching staff. Tell us about your teachers, who are they?


- Like students, we take the teacher through the competition. Next year the RSPhMSBS will become an experimental site of Nazarbayev-intellectual school. We also have teachers from England, Canada, the United States. I often visit other countries, I gather a bit of experience, which is acceptable for us. At the same time I am not a supporter of blind copying, I take only the elements that are acceptable for us. Nevertheless, to a large extent I am maintaining our classical Soviet pedagogy. I am often asked how you, Kazakh, knows by heart so many poems in Russian? I answer: -how do not know, I’m a teacher. First of all, I must know what I demand from the child. I have taught Russian and literature both in Russian and Kazakh schools for all my life. When I was just beginning to teach Russian language and literature lessons, I always said to myself: today I had opened another diamond, introduced the students to Sergei Esenin, or to Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Nikolai Gogol I studied Kazakh literature myself. To make the children more understandable, together with Russian poets, I gave our national poets. For example, by getting acquainted with Lermontov – I give Abai, with Pushkin – I give Shakarim in parallel, then I open Abay’s work. Students translated with pleasure poems of Shakarim, Magzhan Zhumabayev and others into Russian.

To take the teacher to work, I should know practically everything about this person: his personal life, the composition of the family, where he lives, what school he finished, who was his teacher, what high school he graduated from. I find out how he has worked before us, what tasks he sets himself. All these questions worry me not from idle curiosity. I must know thoroughly the person with whom I am going to work, who will teach our children. I must know it as a principal of the school and simply, because I care about a person and his problems, because as an employer I will have to help to solve them. Often good teachers come to me, who are forced to work in five places, somewhere they pay 50 thousand tenge, somewhere around 40 thousand ... If I see that the person is intelligent, I put a good salary, I give the opportunity to continue to grow and engage in scientific work. Together with the children, our teachers write scientific projects, and teachers, by the way, win, they receive prizes. I need the teacher’s eyes to burn, there was a spark so that he could lead the children along with him so that the children could believe him.







- Tell me a bit about your work in the RSPhMSB.


In the Republican Physics and Mathematics School I have been working for 41 years. In former times I taught 2 months Russian language and literature at the national school in Belarus. 20 years ago I opened the school “Keleshek”. Before becoming the director of the RSPhMSBS I passed all the corridors from the deputy director for educational work, science and methodology, the Olympic reserve school to the boarding school director. I started to teach Kazakh literature myself in Russian school. This was for me an experimental site, which subsequently forced me to defend my Ph.D. thesis, and now I have completed my doctoral monograph. Thus, I gained a lot of experience as an organizer and as a teacher-scientist. As a result of successful participation in international Olympiads in Switzerland, I was awarded a gold medal for the championship of the school among six countries.




- Do you have any special secret of success?


- To succeed the director of a private school, we have to work very hard, we move forward ourselves, never stop at what we have achieved. I move on and on forward, because I understand: time does not wait, time requires new approaches, new innovative ideas from us. Our children go forward and we, the teachers, should always go ahead. And the head of the school should be a leader in all respects.




- You have created one of the prestigious schools not only in Almaty, but also in Kazakhstan. What are you dreaming of today?


- You know, my dream is to open a nursery school. Recently specially went to Japan, looked their methods. In general, I would like to open a full-cycle educational complex, starting with a nursery school and ending with a college. I want to realize my potential for the benefit of Kazakhstan, at least in Almaty. I am often asked to open branches in Astana, in regional centers. I say that I cannot. Where I am not, there is no school. I have to lead the process every day, see the eyes of the teachers, students.




- Thank you, dear Gulsharban-Zhanna Kamylbaevna, for the interesting conversation. Successes to you in ascetic labour, good luck to your fellow teachers, and especially to your students, our hope, our future.



This year “Keleshek” turned 20 years old. We sincerely congratulate Gulsharban-Zhanna Kamylbaevna and the whole staff of the school on this significant date!


20 years is just the beginning,

20 years for school is not a term,

But how many have already made up

It is in the life of successful, happy roads!




Irina ALEX,

Evgenya SKALEY

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