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Сельское хозяйство в Казахстане: перспективные направления


Agriculture in Kazakhstan:

perspective areas


Всё в этой жизни надо делать в меру



Everything in this life should be done in moderation




«Для интенсивного развития пчеловодства в Казахстане необходимо применять инновации»



“Innovations for the development of beekeeping in Kazakhstan!”


Кызылорда готовит лучших спортсменов по каратэ-до



Kyzylorda trains the best karate-do athletes



Кайдаров Рустем Есимханович:

«Совет генералов» ставит акцент в воспитании  патриотизма на примерах наших героев и батыров



Тимур Кулибаев встретился с будущими чемпионами


Ученый из ЮКО изобрел инновационную сельхозмашину



Единственный в стране Центр роботизированной хирургии откроют



АО «Самрук-Энерго» в топе «Рейтинга инновационных компаний» Казахстана


XII Инновационный конгресс 2017: развитие технологического бизнеса



Почему в Казахстане не внедряются инновации



Бизнес-идеи для реализации инноваций



В Казахстане построят первый гоночный болид



Памяти Дмитрия Хворостовского



Чего ждать в 2018 году в сфере экономики, политики, науки и медицины?


Ученые сделали 13  открытий: на благо ли?


Об изменениях и дополнениях, внесенных в законы РК, которые вступят в силу с 2018 года


Everything in this life should be done

in moderation



ArtushKarapetyan is well known in the Kazakhstan market since the 1970s. Karapetyan is known as the president of the Winemakers Union of Kazakhstan, academician of the International Academy of Viticulture and Wine-making (2003). Now, he has created one of the leading luxury wine-brandy factory Winnac Elite in Kazakhstan, which in 2017 marked its decade.






- ArtushMesropovich, you keep running the business of your grandfather and father. And they created one of the best and innovative productions in Kazakhstan. Your colleagues respectfully call you Maestro.


- Really! The first running vine was brought toKazakhstan in 1937 by my grandfather, and the state began to engage in winemaking since 1941.My father continued the work of his grandfather and produced the wine and chacha from the grapes. I was born in 1945 in Djetysu, Kaskelen district. We lived in the village, and my father had a whole laboratory in the cellar of our house. I remember how the days of harvesting and processing the crops for the whole village turned into a holiday. These days everyone tasted wine, fermented, young and sweet.I followed in the footsteps of my grandfather and father and continuing their vocation.Now, my grandson helps me.I hope that he will inherit our family business, the boy is very serious and responsible.




- During the collapse of the USSR, you helped many farms to save their vineyards. Thanks to this, we know thatvast varieties of wine grapes are grown in Kazakhstan.You have been cooperating for about 30 years with one of the oldest wineries- LLP Nur.


- During the most difficult times, and these were the 90s of the last century, we consciously incurred direct losses for the preservation of vineyards, especially technical (wine varieties), such as Cabernet, Aligote, Riesling andRkateli.All these varieties were adapted in the Kazakhstan area back in Soviet times, and they are used todayin all Western countries. In SouthKazakhstan Region, despite all the difficulties, the primary grape processing plant, headed by Garnish Oleg Grigorievich, has been working with us for almost 30 years.

This plant is equipped with an Italian equipment, there is a press that processes grapes using a new technology. Itdoes not cut grapes, but squeezes grape juice out of berries,without breaking the pips. Thanks to theinnovative equipment and high professionalism of the workers, whose work experience at the plant is more than 25 years, weproduce the highest quality natural wine material. With such raw materials, it's asin to make bad wine, champagne, cognac and chacha.






- This year Winnac Elite Wine & Brandy Company celebrated its10th anniversary. After signing a cooperation agreement with a German partner, theElite was added as a prefix to the logo of the Winnac plant. Tell us about it.


- I cannot say that 10 years is a lot or a little, but for us these years meant a fruitful work.During this time, we haveestablished highly automated lines for bottling champagne, wine, cognac and grape vodka (chacha). We have developed and produced 18 types of wine, 5 kinds of champagne, 8 kinds of cognac and 3 types of grape vodka.Our assortmentaccounts for branded cognacs (5 species) with the wine aging of 6-10 years.We can be proud of suchachievements and thank our German partners who helped us both with the design of souvenir packages and with branded brands (Karapetyan is six-year old cognac, MeniyuKazazstanym is 7 years old, Eurasia is 8 years, Astana is 9 years old, "Kazakh Khanate" is the most seasoned, it is 10 years old). TheGerman businessmen have studied the Kazakh production for several years and chose our company. As we have our own vineyard in the portfolio and the primary grape processing plant, we produce brandy spirit, which is aged. in oak barrels, we pour the wine into souvenir bottles. Our enterprise goesfrom grapes to glasses, we manufacture a complete cycle. Theseand many other advantages led to the creation of a joint venture, which we called "Winnac", and the Germans added "Elite", so it turned out LLP Winnac Elite JV. Our compact enterprise is built according to the French design, and is equipped with Italian-German highly mechanized equipment, which is operated by only three people.

At the EXPO-17, our products, in particular, vintage cognacs, all the guests of the exhibition had the opportunity to buy them as gifts.






- Today Winnac Elite Wine and Brandy Factory is a family enterprise for the production of high-quality products. Do you have any successors?


- Joint Kazakhstan-German enterprise LLP WinnacElite is the only one in the country that has its own raw materials and produces natural high-qualityproducts. Wedo not pursue large volumes; our priority is quality. Ourdrinks can be purchased only in branded stores.

I also note that Winnac Elite products have repeatedly been awarded at prestigious international competitions. At the International Competition of Wine Products in Yalta, which is an authoritative platform for the industry, Winnac Elite drinks was awarded with more than 20 awards in different years, including 9 gold and 5 silver medals.

We are not going to rest on our laurels, but we continue the traditions of a high-quality and natural elite drink based on the principle of the best wineries and cognac houses of Europe.



Irina ALEX,

 Evgenya SKALE



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