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Igembaev Serik Kuandykovich is a Director of the Regional Blood Center. Every year, the world celebrates World Blood Donor Day on June 14, which was coined in May 2005 in Geneva during the 58th World Health Assembly. This day, Kyzylorda City holds a donation campaign on the initiative of the regional branch of the Republican Red Crescent Society and theregional Blood Center, a blood under the slogan “Blood is a gift of the life and thanking you for this!”, “Donate your blood and save life






For the first time, the blood transfusion in the regionentered in the history in 1938. The transfusionwas performed by Idrisov Akram Salimovich Surgeon, Professor, honored doctor of Kazakh SSR. During the Great Patriotic War, in the city of Kyzylorda, ahospital with 497 beds was opened on the basis of the evacuated Crimean Medical Institute. During 1943, 44.2 liters of blood were transferred to 134 patients. After the Crimean Medical Institute moved to the Regional Hospital, a blood transfusion point functioned and from 1952 a blood transfusion department was opened at the same facility which averaged about 10 liters of blood per month.

In 1968, pursuant to the order of the regional health administration, a Regional Blood Transfusion Station was opened with a plan for preparing 100 liters of blood per month.

In 1995, the Regional Blood Transfusion Station was renamed the Regional Blood Center in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 28, 1994 ref. No. 1211 “On the renaming of Blood Service Institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Currently, the Regional Blood Center is a Communal State Enterprise on the right of economic management.

The Regional Blood Center provides all medical organizations of the Kyzylorda region with Blood Components and drugs in accordance with their applications.

The main feature of the Blood Division, which determines its place in the health care system, is that no other branch of medicine can do without it. It is no exaggeration to say that the state of health care depends on the level of development of the blood service, since the ability of doctors to save a person's life is often determined by how quickly and in a timely manner they are provided with high-quality and safe components of donor blood.

The regional blood center today is equipped with modern medical equipment while modern technologies have been introduced in the preparation, processing of blood and identifying transfusion infection markers.

This equipment and modern consumables allowedto improve the quality and safety of banked blood substances exponentially.




All stages of the production process for blood banking are important. Everythinginitiates with the proper selection of a donor. In this case, the useof the Info Donor information system is of great importance.Using the donation method amounted to 32.0% with a republican indicator of 20.8%. The rate of gratuitous donationsis 100.0%.

In accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 164 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the health of people and the health care system”, “The safety of donor blood and its components is ensured by quarantine, virus inactivation, radiation exposure and other methods allowed in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Blood Banking is carried out in modern containers with built-in leukocyte filters, which makes it possible to immediately receive leukofiltered erythrocytes and plasma. Plasma and platelet are producedby the hardware method on automatic separators allowing us to obtain high-quality blood components.

Plasma quarantine method reduces the risk of transmission of infections through donated blood.Plasma was completely quarantinedin 2009 when the modular freezer for 2.5 tons was installed. Although, the republic allows to issue non-quarantined plasma to medical organizations, the blood center provides only leukofiltrated quarantined plasma. For a certain cohort of patients, the virus-inactivated plasma is produced. Platelets are issued after leukofiltration and virus inactivation. Inactivation of pathogenic biological agents in plasma and platelets is a new technology to ensure the safety of blood components.

Given the fact that our region is an endemic zone for the Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever, the center is banking immune plasma from people who have suffered this disease.Itshould be noted that the use of immune plasma, the mortality among this category of patients has sharply decreased.

The safety of banked blood is achieved by introducing a two-stage method for diagnosing markers of transfusion infections (a combination of an immunological method for detecting antibodies + antigens and a molecular genetic method for detecting viral RNA / DNA on automated analyzers of a closed type.

A blood center is testing donors for brucellosis by setting the Heddelson Reaction. From 2014,they began to use donated blood samples with a positive Heddelson reaction to conduct an  ELISA for brucellosis.

Since 2016, the Center introduced AlAt express diagnostics in donors before blood donation.Due to thehigh-quality selection of donors and the introduction of the above methods, the specialists achieved a reduction in the overall donation defective index down to 0.5%, which is the lowest in the country.

Medical organizations of the region in accordance with the applications receive timely high-quality and safe blood components.In addition, each organization has a minimum bank ofthese components.High performance is achieved thanks to a professional and cohesive team. These are such professionals in their field as Sadmanova V.S., Akhmetova G.T., Dauitova R.G., Akhmetova G.O., ZhumashL.Zh., Zhubatkanov O.M., Kumusbaeva G.A., Utegenova E.L., Smagulova L.A and others.

The introduction of modern technology requiresappropriate staff training.Thespecialists of the Center have been educated and trained in the leading centers of Russia, Israel, Poland, USA, Japan, India, etc.The center cooperates closely with representatives ofmedical equipment manufacturers in Kazakhstan, who directly at the workplace conduct trainingon how to operate the relevant devices.Experts in the exchange of experience attend various blood centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Currently, the center is preparing to undergo accreditation.Employees of the Center know the price of every drop of blood, so they treat their duties with great responsibility.




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