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С заботой о будущем Казахстана



With  care  for  the  future  of  Kazakhstan

Алматинцам презентовали новый объект туризма

В Алматы открыт новый кластер IT-индустрии



Акция «Атамекенім»


«Атамекенім» акциясы



инновационность и высокие стандарты



innovative approach and high standards



Bal Tekstil company – carpet leader of Kazakhstan



Компания «Бал Текстиль» – ковровый лидер Казахстана

СПК «Хамит»:

новатор рыбного производства


Hamit agricultural production cooperative: fish production innovator



Академия UCMAS – откройте гения в своем ребенке!


UCMAS Academy –  make your child genius!



Проблемы инновационного развития Казахстана



Казахстан участвует во Всемирной кампании против рака груди


Международный конгресс «Центрально-Азиатская гастроэнтерологическая неделя-2017»



Bal Tekstil company – carpet leader of Kazakhstan



It is beyond argument that a well-chosen carpet serves as an exquisite decoration of any interior. Perfect texture and color composition of this product add coziness and warmth, comfort and ease to your space.

Modern market offers a huge range of coatings of this sort and it is quite difficult to make the right choice, i.e. a carpet which is completely adequate for a buyer’s requirements to its quality, price and uniqueness.

In a short span of time Shymkent company – Bal Tekstil – took the lead in manufacture and sale of carpets in our country, and what is more, supplies its products for export to the neighboring countries and beyond. How did they manage to do this?










The Company pursues professional production of carpets and rugs since 2013. During this time, Bal Tekstil gained a good standing among the customers who had a chance to appreciate perfect quality of the Company products and mutually beneficial cooperation conditions.

Bal Tekstil LLP is a joint undertaking of Kazakh businessmen and Turkish company, Kartal Carpets, the largest exporter, which ranks among the top ten carper manufacturers in the Republic of Turkey.

There is another important player, which enabled Bal Tekstil to succeed. “The Government set up a special economic zone in the South Kazakhstan Region to develop, inter alia, carpet manufacture. SEZ businesses got the road, gas, sewer and water supply system; the only thing we had to do was 500 meters of cable to the substation. We do not pay corporate, land and property taxes, raw materials we import are not subject to customs duties. We got 6 hectares of land in gratuitous lease for 10 years, whereupon we are to buy it at cadastral value. Besides, in Shymkent we have low-cost labor and soft climate,” says Mr. Talgat Iskhakhov, Company CEO, of Ontustik CEZ benefits.

The project consists of several stages, two of which have been already realized in full: stage 1 – production start-up – was competed thanks to investments of USD 1.1 billion. In 2015, after production launch, Kazakh businessmen put the polypropylene yarn making shop into operation (stage 2), which reduced the price of carpets by 20%, and scaled up production of carpets.

Stage 2 was completed thanks to DAMU Fund as part of Ondiris 2 Program. Funds utilized at stage 2 totaled KZT 1.4 billion.

“Early stages of the project turned out a very trying time for us – Mr. Iskhakhov says –since people did not believe that high quality products can be manufactured in Kazakhstan and did not buy our carpets.” These words are supported by the consumer analytics prepared by DAMU Research Group in 2012: 61% of respondents preferred carpets made in Turkey and only 11% preferred domestic products.

Local manufacturers speak of Uzbekistan as their main competitor. “They have cheaper labor and considerable public support: carpet production is subsidized, imported carpets are subject to 120% excise duty. At the same time Uzbekistan sells its products at a loss to ensure inflow of foreign currency into the country,” explains Mr. Zhomart Kerimsheyev, Executive Director of Bal Tekstil.

Perhaps people in Kazakhstan prefer imported goods not only due to skepticism about made-in-Kazakhstan things, but also due to a mere fact that carpets manufactured in Kazakhstan are not enough.

According to the National Export and Investment Agency, Kaznex Invest, 2015 consumption totaled  12.3 million sq. m. of carpets and rugs (2014 – 12.4 million sq. m.) and only 20% of demand (2.4 million sq. m.) was covered by domestic plants (2014 – 15%).

Republic of Kazakhstan President’s visit reversed the situation with Bal Tekstil sales in 2014. “The head of the nation said that domestic manufacturers need support. The visit was shown by a number TV channels, highlighted in newspapers. It was a very good advertising for us,” acknowledged my interlocutor. Besides, winning the regional stage of the Best Product in Kazakhstan contest and second place at Altyn Sapa played directly into the Company’s hands.








Today, production capacity of the plant is quite considerable – 5 million square meters of carpets and rugs plus 4,000 tons of polypropylene yarn a year.

Besides, it should be noted that carpets are made on innovative equipment – Michel Van De Wiele weaving machine (Belgium), and yards of BCF, HeatSet, and Freez types for weaving are made on Oerlikon Neumag machines (Germany).

With over 2,000 carpet designs, Bal Tekstil, thanks to high quality and affordable price, earned people’s sympathy, won prizes in domestic and international quality competitions. Here you can buy high quality carpets and rugs of various materials, colors and dimensions.

For the moment, the Company products are sold in major cities and all regions of Kazakhstan, furthermore, 30% of the total output is exported to the neighboring countries and beyond (Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Germany and France).

In 2016 the Company signed the contract with a Swedish giant – IKEA trade network, and now the Company is the first carpet plant, which exposes its goods for sale on the European market.

It is critical to underscore that IKEA works with companies that meet their stringent requirements only. First and foremost, they refer to products quality. According to Kaznex Invest, Bal Tekstil LLP proved to be a reliable manufacturer both in domestic and foreign markets.

IKEA Russia & CIS Press Centre confirmed the information of Forbes Kazakhstan concerning the contract with Bal Tekstil signed in September, 2015 and explained the choice of Kazakh partner as follows: “When selecting suppliers we are guided by our Code of Conduct, IWAY, which requirements include doing transparent business, compliance with laws and regulations, proper labor conditions and respect for environment.

“During two years we underwent two audits by IKEA! – Executive Director of the plant says. – We are the first ever company in Kazakhstan to pass IKEA audit. This was a real challenge for us: auditors checked if we comply with the fire safety regulations, assessed how we protect employees’ rights. To them it is crucial that we do not use forced or child labor and our employees do not work overtime.

 For IKEA, it is important that production complies with the certain environmental standards. “Auditors examined the composition of drinking water and water used in production. They checked for possible allergic agents used in manufacture of carpets, studied what kind of fuel we use, how our partners dispose waste from the plant, and where used gaskets and turning chips go. They examined where we throw cigarettes, – recalls Kerimsheyev. Furthermore, our partners must comply with their requirements as well. For example, we wouldn’t cooperate with Uzbekistan, because they use child labor. Fortunately, we didn’t have to change a single supplier of raw materials or services provider.”

According to Mr. Iskhakhov, IKEA provided three carpet designs Bal Tekstil may produce for the customer only. “They have strong requirements to pile height, weave density, processing quality, packaging and labels, where all information concerning the goods must be indicated – from composition to recovery processes. Moreover the customer regulates our profit margin – it shall not exceed 10%. We meet all the above requirements,” – confirms the Company CEO.

 The first batch of 100 thousand sq.m. for IKEA was manufactured in April, 2016. Carpets made by Bal Tekstil will be sent to Russia, USA and China. “Our contract with IKEA id termless. They wish us to manufacture three more types of carpets by 2017. We also have a strong desire to cooperate with them. But whether the existing production capacities are enough?”- wonders Ishahov. He hoped that the Company will be able to implement the third stage of the factory construction and meet the requests by foreign and local buyers.

On top of that, to monitor and improve the products quality, the Company’s goods are tested in domestic and foreign laboratories of such states as Russia, China, India, Germany, and Great Britain, thus obtaining quality certificates.








2013 – to date:

• Carpets woven – 8,807,123 sq. m.

• Polypropylene yarn produced – 4,030,122 kg.









The Company’s philosophy is individual approach to each client. All work is primarily based on the client’s satisfaction and ability to meet their wishes. The Company sees to satisfaction of every client with the goods.

Strict observance of dates is a distinguishing feature Bal Tekstil Company. The Company puts an emphasis on planning, all works are done in strict accordance with the temporary regulations, and each order is completed as scheduled.

Thanks to in-house production of yarn, prices for the goods are lower to a considerable extent than foreign analogues. “Carpets are woven from threads of three types,” says Mr.Talgat Iskhakhov, CEO, who himself is engaged in wholesale of carpets since 1994. – Weft is jute made in Bangladesh, where we buy it. Warp is a blend of cotton and polyester. It is imported from India or China. Pile yarns are made by the Company from polypropylene. But we need to purchase polypropylene in Russia. We took trial batches of raw material in Pavlodar, but their samples do not suite our needs. Currently they plan to build a gas processing plant in Atyrau; if its polypropylene suits us, we’ll buy raw materials there, thus reducing production costs.






The Company employs do-all skilled professionals, many of which were trained in Turkey. The Company’s staff headcount exceeds 250 persons including five of them large families and 15 orphans deprived of parental care. As for the staff, the Company CEO told how they are recruited and motivated: “We have shuttle buses for all three shifts. Staff members eat in the factory canteen at the expense of the Company. Our hostel is open for visitors. We pay scholarships to professionals who are trained at the factory or go to study in Turkey.”

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Project, in 2016 the Company reconstructed Youth Athletic Center No. 5 in Zhuzimdik village of Baidibek District, South Kazakhstan Region, for the amount of KZT 22 million, in 2017 – modernized and equipped the community playground in Medeu District of Almaty for the amount of KZT 5.8 million.








In 2014 Bal Tekstil products won The Best Consumer Product category at the Golden Quality consent among domestic manufacturers.


In 2015 the Company was recognized the best taxpayer amongst medium businesses in South Kazakhstan Region.

In 2016 Bal Tekstil was justly rewarded the Golden Star – ISAQ prize in the Best Quality category at the International Convention held in Geneva (Switzerland).


In June 2017 the Company won the 1st place in the Best Consumer Product category at the regional competition – Best Product of Kazakhstan.


Bal Tekstil project is a unique model to attract foreign investors to the country and successful product of the international cooperation, which is an effective indicator of friendly business environment in Kazakhstan.

You can buy products of the Company throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has more than four hundred distributors, and look through the proposed design options (by the way, in the course of our work we created more than 500 designs) and dimensions at: www.baltekstil.kz

Wide range of products, in-house oroduction and direct selling of carpets, impeccable quality of all products, affordable price – all of this is Bal Tekstil»!



Irina ALEX,

Eugenia SKALEY


Адрес редакции:


Республика Казахстан, 050026, г. Алматы,

ул. Кожамкулова,16В


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