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Greeks of Panfilovo village

Destiny of the people, in common with the destiny of each individual in our country, is inseparably merged with the biography of bygone erstwhile great country, violent and restless twentieth century full of revolutions, repressions and wars. ‘Soviet’ Greeks suffered the same fate with many other nations and nationalities inhabiting the former USSR.




Excursus to the history



The first tobacco state farm (Almaty Tabaksovkhoz), presently Panfilovo villae, was established near Almaty in 1930.

In 1942 Kuban Greeks, under the guise of evacuation, were moved to Siberia and Kazakhstan. In 1944 Crimea Greeks were moved to Central Asia. The year 1946 witnessed the next wave of evictions from Kuban. All families with Greek citizenship were removed first, and then those, who were citizens of the USSR.

Since 1942 Almaty Tabaksovkhoz became the place of residence for removed Greeks. Our laborious people with a deep gratitude accepted hospitality and assistance from the local population.

Since 1949 Greeks were taken on special record and had to be checked in the local department of the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs every day. Special settlement conditions prohibited movement from one locality to another, ruled out the possibility to enter a higher education institution and later on hold senior roles.

Handicraft and farming became the basic occupation of Greeks. Their hands raised the best tobacco, which brought Kazakhstan to the international market. Many Greeks engaged in agriculture got patents for the best varieties of soybean and grapes, though they had no higher education.

After the Stalin’s regime was condemned and rehabilitation of the victims of political repression began, Greeks regained free choice of profession and place of residence. But many of them refused to return to their home grounds.

Despite all bygone sorrows, Greeks of Panfilovo village took the best of their past and stayed with the people known for hospitality, common sense and inquiring mind. They maintained traditional culture and faith, but unfortunately almost lost their language.



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экспертное мнение









Доктор Стом: Cоздай красивую улыбку!


Doctor-Stom: Create a beautiful smile!


Форум «Хоргосский Деловой Совет» – площадка для развития казахстанско-китайских деловых отношений


Искусственный разум впервые в мире создан в Казахстане



Медицинский центр «АЙмед»: мы делаем все возможное, чтобы вы были здоровы!


Главный участник инновационного поля – государство



Оценка инновационности проектов



Проблемы аграрного сектора Казахстана в условиях межгосударственной интеграции


Issues of agricultural sector of Kazakhstan in terms of inter-state integration



Как противостоять изменению климата?



Греки села Панфилово


Greeks of Panfilovo village



Who is who?

Темперамент + характер + поведение = личность


Король фламенко Хоакин КОРТЕС

Новейший метод освобождения от алкогольной зависимости



Знания, дарящие новую жизнь

IV Алматинский бизнес-форум «АБФ-2015»


Главы Ferrari и Forbes Woman откроют бизнес-форум в Алматы






Hellenic Association «ARGO»


Today more than 10 thousand Greeks live in Kazakhstan. Sixteen Hellenic culture trusts, which form the Association of Hellenic Communities named Philia, operate in the country.

The main objective of the Hellenic Association of Panfilovo villae, Talgar District, is development and preservation of Hellenism in Kazakhstan and solution of the main task for today – development of language and traditions of Greeks residing in Kazakhstan.

ARGO Hellenic Association started operating in 1999, when Greek community of Panfilovo village gained independent legal status, while remaining in the structure of Philia, Kazakhstan Association of Hellenic Communities.

ARGO operations are coordinated by the Council chaired by Mr. Konstantin Ivanovich Muratidi, honorary citizen of Talgar District, Expert of Kazakhstan education, honored coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan, holder of Y. Altynsarin Medal, member of the Council of Kazakhstan Association of Hellenic Communities, member of the Assembly of Nations of Kazakhstan.

The Council is composed of intellectuals, businessmen, ordinary sons of toil. Below are the great contributors to implementation of the Associations’ ideas:

– Mr. Georgiy Konstaninovich Iordanidi, major sponsor and inspirer of many events, member of the Little Assembly of Nations of Kazakhstan, member of the Council of Kazakhstan Association of Hellenic Communities, chairman of Almaty Oblast Greek Community;

– Ms. Nataliya Alekseyevna Tifancidi, Executive Secretary of ARGO Hellenic Association, education officer of Kazakhstan Association of Hellenic Communities, Principal of secondary school No. 17, Talgar District;

– Ms. Svetlana Grigoriyevna Argiropulo, teacher of Greek, teacher of the first qualification category, secondary school No. 17, Talgar District;

– Ms. Athena Andreyevna Kukko, head of the dance ensemble «Macedonia».

Greek diaspora of Panfilovo village – active participant of the national and state holidays of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Every year Greek Sunday School takes part in the Festival of the Sunday Schools of the Assembly of Nations of Kazakhstan, celebration of Independence Day and Nauryz.

Neglect of other peoples’ culture is lack of culture, since no one culture, even the richest one, is self-sufficient. National narrow-mindedness, in any form whatsoever, is destructive both for an individual and nation as a whole.

Pedagogical guidance is the core of the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people, a sort of moral code. Please see some of them below:


Children’s duty – showing respect for mother and obedience to father.

(«Ана алдындағы құрмет, ата алдындағы қызмет әр баланың парызы»).


He who is cursed by mother won’t be thanked by the family.

(«Анасының қарғысын алған, ағайынның алғысын алмас»).


Mountain peaks dare not rose before mother.

(«Ананың алдында асқар тауда аласа»).


He who does no give way to his mother cannot help his father.

(«Анасына орын ұсынбаған әкесiне қолын ұсынбас»).



Close cooperation with the Assembly of Nations of Kazakhstan offers a great opportunity to take part in major events, be on the same footing with other peoples inhabiting our multinational country, and contribute to the wealth of Kazakhstan.




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