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С заботой о будущем Казахстана



With  care  for  the  future  of  Kazakhstan

Алматинцам презентовали новый объект туризма

В Алматы открыт новый кластер IT-индустрии



Акция «Атамекенім»


«Атамекенім» акциясы



инновационность и высокие стандарты



innovative approach and high standards



Bal Tekstil company – carpet leader of Kazakhstan



Компания «Бал Текстиль» – ковровый лидер Казахстана

СПК «Хамит»:

новатор рыбного производства


Hamit agricultural production cooperative: fish production innovator



Академия UCMAS – откройте гения в своем ребенке!


UCMAS Academy –  make your child genius!



Проблемы инновационного развития Казахстана



Казахстан участвует во Всемирной кампании против рака груди


Международный конгресс «Центрально-Азиатская гастроэнтерологическая неделя-2017»



Hamit agricultural production cooperative: fish production innovator



HAMIT APC is one of the largest enterprises in the South-Kazakhstan Region for production of dried, smoked and frozen products.

Introduction of new technologies, constant improvement of the quality of fish products, compliance with international quality standards and satisfaction of customers’ requests – all this allows the company to become the winner of various republican and international fairs and exhibitions.

One of the main goals for the company is to produce standard, high-quality and safe products.

Hamit APC was awarded with high awards and diplomas (“The Best Entrepreneur” (Shymkent, 2007), “Golden Leaders” (2011), “The Best Product of Kazakhstan” (2015, 2017).

How did the company manage to achieve such results and supply the Republic with high-quality products and arrange the export of its products?







Agricultural Production Cooperative Hamit was established in 2006 with the aim of organizing the processing and marketing of fish and seafoods. Agricultural Production Cooperativeis located in the South-Kazakhstan Region, near the ShardaraReservoir. During the period of itsbusiness, the enterprise has united several nature users and organized a strong and friendly team of professionals.Currently, the users offishery sites in the Shardara Reservoir and the Syrdariya River – IE Sermanizov, Nuraly LLP and VITA LLP are coowners of the Cooperative.

Bakhytzhan Sermanizov is the founder of Hamit Company, he studied the experience of the European Food Enterprises Development as the company was being established. Talking to his partners, he realizedthat the key of a long-term and reliable relationship with the buyer is a stable quality and safety of the product. Theexperience gained by European enterprises formed the Development Strategy of Hamit APC.

The main activity of the cooperative is fishing, processing and marketing of fish and seafoods. The production capacity of the enterprise allows to process up to 6000tons of raw fish per year and produce up to 3000 tons offinished products.The product range includes live, fresh-frozen fish, frozen, salted-dried and smoked products, as well as fish meal and feed.


The plant’s production is non-waste and consists of the following shops:


• Fish Supply Acceptance Shop: acceptance of fresh and frozen fish, sale of fresh-frozen fish.


• Fillet Shop.


• Salt-smoking Shop: production of whole dried vobla; gutted pikes with dried leaves; dried fish: cyprinid, crucian carp, pike perch, sabrefish, catfish, pike; smoked fish: vobla, asp, bream, goldfish, catfish, silver carp, and sabrefish.


• Vacuum Packaging Shop: packaging of fish products in vacuum.


• Fish-bone Shop: processing of fish production wastes with production of fishmeal and granulated fodder.



Hamit APC uses freshwater fish of three families (perch, carp, catfish) caught from the Aral-Syrdarya Water Basin for processing. The main sources of raw materials supply are the Shardara reservoir and Syrdarya River.

The cooperative has its own fleet consisting of selfpropelled and auxiliary vessels operated by skilled experienced fishermen, who catch fish in the form of commercial non-water fishing.

In 2009, a new plant for processing, storage and freezing of fish and fish products was built and put into operation.








Controllability of the technological process in Hamit APC is achieved through the use of modern equipment. Despite the fact that the fish can be dried both naturally and artificially, the company dries the fish in modern drying chambers, whose operating parameters are calculated on the basis of the physical and chemical as well as biological features of the fish caught from the Aral-Syrdarya water reservoir. The key process parameters (temperature and humidity) are monitored online.

Competent process engineers and veterinarian of the plant have identified key technological parameters for each stage that affect the quality and safety of ready fish products.

According to the established criteria, thefish that is delivered to produce the Hamit’s products, passes sanitary-veterinary examination by the veterinarian of Hamit APC, as well as by representatives of the state control body to prevent contamination of production facilities and fish products.The subsequent vigilant monitoring is taken and conducted by the shop technologists.






The Enterprise’s processes are important. Each employee of Hamit APC understands that unless he or she complies with the established cycle, the entire system will suffer. Therefore, every employee of the enterprise understands that his or her work in the Quality Control System impacts the entire enterprise’s activity.

The efficiency can only be ensured by competent and devoted professionals. To this end, the management of Hamit APC signed a dual training agreement with Shardara College No.16 in 2014. The first students of this institution were workers of the plant.

In March 2017, the first diplomas were awarded during the Graduating Ceremony. The Students have always been trained in the factory, with the use of practical materials, which allows to achieve a high level of knowledge.

Now the students are not only representatives of the Plant, but also ordinary schoolchildren, who want to work in a promising company.

The company constantly holds training seminars devoted to Quality Control and Quality Assurance among Hamit APC employees involving consultants from various international companies.

Hamit’s Management appreciates every employee, and therefore, has developed and implemented a system of monetary motivation and rewarding for initiatives, active and responsible employees. Financial encouragement is based on the results of periodic certification.

At the end of each calendar year, the company holds voting among the Enterprise’s employees.The results of the survey are used to select the year’s best employee, who is awarded with the “Certificate of Honor” and a cash prize.








In order to assess the hazardous operational factors in the production of fish products, the plant’s technicians carried out a great and painstaking work in 2008, guided by the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 22000: 2005.

Based on the results of the work, the procedures were developed to prevent the emergence of hazardous factors, a list of measures was drawn up to improve production conditions, auxiliary processes that positively affected the quality and safety of food products.

Thus, the workshops has been repaired, which significantly improved the production and labor conditions.

Quality Improvement Activities are taken constantly, that let the company to guarantee the high quality and safety of its fish products.

In 2015, the Company’s Top Management decided to establish its fleet. This ensures the safety of the products on the way from the factory to the customer when the goods are distributed within the domestic market.Hamit APC plans to create its own logistics system, which will allow to transport the goods independently overlong distances.





In order to supply the fish in 2015, the project of growing commercial fish in cages and ponds was launched. The cooperative pays a great attention to the development ofAquaculture, systematically creates a cluster that includes all the elements of a complete system of fish farming, fodder production and the arrangement of trade venues.For this purpose, the company purchased the imported equipment for aquaculture.

To start the project with, the family of cyprinids was introduced to. In 2015, 15 tons of carp were grown in cages, in 2016 this number reached 50 tons of carp.

To date, successful attempts have been made to grow not only the cyprinoid fishes, but fish from the percids family in order to fully provide the enterprise with the main types of raw materials.






The painstaking work of a close-knit and friendly team of professionalswas successful.To date, the market for fish products of Hamit APC looks as follows.



Pie Chart of Hamit’s fish market distribution





Hamit’s Fish Products in the domestic market of Kazakhstan





Fish products (salted-dried and frozen fish) are exported to several countries of near and far abroad: Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Israel. Moreover, in November 2014, the Company’s management signed the contracts to supply the dried products to the United States.

In October 2009, Hamit APC successfully passed certification audits held by Russian Register the International Certification Company. Following the results of audit, the Certificates were awarded.

Moreover, the compliance of the company’s fish products with the high requirements of the Customs Union is assessed by the National Center for Expertise and Standardization. A positive assessment is insured by availability of certificates of conformity for fishproducts of Hamit APC.

March 2010 marked the assignment of international registration number No. KZ X.12/G2-0020/E to Hamit APC entailing it to export the products to the European Union. High quality of products, responsibility to consumers and stability of partner relations ensure the marketing of all fish products and its everlastingappreciation.



Irina ALEX,

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