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Асетилла Жанысбеков

«Слагаемые успеха:  доступная цена + качество + надежность»



Asetilla  Zhanysbekov

«Formulafor  success:

reasonable price + quality + reliability»



НПП РК «Атамекен» подвела итоги деятельности за 2016 год и озвучила план работ на 2017 год



В Казахстане запустили 23 новых инновационных проекта


Открытие паромного комплекса в порту Курык



Торгово-инвестиционные проекты стран Шелкового пути (г.Сиань)


ТОО «АК БYЛАК БОВ» - команда,  которой  доверяют


Main secrete of «IRADA-BALYK» is skilled specialists + introduction of innovation technologies



Гипотеза испарений как причина изменения климата



Кто создаст в Казахстане высокие технологии



Просто блеск: кто в России занимается настоящими инновациями



Air nobius: растяжка позвоночника без тренировок


Ее сердце не знает покоя



ARTиШОК в авангарде






измени судьбу ребенка



«КОРПОРАЦИЯ КАЗЭНЕРГОМАШ»: качество, на которое можно рассчитывать!


Главный секрет «ИРАДА-БАЛЫК» – профессионалы + внедрение инновационных технологий



Влодзимеж КУРОВСКИЙ:

«Казахстан – перспективная  страна, в которой можно реализовать успешный бизнес»



Позиционируя высокое качество продукции




Asetilla Zhanysbekov, Nurstroyservice LLP,

«Formulafor success: reasonable price +  quality + reliability»

For many years of cooperation with Nurstroyservice LLP educational institutions of Almaty have passed through dramatic changes – right in front of our eyes old, dilapidated buildings transformed into modern, comfortable and beautiful.

Asetilla Kenzhekulovich ZHANYSBEKOV, Director of Nurstroyservice, proves in practice that builders have a unique opportunity – to make people happy.





– Asetilla Kenzhekulovich, please share your secret of successful work in tough times for construction industry.


- You know, you’d better stop focusing on crisis. Of course, altered circumstances should be taken into account, but in any situation you can find the right solutions, build, and move on. Our Company stands on firm ground not because we’ve done something out of the ordinary amidst the crisis. The reasons for success are much deeper.





– And what are they?


– First, well-orchestrated, carefully selected, highly professional team. Our Company is about 10 years. These years calibrated our best, dedicated professionals who keep pace with the Company despite all difficulties. While ensuring high quality of works performed we give an eye to every small detail – this is the foundation of our Company’s success.

Second, having won the public tender for the first time, we showed ourselves to the best advantage – reasonable price + quality + reliability. Our Company has very strict internal quality standards, even stricter than those prescribed by the state standards (GOSTs) and construction rules and regulations.

Third, it is a word of mouth in the finest sense of this word, rather than advertising or acquaintances, has made our Company recognizable and strongly sought-for. Our primary objective is to solve the customer’s problems in the most efficient and economically feasible way. And most importantly – we fulfill orders just like for ourselves, putting heart in our work, and the work goes with a swing. There is nothing impossible for us – we perform the most unexpected and bold repair ideas. We develop individual and unique interior design for each customer.





– And what about your partners?


 – Our first customer was Youth House where 18 through to 28 year old graduates from orphan homes live. I remember accidentally meeting the Director of this House in the Almaty Department of Education, and the next day our team stared overall repair. We’ve working with this institution for 10 years already.

Vocational School No. 10 is another regular client of us; we make renovations with them for eight years, step by step. We complete up to 30 projects a year.

Our Company has never been afraid of getting a leg in something unknown. Venetian plaster – here you are, landscape design – no problem. One of our customers wished to build a fountain at the entrance of the College. We searched in the literature, thoroughly studied this issue, found a very beautiful fountain, developed and agreed the design. Six months later the customer’s dream came true. Now the fountain greets students going to study every morning. And it’s not the kind of experience you can forget. I am sure, thanks to this fountain students will remember their College.

We were the first to take on the reconstruction of Almaty College of Technology and Floral Design for physically challenged students. Have installed ramps and handrails for wheelchairs at the entrances to the main building and assembly hall, reconstructed the building for the elevator shaft, installed the elevator, assist in drawing up estimates for every year repairs.




– Deed you meet any difficulties in the course of the Company development? How did you get over them?


– Of course, we had difficulties, both severe and not. I think that nothing is impossible for professionals. If a person has a strong desire – he could always find a way out of any situation.

It goes without saying that construction market is extremely competitive – after all we all live in the 21st century.

As a leader, I focus first and foremost on the quality of work. This is my credo, it for me it is of the highest priority. If your work lacks quality, reputation built up over many years of hard work will suffer. So I require high quality performance from my team. We always use innovation technologies in our operations.  Both performance time and quality are important for us. If we assume obligations to complete works within the certain deadline – we take every effort to meet them. In case of delay through our fault, we perform all additional work at no cost for the client. Sometimes we have to invest our own funds to do something better, nicer, cuter.






– How many employees do you have in your Company, please tell about their skills.


– We have eight office employees plus ten foremen. However we can engage additional staff any time. In July-August this year we employed up to 120 persons. Our teams have vast experience, they are solid professionals – take my word for them and the quality of their work. It makes no sense for us to keep a large staff, so we outsource employees in case of need to perform additional works.




– Let’s talk about your incentive programs.


– I treat my employees as close people. We have three meals daily; workers get special clothing. Besides, when working far from home, they are supplied with bedding and sanitation products. In winter, when there is no work, our employees improve their skills free of charge while studying at the same schools and colleges they repair, since theoretical knowledge and practical experience is necessary to become a good builder. Our Company pays for their training. If Kazakhstan had raised the rates in the public sector, I would have been able to raise wages and improve social policies for our employees, but meanwhile the budget includes minimum estimates.

The main direction of our Company development is improvement of construction technology and feedback from customers. We plan to improve the technology through arming ourselves with new, up-to-date knowledge, tools and mechanisms and improvement of work ethic among workers and engineers. After all, the fate gave us, as builders, a unique opportunity to make people happy and work for the benefit of others. And we are scrupulous about it.

I would like to take this opportunity to address my team. You perform the bulk of the work. I wish you all prosperity, stability, strong families and faithful friends!  I am very proud of you!

We meet each day with optimism, new plans and confidence in tomorrow.




–  What would you like to wish to your clients and partners at the threshold of the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence?


  First and foremost, I would like to wish our customers and partners health, happiness, longevity, prosperity – no matter what you do, let your business be a success. I would like to assure our customers that we will continuously improve the quality of our work and service. They may rest assured that we will continue to do a good, quality repairs that will serve them for many years. Thanks to everyone who put their trust in us all these years!

Thanks to everyone who work with us today and will come in the future!




Irina ALEX,

Evgenya SKALEY







Объединимся, чтобы победить туберкулез!


Интенсивная и целенаправленная работа всех смежных структур по реализации комплекса противотуберкулезных мероприятий за последние 10 лет позволили добиться значительных позитивных изменений основных эпидемиологических показателей.







Корифей стоматологии Казахстана


С удивительным человеком познакомила нас судьба. Максут Абуович ТЕМИРБАЕВ, видный ученый-стоматолог, академик Международной академии стоматологов, доктор медицинских наук, профессор, по праву и заслуженно считается корифеем стоматологии в нашей стране.








Доктор Стом:

создай красивую улыбку!


Мировой финансовый кризис затронул все сферы, жестко ударив и по стоматологи-ческой сфере услуг. Тем не менее, стома-тологическая клиника Doctor-Stom уверено развивается и является безусловным лидером в своей отрасли. Как им это удается?



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