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Здравоохранение на страже здоровья


Все лучшее в медицине – во благо здоровья детей


Наша цель – быть лучшим в своем деле


Главное – чуткое и бережное отношение к людям


Мы дарим людям жизнь

С заботой о здоровье

Пациент в центре внимания


Мы заботимся о вашем здоровье


Лечи больного, а не болезнь


Наша забота о вашем здоровье


Ежедневная забота о здоровье людей

Здоровое население – наша забота

Собаки знают все, вернее чувствуют

Мы – за здоровое будущее, за здоровую нацию!

Здоровье  населения – главное  богатство  страны


A healthy population is our concern



The Hospital opened in 1983. The name of the Hospital was the Municipal State Enterprise on the right of economic management Merke District Central District Hospital of the Health Care Administration of the Zhambyl Region Municipality (Akimat). Since 2016, Kurmanely Bekbolat Torgunyly been working as a chief physician of the Merke Regional Central Hospital. He is a Doctor of the highest category and undergraduate of Al-Farabi KazNu.





The goal of the Central District Hospital like any other clinic, is to provide timely, high-quality and affordable medical care to the population of the district, to protect and improve public health, as well as to assure prevention, rehabilitation and treatment. The Hospital provides outpatient, diagnostic and stationary care; it is equipped with the state of art medical equipment that meets modern requirements at the district level. The Hospital’s medical staff is constantly improving their skills and undergo internship in major medical centers and scientific and research institutes of Kazakhstan, which contributes to the continuous professional growth.

The clinic has introduced professional management and increase the independence of medical services state providers.

The hospital has created a mechanism to ensure the quality of medical services as follows: internal audit, external control, dual accreditation, as well as international rules for medical care payment (clinical cost groups, comprehensive per capita standard and global budget); there is a differentiated system of remuneration of medical workers, which is 30.2%; life expectancy increased up to 70.05 years and 71.16 in the Region; the general mortality rate of the population stabilized (6.5 in 2016, 6.1 in 2017 and 6.0 in 2018 per 100 thousand population) and it is 5.6 in the region;

the birth rate increased up to 20.0% (in 2018 it was 21.2% per 100 thousand people); the maternal mortality rate has declined and there hasn't been any maternal mortality case for the past 3 years; infant mortality rate is 6.5% per 1,000 live births versus 7.8% in 2016 and tuberculosis incidence rate decreased from 61.7 to 52.2.

In recent years, the per capita standard incentive has been introduced and is an additional financial incentive for primary health care.

The global healthcare development trend is closely related to the development of IT technologies. There is now an active process of introducing new communication technologies, which make it possible to significantly simplify the relationship between the doctor and the patient, as well as there are understructure relations with the Merke District Central District Hospital.

Despite notable progress, the introduction of a number of intranets, improvement of computer support and web applications are aimed only at solving specific issues of financing and managing the health system.

The share of computerized workplaces in the Merke District Central District Hospital in 2018 was 100% whereas 178 workplaces equipped with information technologies.

84,776 people are served in the hospital, the average age of patients is 42 to 44.

The hospital's capacity is designed for 153 beds. Therapeutic Department has 21 beds, Neurological Department has 8 beds, Infectious Department has 20 beds, Surgical Department has 27 beds, Delivery Department has 25 beds, Gynecological & Support Department has 22 beds and Pediatric Room has 20 beds.

The clinic is designed for 250 visits per shift. There is a day hospital with 152 beds, 13 medical ambulatories, 8 medical & obstetric points and 19 medical stations.

The District takes a special approach to the development of the healthcare sector and support of young specialists. Since the first day of the program “Scientific Degree for the sake of the village!” forty-eight young professionals arrived in the Region. All of them are still working in local hospitals and clinics. From year to year the number of specialists willing to work in rural areas is increasing. In 2018, the staff of the central district hospital alone was increased with 10 young, proactive and educated specialists.

All medical institutions of the district are equipped with the necessary tools and devices in accordance with modern requirements. As part of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a new district polyclinic was commissioned in the Merke District to service adults and children. The new clinic meets all modern standards and requirements. The hospital’s capacity is designed for 250 visits per shift. The necessary modern medical equipment was purchased for 579,478 thous. KZT. The Hospital contracted ZhilStroy-Taraz LLP Corporation. Since the day when the new modern polyclinic was put into operation, residents of the district have been provided with high-quality medical care.



Адрес редакции:


Республика Казахстан, 050026, г. Алматы,

ул. Кожамкулова, 16В


Тел.:      +7 (727)233 50 42


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                  +7 777 276 64 32


e-mail:  novaera01@bk.ru




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