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#2 (14) 2016


BAKHYT NURMANOV: Patriotism and professionalism are our main advantages

The changed economic conditions are hard «challenge» for construction companies. The companies that are concentrated not only on scopes buildup, but also on optimization of all processes, have survived and continued their development. The journalist of «Novaya era» talks with Bakhyt Aldanovich Nurmanov,  General Director of NC Region GidroStroy LLP, about ingredients of the «success receipt».






– Bakhyt Aldanovich, you have great experience in emergency response. What was start for establishment of your company?


– Multi-year experience in the departments such as MinVodhoz of the USSR, Emergency Ministry of RoK made us to establish NC Region GidroStroy LLP. Business of our company is focused on customers’ demands, which vary from the traditional engineering-construction contracts to sufficiently difficult orders with involvement of up-todate construction and engineering technologies.

Now, the company is a high-efficient enterprise rendering the different-complexity construction services. All construction projects implemented by the company have been commissioned in the agreed terms and with proper quality.

The main work principles are diligence, fairness, accuracy.




– It is common knowledge that NC Region GidroStroy LLP is one of the specialized companies in domain of water supply, ameliorative, engineering and civil works, as well as it is engaged in natural or technogenic emergency response. What are your competitive advantages?


– Mainly, we focus on large facilities, since we are interested to take part in large-scale projects, but we will be happy to have small-scale companies and individuals as our clients. The main fact is that we work with high quality and at accessible price. Our clients are companies that try to perform all works promptly and fine. Say honestly: sometimes we work under pressure of time and try to see the customers’ demands in a positive light. Our company is characterized by: well coordinated work of all staff members; professionalism of executors; promptness; high quality of performed works with accessible prices, and, of course, patriotism.

«Respectable, available, beautiful» are priorities of our company. Our plans are to cover with our activities not only Almaty oblast, but all regions of the Republic.




– You take actively part in emergency response. That causes some financial risks for your company, since you may have no money at the moment of emergency. Who are partners of your company?


– Friends – businessmen.




– What modern technological innovations do you apply for construction?


– There are no easy facilities for emergency response. Construction  and assembly works are performed using the pre-fabricated large-block construction methods, new materials, for example, geotextile, geoframe, mesh structures for shore protection, rockfall meshes for rock slope protection.








– What do you do to increase attractiveness of your company for clients?


– We always meet the needs of our clients. There are cases when scopes of works actually performed by us exceed ones approved in the design and estimate documentation. The basis of our successes is faithfulness and amiability being our right partners in all relations of the company with customers and partners.

Our customers include both private and public companies such as: Emergency Ministry of RoK, Department of Mobilization Training, Civil Defense, Emergency and Accident Prevention and Response Organization of Almaty city and Almaty oblast; Public Office of Akim of Talgar district; Akimat of Aksu district of Almaty oblast; Department of Energy and Housing and Utilities of Almaty oblast, Asia Gas Pipeline LLP,  Aksu JSC and many others.

We value our reputation and never betray our customers as justified by long-term cooperation with the above companies and by awards.




– As one of the best specialized enterprises, your company was invited for hydroprotection, construction of hydraulic engineering structures of Almaty oblast, Zhambyl and South Kazakhstan oblasts by the Company – «Kazakhstan-China» Main Gas Pipeline. Tell about that project, please.


– «Kazakhstan-China» Main Gas Pipeline is the object of international cooperation. Our company makes its contribution in reliable and faultless operation of the gas pipeline without underflooding.











– What problems in your business sector do you consider as main ones?


– Many claims may be expressed as to the state work purchase system, inspection of design-estimate documentation in case of natural and technogenic emergency response. We believe that in such situations we shall work as before – «at sight».





– Are there any problems which have not been solved yet?


– There is unsolved problem with issue of advance payments for material-intensive facilities, for mobilization of equipment and other resources; the «Without standards» clause may be apply to emergency response.





– Bakhyt Aldanovich, entrust with the secret how to pass through the crisis?



– You know that firstly it is necessary not to pay so many attention to it. Of course, the changed conditions are to be considered, but in any situation it is possible to find correct solutions, to build, to live. Today, our company is on firm grounds, and that is not related with the fact that we have made something special in the crisis. The success reasons are greatly deeper. Keep your eyes on the prize!












– Talk about the staff of your company. What incentive programs are used by you, what social assistance is rendered to your staff?


– Firstly, it is tight-knit, well-selected, calibrated, highly professional staff. They are specialists with great experience – 15, 20, 30 years. With competent management, such team may solve any issues.

Sometimes, depending on nature and scope of the project, we engage additional specialists, but we have also unique employees, real professionals, masters of their craft. They sometimes visit the neighbor regions; and their work results in positive comments only.

Secondly, correct positioning at the market, i.e. we initially focus on the clients’ interests and demands, but not on how is more convenient for us. Therefore, we have high internal quality standards, higher than ones prescribed by GOSTs and SNiPs.

Thirdly, we are the first of construction companies that starts to think about quality of not only facilities, but of the whole environment surrounding them. The famous architect Areg Demirkhanov said: «Creation of living environment is the fifth façade».

The main development direction of our company is improvement of construction technology. The technology is improved by equipping with new, upto-date tools and mechanisms and by improvement of work ethic of workers and engineers. In fact, the fate provides us, builders, with the unique possibility to make people happy, to work for a good cause. And we shall be responsible for that.











– What features shall the leader have for success in Kazakhstan business?


Kazakhstan business? – Health, initiative, good staff, prestige accumulated for 34 years




– Your favorite anecdote about business.


– Old man and old lady. Old man: Maybe we will carry on business? Old lady: it is rather early, grandpa? Let’s hook the gold fish at first!




Good luck in your business!








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