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Николай Каменский:

«Геология - это перспективно»


Nikolai Kamenskiy:

«Geology means opportunity»



Тимур Құлыбаев:

«Біз геологиялык барлауды кайта жандандыруымыз керек!»


Тимур Кулибаев: «Нам нужно возрождать геологоразведку!»



Өңірлік бағдарлама бойынша алматы қаласында 3000 сауда орнын құру ұсынылды


В Алматы прошла ежегодная конференция предпринимателей



Совет ветеранов Казахстана отмечает




Давайте говорить о хорошем, и мир станет лучше!



Павел Беклемишев:
«На базе того богатства, которое имеет казахстан, мы можем стать…»



Эффективные организации работодателей


Effective employers’ organizations



Алматинский электромеханический колледж: Кузница современных кадров



«Правительство для граждан»:

Размер пенсий и пособий увеличится



3D-printing: Перспективы развития в Казахстане



Рождение маленькой звездочки


Время первых.

В прокат вышел первый масштабный фильм, снятый в формате 3D




Birth  of  a  new  little  star


A man doesn’t learn to understand anything unless he loves it.




Birth of a new little star


Nine-year-old dancer from Shymkent conquers medal podiums of international tournaments and contests adding prestigious awards to her collection.




Straight-A pupil, Medina Uteyeva, studies at school in the 3rd form. From an early age the girl loved to dance in front of the TV, was a child full of play, and having noticed such fancy for dancing, Medina’s parents send het to dance without the slightest hesitation.

In 2013 Medina came to Rhythm Dance Center to take classes in competitive ballroom dancing. Mr. Rail Shaukatovich Faizullin, the head and organizer of the Dance Centre, which threw its doors open for over 200 young dancers, believes that the earlier a child begins to dance, the greater success he or she will achieve.

- In the course of work and study, a child gets a chance to show up at various venues and events: concerts, festivals. Our Centre works according to the approved program of classical, Kazakh, folk stage dance and modern ballroom dance, – told the choreographer to our correspondent.

But dancing in front of the TV and organized classes are completely different things. And far from every child can practice dancing in a training room submitted to the discipline, persevered in their exercises without missing classes. But our heroine is an amazingly hard-working child. And her disposition helps her: ability to persevere through challenges, scale new heights and be the best will invariably lead to success.

- I’m happy to work with a professional teacher and choreographer Rail Shaukatovich Faizullin. He is a high class professional and a caring person: he has the right words for each of us that motivate and inspire for hard daily work, – said Medina.

For girls, choreography is not only a wonderful way to develop a musical ear, movement coordination, flexibility, but also the opportunity to become more self-confident, artistic and open. Mastering exercises, dance movements, elements of parterre gymnastics develops muscular sense, agility, precision in movement, plasticity; teaches to be a hardy, strong person, forms correct posture and nice gait; develops spatial thinking.







In addition, thanks to training at Rhythm Dance Center, Medina became even better in school, she is a regular participant and winner of School Olympiads.

The talented girl enjoys great support from her parents and grandmother – Saule Bakhytzhanovna Muraliyeva – the whole family cheers for her at competitions, discusses each new dance costume, escort her to competitions abroad.

Here is a list of her victories:

• 2014 – Orenburg (Russian Federation), 1st and 2nd places in Juvenile II age group.

 • 2015 – Baikonur, 1st place in her age group.

• 2016 – Astana, 2nd and 3rd places.

• 2016 – Shymkent, our girl became the winner of the Summer Art and Dance Olympics.






And finally, this year Medina ranked first at the International Dance Sport Tournament in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). We wish the talented dancer to achieve great success, love of audience and always go the extra mile!



Irina ALEX



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