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Здравоохранение на страже здоровья


Все лучшее в медицине – во благо здоровья детей


Наша цель – быть лучшим в своем деле


Главное – чуткое и бережное отношение к людям


Мы дарим людям жизнь

С заботой о здоровье

Пациент в центре внимания


Мы заботимся о вашем здоровье


Лечи больного, а не болезнь


Наша забота о вашем здоровье


Ежедневная забота о здоровье людей

Здоровое население – наша забота

Собаки знают все, вернее чувствуют

Мы – за здоровое будущее, за здоровую нацию!

Здоровье  населения – главное  богатство  страны


All the best in medicine is for the benefit

of children's health


Rabandiyarov Marat Rabandiyarovich the chief doctor of the Zhambyl Regional Children's Hospital has the highest qualification category in Neurosurgery and the first qualification category in Public Health, Social Hygiene and Health Management. Today, patients can afford specialized medical aid within the Regional Children's Hospital from M.R. Rabandiyarov the Chief Physician, candidate of medical sciences, laureate of the state prize of highest category neurosurgeon. Both in business and in his personal life M.R. Rabandiyarov relies on the principles of justice, fairness, openness and professional legal guidelines. And most importantly, he is not going to stop at what he has achieved but to keep on doing everything in his power to bring benefits to the citizens of his country.







Zhambyl Regional Children's Hospital & Polyclinic was founded in 1965 and has a capacity of 100 beds. It was located in the 3-storey building of the former Regional Party Organization. At the initial stage there was the teenage department only. The Regional Children's Hospital is the only hospital in the region that has specialized departments for children in the following specialties nephrology, endocrinology, urology, hematology, surgery, traumatology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, rehabilitation treatment and medical rehabilitation. The benefits of the organization include: strong human resources, good corporate governance and patient-oriented management. Zhambyl Regional Children's Hospital is not only engaged in treatment, but also draws attention to the organizational and methodological activities in the regional hospitals. Hospital's experienced specialists are appointed by supervisors which visit hospitals and provide organizational and methodological assistance every quarter.





Since February 2013, they have been relocated to a new standardized hospital with a total area of 24,706.9 sq. m. (4720 sq. m in 2012). Zhambyl Regional Children's Hospital is a major health care institution in the Zhambyl Region, which provides surgical, counseling, diagnostic, medical and rehabilitation assistance to children in the Zhambyl Region. The departments of the hospital meet all European Norm, the wards are designed for 1-2 patients with mothers. Today the Regional Children's Hospital includes: a multidisciplinary in-patient clinic with 220 beds. The hospital is equipped with modern high-tech medical equipment from leading world manufacturers. The Hospital ensures high-quality medical care for children in the region, develops inpatient, consultative and  diagnostic qualified and specialized assistance aimed at improving children's health, good governance of the health system and developing human resources.

The regional children's hospital established and put 17 departments into operation: surgical department, neurosurgical department, resuscitation and anesthesiology department, surgery, orthopedic department, pediatric surgery department, traumatology department, rehabilitation and treatment department, emergency department, trauma unit, day hospital, physiotherapy and physical exercise therapy department, radiotherapy department, functional diagnostics department, clinical and diagnostic laboratory and bacteriological laboratory advisory & transport service.

The neurosurgeons successfully perform surgical operations under severe craniocerebral and cerebral spinal injuries, congenital malformations of the central nervous system (spinal, cranial hernias in newborns, craniosynostosis, surgical treatment of severe forms of hydrocephalus and brain cysts (endoscopic intervention and various types of brain fractures), Arnold-Chiari malformation, brain tumors and others with the newest equipment such as neuronavigator and neuromicroscope.





The orthopedists of the Regional Children's Hospital were the first in Kazakhstan who invented a growing fixative for “crystal children” and applied multilevel surgery for infantile cerebral paralysis. It is the second hospital in the Republic of Kazakhstan by the number of surgical operations for scoliosis and chest deformities.

One of the hospital's priority is professional training. Hospital's specialists improve their skills in the cities of Almaty, Astana, Karaganda and other cities of Kazakhstan and closely cooperate with leading research institutes and medical universities of Kazakhstan and including those of Russia. Road traffic injuries remain relevant given the fact that the Zhambyl Region is located along the main international and republican highways. Together with the Traffic Police Department of the Zhambyl Region, a scheme has been developed to link road sections to nearby medical institutions. There were regional television interventions and publications in regional print media devoted to the prevention of accidents and safe behavior on roads, especially among children. The guidelines manual has been developed on how to provide emergency first-aid to victims of road accidents. Training seminars have been delivered with the use of this guidelines material for the personnel from all regional representative offices of the Traffic Police Department of the Zhambyl Region.

Our doctors provide emergency medical care in the regions.

In future, our clinic will be accredited according to JCI Standards. This will enable our medical institution to improve the work culture and create environment for safe patient services and significantly improve the quality of medical care. Furthermore, JCI Accreditation certifies the organization’s compliance with world-class healthcare standards.




Адрес редакции:


Республика Казахстан, 050026, г. Алматы,

ул. Кожамкулова, 16В


Тел.:      +7 (727)233 50 42


Моб.:     +7 702 765 20 00

                  +7 777 276 64 32


e-mail:  novaera01@bk.ru




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